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Dungeons and Dragons bards are highly effective spellcasters who can use quite a lot of magic objects of their versatile roles as leaders, negotiators, and charmers. They’re typically seen because the celebration’s face or comedy aid, however simply as typically they’re those saving the day with a well-timed Bardic Inspiration.

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Bards are versatile and customizable musical magicians. A bard’s most necessary asset is normally their lute, lyre, or flute. However, there are many enchanted objects that can be utilized to emphasise their charisma and flexibility. Finding the best magic objects for a bard can assist outline an already entertaining character class and make for a extra memorable recreation.

Updated September 3, 2022 by Declan Lowthian: Bards are among the many most versatile courses in all of D&D, to allow them to make nice use of just about each magic merchandise within the recreation. That being mentioned, there are a ton of magic objects greatest suited to bards. We’ve up to date this listing with much more information about the very best magic objects for bards D&D 5e has to supply.

10 Bag Of Holding

Uncommon, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 153

Every D&D celebration wants a Bag of Holding; it is a staple for each adventuring celebration. When it comes time to select who holds the bag, although, bards are the perfect selection. With a Bag of Holding at their facet not solely can the bard rapidly distribute objects to celebration members, however they’ll additionally safely stow their extra musical instruments for later use.

Since bards should stability spellcasting with preventing in melee and/or vary, having a spot to stash their arcane focus after they want a free hand is all the time necessary. The undeniable fact that bards typically find yourself as their celebration’s defacto chief means they’ll normally be trusted to hold the celebration’s loot as nicely.

9 Figurines Of Wondrous Power

Varies, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 169

The Figurines of Wondrous Power are objects carved to seem like totally different animals and supply their house owners with distinctive powers. These collectible figurines vary from a bronze griffon that may develop into an precise griffon to a silver raven that may ship messages just like the Animal Messenger spell. Versatile magic objects just like the Figurines are an ideal match for a bard’s repertoire.

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Bards are D&D’s jack-of-all-trades spellcasters and have quite a lot of instruments at their disposal in most conditions. With the Figurines at their disposal, their device belt will get ever wider. Combat-ready mounts are helpful to most characters, however an adaptable spellcaster using a flying nightmare into battle makes for an particularly troublesome foe.

8 Reveler’s Concertina

Rare, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything pg. 134

Bards with a Reveler’s Concertina have will discover all their spells improved considerably, as this magic instrument boosts a bard’s spell saving throw DCs. In addition, it permits a bard to solid the spell Otto’s Irresistible Dance as soon as every day with out utilizing a spell slot.

Otto’s Irresistible Dance is a robust management spell excellent for locking down giant teams of enemies directly. This can be utilized to nice impact throughout fight, however can be used to halt a bunch of pursuers if the bard wants to flee a sticky state of affairs.

7 Cape Of The Mountebank

Rare, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 157

Most bards cannot put on something extra protecting than gentle armor. As a end result, bards usually keep away from getting up shut and private throughout battle. But regardless of their greatest efforts, bards will discover themselves getting backed into corners by their foes. When this occurs, a Cape of the Mountebank is ideal for a fast escape, because it permits its wearer to solid the spell Dimension Door as soon as per day, successfully teleporting the caster out of fight.

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The Cape of the Mountebank is an emergency eject button wrapped across the shoulders of whoever it is attuned to. For a bard, it is the proper solution to exit stage proper.

6 Carpet Of Flying

Very Rare, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 157

A Carpet of Flying is an attention-grabbing magic merchandise, because it’s fairly useful however not seen in lots of D&D campaigns. Flight is all the time a helpful potential for gamers to have, and the bard’s versatile function means they may profit from with the ability to fly greater than another courses.

Bards typically perform because the celebration’s caster and thief, so with the ability to rain down spells from above or attain difficult-to-access areas is ideal. A bard with a Carpet of Flying is bound to seek out themselves in simply as many troublesome conditions as they escape.

5 Rhythm-Maker’s Drum

Varies, Tasha’s Cauldron of every thing pg. 134

Out of all of the magic devices a bard can get, a Rhythm-Maker’s Drum is a wonderful early-campaign choice. Similar to focus objects for different spellcasters, when a bard attunes to a Rhythm-Maker’s Drum they acquire a bonus to their spell assault rolls and spell saving throw DC, a really perfect increase for any spellcaster.

In addition, the drum lets bards use their actions to regain a use of their Bardic Inspiration. Since the Rhythm-Maker’s Drum is available in a number of totally different rarities, it is without doubt one of the few magic objects that may develop with a bard as they stage up.

4 Helm Of Brilliance

Very Rare, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 173

A Helm of Brilliance is a very highly effective magic merchandise that matches the highlight bards have a tendency to position themselves beneath. While attuned, the helmet’s many, many gems may be eliminated to unleash quite a lot of highly effective results like casting spells and igniting weapons to deal additional fireplace injury. The spells the helmet supplies are flashy and highly effective, very best for bards thematically and including fight spells to their repertoire.

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Once all of the gems have been eliminated the helmet loses its magic, however with a minimal of 10 gems and a most of 100, it is unlikely the bard will run out anytime quickly. This helmet lets bards each make and retain their very own spotlights.

3 Dancing Sword

Very Rare, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 161

A Dancing Sword is a singular magic weapon, and it suits bards’ proficiency in rapiers, shortswords, and longswords. When the command phrase is spoken as a bonus motion,the sword hovers within the air and might fly as much as 30 toes earlier than attacking. The sword can assault 4 occasions earlier than returning to its wielder’s hand.

A Dancing Sword is a wonderful weapon for bards as they use their devices to focus their spellcasting, occupying their fingers. A Dancing Sword can preserve a bard’s fingers free for spellcasting whereas additionally permitting them to make use of a weapon in fight.

2 Luck Blade

Legendary, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 179

While not unique to bards, there is no denying that Luck Blades match the bardic theme very nicely. The Luck Blade offers its wielder a +1 bonus to assault rolls, injury rolls, and saving throws. In addition, the sword can be utilized to reroll one assault roll, potential verify, or saving throw. The sword can also solid a restricted variety of Wish spells, as soon as per day.

Bards have already got a great probability of succeeding on ability rolls with Jack of All Trades, and with the Luck Blade they’ll nearly assure their success. Beyond that, Wish is an extremely highly effective spell that any class can use to nice impact.

1 The Instruments Of The Bards

Varies, Dungeon Master’s Guide pg. 176

What more sensible choice for a bard than a magic instrument named after their class? There are seven Instruments of the Bards in D&D and every one grants bonus spells that may every be solid as soon as per day by utilizing the instrument as a substitute of a spell slot. Each instrument grants its person the power to solid Fly, Invisibility, Levitate, and Protection From Evil and Good along with one other spell relying on the kind.

Most spellcasting courses have a magic merchandise particularly designed for them and the truth that the bard will get a variety of selections displays their inherent versatility. Whether a bard chooses the elementally powered Cli Lyre or the defensive Canaith Mandolin, these magical devices are positive to boost their capabilities as a versatile spellcaster.

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