After the success of the Infinity Saga, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is shifting in direction of a brand new period. Phase Five will mark the discharge of Secret Invasion, a miniseries based mostly on the 2008 comedian created by Brian Michael Bendis, Leinil Francis Yu, Mark Morales, and Laura Martin. Given the scale of this occasion, followers all around the world surprise how the MCU will comprise it into solely six episodes. Logically, the overall concern is that they’ll miss the mark concerning a correct adaptation.

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Secret Invasion is definitely one among Marvel Comics’ most thrilling tales. There are some things from the comedian that should make it to the small display adaptation. Between the fixed revelations and the excessive stakes solely rising larger per panel, Marvel Studios has a giant activity at hand.

10 Maria Hill Is A True Badass In This Series

Agent and even Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Maria Hill is without doubt one of the greatest non-powered heroes in Marvel. Both within the comics and the MCU (portrayed by Cobie Smulders), she has been a central ally of Nick Fury. Of course, Secret Invasion isn’t any exception.

In this sequence, she defended the S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellcarrier in opposition to the Skrulls, turning into one of many unsung heroes of the state of affairs. So far, the MCU has given Maria method much less display time than she deserves, however Secret Invasion is the proper probability to point out the viewers what she’s product of.

9 Someone Should Be Turned Into A Living Bomb Like Wasp

In the climax of the battle, throughout Secret Invasion #8, the Marvel heroes found that the Skrulls had messed with the Wasp’s powers turning her right into a dwelling bomb. Horrified, they noticed Thor use Mjolnir’s powers to show reverse her power, instantly killing her, however successfully ending the warfare.

As probably the most chilling moments in Marvel Comics, the Wasp’s destiny ought to undoubtedly be included within the Disney sequence. Whether it’s the Wasp or every other character, this second would instantly take its rightful place as probably the most brutal deaths within the MCU.

8 Many Agents Weren’t Aware Of Their Own Identities

In addition to the various keen sleeper brokers able to take motion when the Skrull military arrived on Earth, Secret Invasion had many characters study that they had been Skrulls themselves, like Mar-Vell aka the unique Captain Marvel. As it seems, they weren’t supposed to find the reality till the invasion started.

The realization of their true identities mixed with their heroic ethical compasses put many heroes in a conundrum. It could be fascinating to have unwilling sleeper brokers waking up from their trance solely to find (along with the viewers) that they had been by no means who they thought, like Nick Fury’s Skrull reveal in Spider-Man: Far From Home, however with extra emotional weight.

7 Abigail Brand Is A Key Character In Secret Invasion

After being compelled out of The Peak, Abigail Brand broke right into a Skrull armada ship. Here, she discovered the Skrulls had captured Mister Fantastic. Brand freed him and took him to Savage Land, the place he used a tool to disclose which heroes had been actually Skrulls. This gave the heroes a direct benefit in opposition to their invaders.

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Now that Emilia Clarke has been solid in an undisclosed position, followers are hopeful the Game of Thrones star will turn out to be the MCU’s personal Abigail Brand. After all, given how essential Brand’s position on this battle was, it will be a mistake to not embody her within the TV present.

6 Secret Invasion Could Introduce Noh-Varr To The MCU

Originally a warrior Kree from Earth-200080, Noh-Varr ended up on Earth-616 after a battle with three Astro-Gods. He was impressed by a defector Skrull, Khn’nr, to assist save Earth throughout Secret Invasion. After this, he returned to the Cube, his jail, as a substitute of making an attempt to flee.

It would not take a genius to note the MCU is slowly and steadily introducing all of the Young Avengers: Kate Bishop, America Chavez, Eli Bradley. However, there are some nonetheless lacking. Secret Invasion might simply introduce Noh-Varr as a present nameless prisoner of Earth simply in time for the upcoming The Marvels movie as nicely.

5 The Comic Sets The Ground For Dark Reign & Thunderbolts

As a watershed in comics, Secret Invasion had vital repercussions in Marvel’s historical past. For occasion, after killing Queen Veranke, the prison mastermind Norman Osborn was given management of H.A.M.M.E.R., the speedy alternative of S.H.I.E.L.D. This resulted within the brutality of the Dark Reign storyline.

During this time, Osborn used the Thunderbolts as their private muscle. After all, he had been main them for some time at that time because the Iron Patriot. Under this premise, Secret Invasion might arrange a series response that would organically introduce the Thunderbolts, perhaps changing Osborn with Valentina Allegra de Fontaine.

4 Queen Veranke Must Be Posing As An Important Character

One of probably the most surprising revelations of Secret Invasion is the truth that Spider-Woman wasn’t herself. Instead, Queen Veranke had been impersonating Jessica Drew whereas planning the invasion. The actual Spider-Woman was trapped in an orbiting Skrull ship.

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Since Olivia Colman has been solid in an undisclosed position, followers imagine she might be Queen Veranke. While this is able to be a superb selection, comedian readers don’t desire Veranke to disclose herself so quickly. Hopefully, the script will embody this surprising shock at an acceptable time.

3 Secret Invasion Could Resurrect Old Characters

Since nobody was who they gave the impression to be in Secret Invasion, this sequence was used as a superb plot gadget to retcon a number of Marvel occasions. For instance, Mockingbird, who was believed to be useless, turned out to be on the Skrull ship with the opposite hostages. Mockingbird reunited along with her husband, Hawkeye, after he killed her impersonator.

So far, the MCU has suffered a number of tragic deaths. The Skrull sleeper brokers in Secret Invasion are a golden alternative to deliver a few of these characters again. Fans would like to see deceased characters like Black Widow, the Three Warriors, or Aunt May return.

2 The Constant Confusion Among Heroes Makes The Series Particularly Thrilling

As probably the most formidable crossovers in Marvel historical past, Secret Invasion places the heroes in a really troublesome state of affairs. In addition to defending their planet, they discover themselves suspecting their mates, allies, and even themselves. Even when the plot appears to verify somebody’s identification, it merely takes it again within the following points, revealing them as Skrulls.

This fixed chaos retains the reader on their toes, prompting them to make their very own theories, and infrequently shocking them with the outcomes. For Secret Invasion to be a profitable adaptation of the comedian, it wants to provide the identical exhilarating vibes because the books.

1 Secret Invasion Must Include A Grand-Scale Battle

The most essential factor about Secret Invasion is its measurement. This occasion’s important arc solely lasts eight points, however there are round 40 tie-in comics that includes the adventures of many different heroes, like Ms. Marvel or the X-Men. In this crossover, one thing is occurring in all places across the globe. That’s what makes it so thrilling.

The Disney miniseries must be simply as large because the comedian occasion. It’s unlikely they’ll deliver all of the MCU solid again for the sequence, however they should make up for this by giving the followers an all-or-nothing, intense plot, filled with epic moments.

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