Season 1 of SpongeBob SquarePants had fairly just a few animation errors. It is extraordinarily troublesome to keep away from making small errors in consistency, even when a number of persons are engaged on a mission. In animation, it’s really very straightforward for followers to brush off these errors, particularly for followers who grew up watching the present.

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Not solely do these errors normally final for mere frames, however they’re additionally overshadowed by the 1000’s of small particulars that the animators keep true to. Surprisingly, even essentially the most memorable moments, together with people who have change into trendy memes, conceal errors that almost all followers aren’t conscious of.

10 Squid’s Day Off: Squidward Has Some Coloring Errors

Squidward experiences just a few coloring errors all through this episode. When SpongeBob begins ringing the bell for no motive, Squidward shortly rushes over in irritation. As he orders SpongeBob to cease ringing the bell, his legs are clear for a quick second. It’s an comprehensible error, because the wall is an analogous shade to his tentacles.

Later, when Squidward returns to the Krusty Krab to check out SpongeBob, his neck turns a brown shade when SpongeBob sings “I’m positive you’re.” This error sticks round longer than the primary, as the colour returns to regular solely after Squidward turns to depart once more.

9 Big Pink Loser: SpongeBob Is Missing A Tooth

During the center of SpongeBob’s argument with Patrick, the mailman delivers one other package deal. This time, the package deal is delivered proper into SpongeBob’s mouth. The sponge unwraps the package deal as Patrick sulks enviously, as he thinks that it is one other considered one of SpongeBob’s awards.

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As SpongeBob reads the title on the trophy, his left tooth is lacking. While it might initially seem to be the mailman by chance knocked SpongeBob’s tooth out with the trophy, it’s extra seemingly that this was an animation error. The tooth returns instantly after the close-up shot of Patrick’s trophy.

8 Bubble Buddy: The Ingredients In The Krabby Patty Changes

Bubble Buddy is without doubt one of the Krusty Krab’s pickiest prospects. He overworks Squidward, forcing him to make a number of modifications to his order. Considering Squidward’s abysmal cooking talent, it was already a miracle that he was capable of serve Bubble Buddy something resembling burgers.

When Squidward first approaches Bubble Buddy’s desk with a cart of patties, all of them comprise lettuce. However, when SpongeBob opens up a burger, the lettuce is changed with cheese. The cheese was there in order that SpongeBob might inform Squidward that Bubble Buddy was really lactose illiberal.

7 Dying For Pie: SpongeBob Used More Than Eyelashes To Make A Sweater

For Employee Brotherhood Day, SpongeBob was considerate sufficient to make Squidward a sweater. It had Squidward’s face throughout it, displaying it had been made with care. When Squidward tried it on, not solely was he barely capable of squeeze his head in, but it surely was itchy.

When he requested SpongeBob what the sweater was made out of, SpongeBob was fast to inform him that it was product of eyelashes. As he speaks, the present cuts to an up-close shot of SpongeBob. Although he’s lacking his eyelashes, there are mild spots on his head indicating lacking eyebrows. This is an odd error, as SpongeBob would not even have eyebrows.

6 Wormy: SpongeBob Is Missing His Eyelashes

SpongeBob is lacking his eyelashes in fairly just a few scenes all through the collection. It is definitely straightforward for followers to overlook these small errors as a result of his eyelashes are deliberately not noted when he makes sure expressions or closes his eyes. What makes this error so stunning is the truth that this scene has change into a well-liked meme amongst followers.

When Sandy introduces SpongeBob and Patrick to her cricket, SpongeBob apologizes and says that he would not converse Italian. Although the meme would not embrace the precise shot during which he’s lacking his eyelashes, they do disappear for a second.

5 Prehibernation Week: Sandy Loses Her Tail

When SpongeBob goes lacking, Sandy recruits the complete city to seek for her buddy. She runs them ragged till they run away too. With no SpongeBob in sight to carry out excessive (and painful) stunts together with her, she grew so frantic that she was prepared to elevate buildings to verify underneath them. During her search, she encounters an grownup male fish who was in considered one of stated buildings.

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He is wearing youngsters’s garments whereas using a motorbike and licking a lollipop. Sandy and followers had been too distracted by the hilarious operating joke that most individuals did not discover that Sandy’s tail was lacking in the course of the encounter. Additionally, this is without doubt one of the few scenes during which Sandy’s acorn is by chance coloured black.

4 Christmas Who?: Squidward Is Drawn With Only Two Legs

When Santa did not present as much as Bikini Bottom, the residents go away SpongeBob, believing that SpongeBob lied about Santa being actual. SpongeBob is saddened and disillusioned, as he solely needed to deliver pleasure to others. Despite this, he nonetheless provides Squidward a considerate present.

This lastly strikes Squidward sufficient to really feel the spirit of Christmas. In order to make SpongeBob glad, he pretends to be Santa. When SpongeBob asks about his reindeer, Squidward has solely two legs as an alternative of the standard 4 that he has in different scenes. This is definitely an animation error, reasonably than him being actually dedicated to his disguise.

3 Pressure: The Krabby Patty Double Deluxe Disappears From Patrick’s Hands

As SpongeBob and Sandy argue about whether or not sea creatures or land creatures are superior, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and Patrick stroll over to hitch the dialog. Patrick is carrying a tray of Krabby Patty Double Deluxes, and with the intention to showcase his superiority, he eats considered one of them in a single chew.

In the following shot, the tray and the opposite Krabby Patty Double Deluxe are nowhere to be seen. Eager to point out him up, Sandy reaches behind her, turning away from Patrick to seize a burger from some unknown location. There are not any tables round Patrick, and he would not have had time to place the tray down on a desk behind her.

2 Welcome To The Chum Bucket: SpongeBob’s Sleeves Are On During His Bath

In order to persuade SpongeBob to work as his worker, Plankton provides him items in addition to a collection of favors. He redecorates the Chum Bucket, provides him new footwear, and even provides him a bubble bathtub. While Plankton is giving SpongeBob a shower, SpongeBob nonetheless has his shirt sleeves on.

This error is not even the strangest a part of the scene, since SpongeBob is consuming some ice cream as his short-term boss scrubs his again with a smaller sponge. It’s an odd and awkward scene that actually emphasised how determined Plankton was to get a Krabby Patty.

1 Band Geeks: Patrick Changes Seats Between Cuts

When Squidward arrives to band class, his college students are seated in rows, with SpongeBob and Patrick naturally sitting collectively as the gang repeated the phrases “blah blah blah.” When Patrick later asks if mayonnaise is an instrument, he’s instantly sitting subsequent to Sandy.

Mrs. Puff is seen in a distinct seat behind him. Patrick’s sudden location subsequent to Sandy is principally used to arrange his immature kick in the direction of the squirrel, which he dearly pays for when his head is shoved right into a trombone. Since Squidward did not ask his college students to vary seats, Patrick should not have been proven sitting subsequent to SpongeBob within the first place.

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