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The Final Fantasy collection has at all times had a powerful give attention to character-centred storytelling. This has solely grown in prominence since Final Fantasy VI, with the video games turning into best-known and best-defined by their characters. Key Final Fantasy characters are a number of the most widely known in all of gaming.

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The franchise has additionally given loads of focus to its feminine characters. Even although they have not at all times been written completely, the collection has a protracted record of feminine characters who’re as attention-grabbing and as integral to the story as their male counterparts. Due to their personalities and function within the story, many feminine Final Fantasy characters are fascinating.

10 Fran Lives A Mysterious Life

Fran stands out instantly amongst the primary characters of Final Fantasy XII because of being the one non-hume within the principal solid. There is way extra to her than simply her ancestry, nevertheless, as she has some of the mysterious and attention-grabbing backstories.

A viera who left behind her individuals and her dwelling, Fran is completely different from the opposite viera within the recreation. Missing a number of of the important thing talents of the viera consequently, she is seen as an outcast, however one who left willingly. Due to her stoic persona, it is exhausting to inform if she considers the trade-off for her freedom value it or not, however this creates a compelling character.

9 Lunafreya’s Benevolence And Her Reluctant Duty Clash

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret is not a part of the primary get together in Final Fantasy XV and is not a playable character, however she’s nonetheless vital to the story. She’s Noctis Lucis Caelum’s betrothed and childhood good friend, and the princess and oracle of Tenebrae.

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Lunafreya is among the kindest and most benevolent figures of XV‘s flawed solid however is way from a smiling clean slate. Her story is one among responsibility and sacrifice, specializing in the disconnect between her wishes and what’s anticipated of her. With a tragic ending, Lunafreya has some of the attention-grabbing character arcs in XV and has a fond place in lots of gamers’ hearts.

8 Terra Has A Long Arc Of Self-Acceptance

Final Fantasy VI is intentionally designed as an ensemble piece. However, Terra is the closest to a important character. She’s the primary character the participant controls, the sport’s mascot, and has a personality arc that spans the size of the sport.

Terra’s story is among the most compelling arcs in all of Final Fantasy. Throughout a lot of the sport, Terra is afraid of her innate magical talents and cautious of her allies within the Returners. The few reminiscences she has are of ache and violence, making her worry that she’s only a weapon. By the sport’s third act, she comes to simply accept that she will use her powers for good, and decides to make the world higher.

7 Garnet Becomes Wise And Better-Adjusted

Final Fantasy IX goes out of its approach to be a warm-hearted and charming recreation, and few components of it encapsulate that higher than Garnet, aka ‘Dagger’. A sheltered noble heiress who finally ends up kidnapped by Zidane, she begins the sport naive, insecure, and liable to blaming herself for all the pieces.

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In protecting with the sport’s themes of individuals making one another higher, Zidane’s group has a optimistic impact on Garnet whereas she proves useful to them. Garnet turns into extra comfortable round others, wiser in regards to the methods of the world, and develops a greater relationship with guilt and blame. It’s a real arc of non-public development, and really satisfying to play by way of.

6 Tifa Lockhart Is An Interesting Character Study

Nearly the complete get together in Final Fantasy VII is very well-liked, and it is some of the widespread video games within the franchise. One of its fan-favorite characters is Tifa Lockhart. She’s concerned in an vital emotional bond in her relationship with Cloud, however that’s removed from all there may be to her.

Tifa’s character is attention-grabbing due to the contrasts current. She’s the get together’s shyest member and extremely mild, however she’s additionally essentially the most brash fighter. She does all the pieces she will to guard the others, which leads her to harm Cloud by not contradicting his false recollections of occasions. These contrasts make her a compelling character.

5 Ultimecia Stands Out As A Female Villain

Although the emphasis in Final Fantasy is on the protagonists, the franchise has its share of beloved villains as nicely. Ultimecia is the antagonist of Final Fantasy VIII, a sorceress whose objective is to compress all of house and time into one easily-accessed level, so she will change into a god over what stays.

Although her plan is considerably generic, Ultimecia manages to face out by way of her persona. She’s extra emotive and expressive than many Final Fantasy villains, overtly expressing her anger over the fixed villainous menace of others. With hints at a darker backstory resulting in her present irredeemable state, she’s a villain many followers need to know extra about.

4 Rikku’s Story Shows How Everyone Has Admirable Traits

One of essentially the most outstanding get together members in Final Fantasy X, Rikku is one among Tidus’ earlier allies, in addition to a loyal guardian and cousin to Yuna on her pilgrimage. Throughout the story, some get together members deal with Rikku as a nuisance because of her take care of Yuna as an individual over her responsibility because the summoner. Rikku seems to be as much as the stoic, dutiful Lulu as a job mannequin.

In Final Fantasy X-2, Yuna reveals that Rikku is her function mannequin due to these traits, believing Rikku’s compassion to be a power. It’s a wonderful characterization alternative that exhibits how something could be a advantage in the suitable circumstances and the way everybody needs that they had a number of the traits of others.

3 Aerith Is Captivating Beyond Her Best-Known Role In The Story

Aerith Gainsborough is among the most infamous characters in all of Final Fantasy, however the one factor that most individuals find out about her is her demise midway by way of Final Fantasy VII by the hands of Sephiroth. This causes some followers to idealize her as an ideal character taken too quickly, however Final Fantasy VII Remake exhibits that she’s nonetheless fascinating even when she avoids this destiny.

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Aerith is among the extra attention-grabbing mages within the collection, being smug and street-smart somewhat than ethereal and mystical. She has the everyday pacifism however tempers it with a need to see Shinra introduced down at any price. For her distinctive, nuanced characterization, Aerith shines much more when she is not faraway from the narrative early.

2 Yuna Goes To The Very Limits Of Duty

Initially in Final Fantasy X, Yuna seems to be a reasonably typical white mage and summoner. She’s a sort, dutiful spellcaster who is set to do what’s anticipated of her in any respect prices. However, Final Fantasy X explores how far individuals are keen to go within the title of a normal Final Fantasy quest, and Yuna hits her restrict on the finish of the sport.

When given the selection to sacrifice herself and one among her buddies to rid the world of Sin for a short while, Yuna refuses. The remainder of the sport showcases her expertise as a pacesetter and get together member, as she refuses the trail she’s been molded for and leads the get together find one other approach to carry down Sin and Yu Yevon.

1 Lightning’s Tale Is One Of Responsibility And Power

Lightning Farron is among the most distinctive protagonists of a current Final Fantasy recreation because of the excessive profile of the Final Fantasy XIII subseries. Throughout her trilogy, she undergoes an enormous quantity of character growth. Her development is showcased in her taking accountability, each by way of guilt for what she’s achieved and acceptance of her duties.

Going from an aloof-yet-devoted older sister to the goddess of demise, Lightning has some of the dynamic story arcs in Final Fantasy. Overcoming quite a lot of her faults and eventually studying to belief others, her story concludes satisfyingly in Final Fantasy XIII and Lightning Returns – Final Fantasy XIII.

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