House Velaryon seem as main characters in House of the Dragon, an previous and noble household with robust ties to the ruling Targaryens and powerful affect in court docket. However, the household is among the few to have had little or no presence in Game of Thrones, being new to viewers who aren’t acquainted with A Song of Ice and Fire.

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As such, there may be a lot that viewers won’t know in regards to the House. From the depths of their Valyrian roots and the various journeys they took to their continued presence inside Westeros, the House did a lot to warrant recognition.

This article comprises spoilers for House of the Dragon.

10 They Were Archenemies Of House Hightower

At its most simple causes, the Dance of the Dragons was a succession disaster between Rhaenyra Targaryen and Aegon Targaryen that escalated into open warfare. However, there was extra than simply the non-public component to the warfare, there was a prolonged quantity of historical past and pressure all through your complete continent that laid kindling for the spark.

In specific, there was the enmity between Houses Velaryon and Hightower. The Hightowers had lengthy been attempting to supplant the Velaryons as the home closest to the Targaryens, pushing the latter home away regardless of their intensive blood ties. With the Hightowers fully supporting Aegon and the Velaryons fully supporting Rhaenyra, they have been two of the bitterest foes within the warfare.

9 They Were One Of Three Confirmed Valyrian Houses In Westeros

For essentially the most half, the Valyrians operated far-off from Westeros, as a substitute dominating the japanese continent of Essos. The furthest they reached in any important capability was Dragonstone. Then, most of their energy, affect, and historical households died within the cataclysmic Doom of Valyria.

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Although important Valyrian heritage stays in Essos, the Velaryons are certainly one of solely three homes of Valyria confirmed to be in Westeros. The others are the well-known Targaryens, the dynasty that unified the Seven Kingdoms, and the Celtigars of Claw Isle.

8 A Death Of One Of Their Members Guaranteed War

Although neither faction appreciated the opposite within the Dance of the Dragons, only a few folks have been aiming to divide your complete continent in a horrific civil warfare. Instead, most sides needed to posture and acquire allies till the state of affairs might be resolved diplomatically. However, the loss of life of certainly one of House Velaryon ended any probability of peace.

Lucerys Velaryon, certainly one of Rhaenyra’s sons, went to Storm’s End on a diplomatic mission, solely to be overwhelmed there by his hated uncle Aemond Targaryen. Although Aemond was stopped from killing him within the citadel, Aemond hunted Lucerys as quickly as he left the citadel, killing him along with his dragon Vhagar. From that second, warfare was all however sure.

7 They Still Existed During The War Of The Five Kings

The Velaryons misplaced a good bit of energy and affect within the Dance of the Dragons, however they weren’t extinguished as a home. They would even go on to affect occasions earlier than and through Game of Thrones, being an lively army drive within the War of the Five Kings.

As lords in Blackwater Bay, the Velaryons have been sworn to Dragonstone, and they also supported King Stannis Baratheon’s marketing campaign for the Iron Throne. Even after the defeat within the Battle of the Blackwater, they remained loyal in contrast to lots of Stannis’ different supporters, heading north of the Wall to defeat Mance Rayder’s military.

6 They Fled Valyria Long Before The Targaryens Did

The Doom of Valyria was an apocalyptic occasion. It ended the Valyrian Freehold as an empire and shattered the Valyrian peninsula, leaving it a cursed and harmful place. The solely Valyrians who survived have been those that weren’t of their homeland on the time, together with the few Valyrian homes of Westeros.

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The Targaryens fled and occupied Dragonstone years earlier than the Doom of Valyria attributable to a prophetic imaginative and prescient of the approaching calamity. It is not recognized why House Velaryon fled their homeland, solely that they predated the Targaryens in Westeros by a protracted time frame. House Velaryon was well-established because the household took up residence.

5 Corlys Velaryon Explored The World

As a medieval society, Westeros had restricted information of the world round it. The Iron Throne maintained open diplomatic relations with the Free Cities of Essos’ far west and traded with cities like Qarth, however their precise information of the world was scarce. One of essentially the most authoritative sources on the world was Corlys Velaryon, a significant determine in House of the Dragon.

A gifted sailor from delivery, Corlys went on intensive voyages that traveled additional than most Westerosi ships, which made him and his home very wealthy. During these, he explored locations like Qarth, the far japanese empire of Yi Ti, and the mysterious shadow metropolis of Asshai – residence of Melisandre from Game of Thrones.

4 They Suffered Heavily In The Dance Of The Dragons

The Dance of the Dragons was one of many bloodiest wars in Westeros’ historical past, a continent that was no stranger to bloodshed. Although many homes suffered enormously, few suffered as massive blows as House Velaryon. Neither faction really received, however Rhaenyra’s faction noticed essentially the most devastation, together with the struggling of House Velaryon.

They suffered immense injury to their fleet, castles, and the cities underneath their sway, in addition to dropping an enormous quantity of riches. The home went from one of many richest and most influential in all of Westeros, their cities rivaling King’s Landing for commerce, to solely one of many extra highly effective homes sworn to Dragonstone. House of the Dragon is unlikely to be sort to the household.

3 They Remained Loyal To House Targaryen Against Robert Baratheon

Despite rebelling towards the Targaryen on the Iron Throne in the course of the Dance of the Dragons, the Velaryons weren’t outright traitors. Instead, they remained loyal to Aegon III and his descendants, staying trustworthy servants to the Iron Throne. This prolonged to Robert’s Rebellion, the warfare that passed off earlier than Game of Thrones.

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While many homes joined Robert Baratheon, Ned Stark, and Jon Arryn of their warfare, House Velaryon remained loyal to Aerys II Targaryen and the Iron Throne. This was probably attributable to their intensive blood ties to the household, in addition to being sworn to Prince Rhaegar’s seat of Dragonstone.

2 They Never Owned Dragons

The main energy of Valyria, other than its big dimension and immense wealth, was its dragons and Dragonlords. Many noble homes in Valyria have been Dragonlords, in a position to journey the majestic creatures in fight. Not each notable Valyrian home rode dragons, nonetheless, because the creatures have been at all times comparatively uncommon. House Velaryon is one instance of this.

Despite being an previous Valyrian home, and one which held true to their bloodline, they have been by no means among the many prime powers of Valyria. Even decrease than the Targaryens, who have been solely a minor Dragonlord home, the Velaryons had no dragons of their very own at any level of their historical past.

1 They Proved Decisive To The Downfall Of One Claimant In The Dance

The Velaryons have been Queen Rhaenyra I Targaryen’s fiercest and strongest supporters for a lot of the warfare. Bonded by a number of marriages, they sought to make use of the warfare to defeat their Hightower rivals, lending immense army power and their highly effective fleet to Rhaenyra’s trigger.

However, they didn’t see the warfare by way of. As Rhaenyra grew extra unpredictable, she demanded the arrest of all Dragonseed bastards following two defecting to Aegon’s facet, together with ones with Velaryon blood. Corlys Velaryon was arrested for intervening, and the lads and ships of House Velaryon slowly deserted Rhaenyra. This ate at her energy base and set her on the trail to failure.

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