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The artificer was the primary class to be added outdoors of the Player’s Handbook in Dungeons & Dragons Fifth version. The class’ foremost gimmicks revolve round having the proper instrument on the proper time, having the ability to create short-term magic objects, and imbuing mundane objects with magical results by using infusions.

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With their capacity to make magic objects on the fly, Dungeon Masters could query why they should give an artificer additional magic objects. But the category has additional attunement slots for good motive, and DMs might help them make good use of these slots with magic objects that an artificer cannot make.

Updated September 1, 2022 by Declan Lowthian: Artificers are extra carefully associated to magic objects than every other class in Dungeons & Dragons. We’ve up to date this record with much more data about the most effective magic objects for artificers in D&D.

10 Driftglobe

Uncommon, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 166

A Driftglobe is a superb instrument for any dungeon-delving social gathering of adventurers. When its command phrase is spoken it might emit gentle utilizing both the Light spell or the Daylight spell, although Daylight can solely be used as soon as per day. By talking a second command phrase, the globe can float 5 toes off the bottom and comply with whoever spoke the command phrase so long as it is inside 60 toes of them.

The Driftglobe could not look like a lot, however having a floating evening gentle shall be nicely appreciated by social gathering members who do not have darkvision. Also, the Daylight spell lights up a a lot higher space than nearly every other spell and might inflict injury and drawback on sure kinds of nocturnal or subterranean monsters.

9 Robe Of Useful Items

Uncommon, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 195

Just because the identify implies, the Robe of Useful Items gives the wearer with a number of helpful objects. The gown has a wide range of patches that, when eliminated, rework into the merchandise it represented. These can vary from one thing as mundane as a sack to the ever-useful potion of therapeutic.

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Artificers are anticipated to be ready for nearly any state of affairs, and with a Robe of Useful objects, they actually might be prepared for each eventuality. To make this merchandise much more helpful, an artificer can imbue a number of the mundane objects from the Robe with their infusions.

8 Figurines Of Wondrous Power

Varies, Dungeon Master’s Guide pgs. 169 & 170

The Figurines of Wondrous Power are small statuettes of assorted animals created from totally different supplies. When the command phrase is spoken the figurine transforms right into a residing model of the animal it’s carved to resemble. Each figurine has a distinct length it lasts for earlier than reverting, and it additionally reverts if it is diminished to zero hit factors.

Several Figurines of Wonderous Power can be utilized as mounts, whereas others might help in fight. But one factor is for certain: an artificer who pulls one in every of these out of their pocket is bound to develop into good associates with the social gathering’s druid.

7 Cape Of The Mountebank

Rare, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 157

The Cape of the Mountebank permits its wearer to forged the spell Dimension Door as an motion. While the cape can solely be used on this method as soon as per day it is helpful for artificers to have what is actually a wearable ejector seat.

Artificers aren’t essentially the most closely armored of combatants, so having a approach to rapidly get away from extra imposing foes is one thing each artificer ought to look into. After all, being ready for every little thing contains being ready for a tactical retreat.

6 Animated Shield

Very Rare, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 151

The AC bonus from a protect is significant for all courses that may use them. But artificers are prone to be utilizing their palms for a lot of totally different duties at a time. Between using weapons, infusions, and spells artificers have to have their palms free as a lot as potential.

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When its command phrase is spoken, an Animated Shield will float in entrance of its wielder, granting its AC bonus whereas liberating up the wielder’s palms. Having one much less merchandise to juggle is nice for an artificer, even higher when that merchandise grants a key bonus like a protect’s enhance to AC.

Varies, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything pg. 119

The All-Purpose Tool is an merchandise distinctive to artificers. It gives a bonus to spell assault rolls and the artificer’s spell save DC, with the bonus relying on its rarity. In addition, the All-Purpose Tool can develop into any kind of artisan’s instrument, from alchemist’s provides to thieves’ instruments. Even if the wielder is not usually proficient in that kind of instrument, they are going to be if it is made with the All-Purpose Tool.

Finally, on the finish of a protracted relaxation, the artificer can use the instruments to be taught a cantrip from any class’s spell record for 8 hours. The All-Purpose Tool is the definition of versatility. Providing a bonus to spells, additional instruments, and an additional spell, artificers will at all times really feel ready with this magic merchandise.

4 Carpet Of Flying

Very Rare, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 157

The Carpet of Flying does precisely what it appears like, it’s a carpet that flies. Different sizes of carpet can maintain extra weight as a tradeoff for flying slower, however all of them enable a participant to take to the skies, probably with a bunch of allies or treasure in tow.

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Being capable of take to the skies is a game-changer for any D&D social gathering. Areas that have been as soon as unimaginable to succeed in might be traversed with ease, and enemies with out the power to fly will rapidly discover the participant characters escaping their attain.

3 Daern’s Instant Fortress

While it initially seems to be a one-inch metallic dice, Daern’s Instant Fortress can rapidly rework right into a full-sized tower fortress. The door to the tower solely opens on the command of the proprietor – even magic designed to open doorways just like the Knock spell, or the magic Chime of Opening cannot get the door open. If a creature is simply too near the dice when it expands, it’s going to take injury from the increasing citadel.

Finally, the fortress is kind of impenetrable, being proof against non-magic weapons and having resistance to all different injury. Having a instrument that permits the social gathering to hunker down when in a pinch, and even only a protected place to relaxation whereas on a protracted lengthy journey is ideal for an artificer and provides to the extent of preparedness the category is understood for.

2 Manual Of Golems

Very Rare, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 180

The Manual of Golems is just not a median D&D magic merchandise. To use it, the potential reader will need to have two Fifth-level spell slots, or else they will take injury. Different forms of the Manual enable the character to create totally different sorts of golems.

Making such a robust magical entity is true up the alley for an artificer, one thing much more highly effective than the Battle Smith’s Iron Defender, and usable by any of the artificer’s subclasses. While an artificer would not be capable of make the golems till reaching very excessive ranges, it matches their skills thematically.

1 Mighty Servant Of Leuk-o

Artifact, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything pg. 131

The Mighty Servant of Leuk-o is likely one of the strongest magic objects an artificer may get their palms on. Two individuals can pilot this large assemble and unleash unstoppable destruction upon their enemies. While it has a number of quirks, like having a 25% likelihood of randomly attacking somebody through the attunement course of, it is nonetheless a robust car that’s proof against nearly all injury varieties, and immune to all it is not proof against.

The Mighty Servant of Leuk-o may also regenerate well being and has an assault that may deal 4d12 pressure injury. The Mighty Servant of Leuk-o is the closest factor D&D has to a correct mech, and any artificer that manages to get their palms on it ought to decide their favourite social gathering member and trip into battle to not simply win the struggle however dominate it.

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