Batman isn’t any stranger to subterfuge. It’s all the time been an essential weapon in his arsenal, one which he is deployed in opposition to his enemies many occasions. However, it is also bitten him. There have been loads of occasions through the years that Batman’s predilection towards retaining secrets and techniques has come again to hang-out him. Just as usually, his enemies have been capable of entangle him in mysteries that broken him as an individual and against the law fighter.

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Batman is resourceful sufficient to cope with practically any scenario, however secrets and techniques have usually wounded him to his core. They’ve additionally carried out a quantity on his standing within the superhero neighborhood, exhibiting simply how damaging secrets and techniques could be.

10 Batman’s Gang War Plans Cost Stephanie Brown Her Life

Stephanie Brown’s tenure of Robin was quick and resulted in tragedy. Stephanie wished to show herself as Robin, so she unearthed a few of Batman’s secret plans to destroy the gangs of Gotham by pitting them in opposition to one another. Batman needed to cope with this fallout, and it value Stephanie Brown greater than she imagined.

Black Mask obtained his palms on Stephanie, and everybody thought she was killed by the villain. She was pressured into hiding, shedding her previous life within the course of. Batman blamed himself for her “loss of life,” as he was the one who made the plans within the first place. However, Stephanie secretly enacting the plans did large harm.

9 To Beat The Black Glove’s Plans, Batman Had To Lose Everything

The Black Glove had been shifting in secret by Gotham for years. Batman discovered about their id once they struck on the Club of Heroes. He quickly realized that that they had positioned themselves to interrupt Batman, each in his costumed id and Bruce Wayne. In order to defeat them, he needed to allow them to destroy every part and defaulted to his secret persona, the Batman of Zur-Eh-Arrh.

Batman wandered the streets, permitting the Black Glove to imagine he was defeated. In this case, he allowed the secrets and techniques of his enemies to beat him, regardless that he knew every part that was happening. He was capable of flip the tides and defeat them.

8 Alexander Luthor’s Manipulations Almost Destroyed Batman And The Justice League

In the run-up to Infinite Crisis, the League was fractured by a number of occasions. Many of them have been orchestrated in secret by Alexander Luthor. From the protection of the alternate dimension he lived in with Superboy-Prime and Earth-Two Superman and Lois Lane, he was capable of manipulate occasions, utilizing the heroes’ actions and secrets and techniques in opposition to them.

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Luthor was capable of get management of Brother Eye, giving it sentience, which allowed it to succeed in out to Maxwell Lord. Luthor had everybody, from Batman and the Trinity to the villainous Society, enmeshed in his plans, and by the point they realized what was taking place, it was virtually too late.

7 Bane’s Plan To Take Over Gotham Had Him Behind Multiple Attacks On Batman

Tom King’s run on Batman noticed the Dark Knight cope with a number of enemies, all of which culminated in Bane driving Batman and his companions from Gotham. However, every part that occurred, from Gotham and Gotham Girl exhibiting as much as Bane’s ultimate assault on town, have been all orchestrated by the villain. Bane had Batman beat and even when Batman virtually had it found out, nobody believed him.

Bane was capable of take not solely Gotham away from Batman, but in addition discovered a approach to break up Batman and Catwoman once they determined to marry. Bane was capable of preserve one step forward of Batman the entire time, which was no straightforward activity.

6 The Battle Against Hush Made Batman Distrust Catwoman

Batman: Hush was a monumentally essential DC story of the 2000s. The thriller of who Hush was noticed the brand new villain work with all of Batman’s biggest foes. The just one who seemingly was on Batman’s aspect the entire time was Catwoman. She helped him with every part that Hush threw at him, their relationship going to locations it by no means had earlier than.

It appeared like Batman and Catwoman had reached a brand new stage of their relationship, however Hush’s manipulation of occasions made Batman mistrust every part. He doubted Catwoman and accused her of working with Hush as effectively, one thing that broke up their relationship for a time.

5 The Court Of Owls Endangered Batman And Gotham

Scott Snyder’s time on Batman launched some nice ideas to the Batman mythos. The most fascinating was the Court of Owls. The group was a secret society of Gotham’s elite who dominated town. They have been the ability behind every part, utilizing their wealth and servants, the Talons, to create the Gotham City that they wished.

The Court of Owls was capable of disguise from Batman for years, one thing that the majority would suppose was unattainable. The Court’s eventual assaults on Batman and Gotham shattered his world, making him rethink his complete life, in addition to his household’s historical past and town he protects.

4 Jason Todd’s Resurrection Brought Batman’s Greatest Failure Back To Him In The Worst Way

Jason Todd’s loss of life by the hands of the Joker was a turning level in Batman’s profession. It was the most important failure he had ever confronted, and it modified him as an individual. It took time earlier than he would enable another person to turn out to be Robin and the harm from that loss stayed with him for years. However, Todd did not keep lifeless.

Jason was resurrected and have become a pupil of Talia al Ghul. He grew to become a fiercer fighter than ever and returned to Gotham to get revenge on the Joker and Batman alike. He grew to become Batman’s fiercest enemy for a time earlier than reforming and utilizing that ferocity to turn out to be an anti-hero.

3 Batman’s Secret Creation Of Brother Eye Had A Detrimental Effect On Everyone

The OMAC Project revealed one in all Batman’s darkest secrets and techniques. Batman is nothing if not pragmatic, so he all the time needs to be prepared for each eventuality. That’s why he created the Brother Eye satellite tv for pc. Brother Eye was the last word failsafe. The satellite tv for pc was meant to look at the heroes of the world and ship OMACs after them in case they went evil.

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Batman stored the entire thing secret, which was his downfall. Alexander Luthor gained a foothold with Brother Eye, utilizing it in his schemes. Brother Eye additionally labored with Maxwell Lord and Checkmate of their battles with the heroes as effectively. Batman’s creation of Brother Eye in secret virtually ended every part.

2 The Justice League Mindwipes Changed The Way Batman Looked At His Teammates

Some secrets and techniques have a a lot larger impact than one man. The JLA mindwipes are one in all these. Over the years, sure members of the League — Green Arrow, the Atom, Hal Jordan, Black Canary, Elongated Man, Barry Allen, and Zatanna — mindwiped League villains who had discovered an excessive amount of concerning the staff. The final time it occurred was the worst.

After Dr. Light discovered his means onboard the Justice League satellite tv for pc, Batman helped take him down after which left. He got here again because the group was mindwiping Dr. Light, taking exception to it, and so they determined to do the identical to him. When it was all revealed to Batman afterward, it destroyed his relationship with members of the League.

1 Batman’s Anti-Justice League Plans Destroyed The League’s Trust In Him

Batman is understood for planning for the unattainable. It’s what he does greatest, and he can beat nearly anybody due to that. Batman’s pragmatism spurred him to make plans to beat each member of the Justice League in case they went evil. It being Batman, in fact, he stored the entire thing secret. That’s what made it so unhealthy when Ra’s al Ghul obtained his palms on the plans.

Al Ghul’s assault decimated the League. It was made all the more severe as a result of every part that occurred to the League got here from Batman’s personal plans. The staff survived and triumphed, however they misplaced belief in Batman fully, kicking him out of the League for some time.

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