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For over 25 years, individuals worldwide have revered Harry Potter as among the finest fictional worlds of all time, falling in love with its fascinating characters and compelling story arcs. Given the breadth of the seven novels, filmmakers needed to area out Harry Potter’s quite a few plot twists over their eight film variations to maintain audiences .

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Every film has its surprises, some extra apparent than others. Still, these twists aren’t only for shock; they maintain relevance inside the collection’ narrative and bridge gaps within the story or a personality’s arc. These twists are so essential they maintain up even in a re-watch. Unlike lesser plot twists, those in Harry Potter are additive in hindsight quite than detracting from what audiences watched.

Updated September 1, 2022, by Anthony Jeanetta. The Harry Potter collection is chock-full of a number of the most notorious plot twists in literature and cinematic historical past. Many of those occasions are so important to the story they continue to be burned into followers’ minds. This record is up to date to incorporate extra surprising and noteworthy Potter twists.

13 Time Travel Was Introduced And Shaped Events That Had Already Unfolded

Without prior data of the books, these experiencing the Harry Potter films for the primary time could also be confused throughout the Prisoner of Azkaban. Introducing time journey with the Time-Turner could seem solely out of the blue, particularly given the reveal takes place towards the movie’s finish.

Still, regardless of by no means immediately addressing time journey till the top, the third film alludes to the subject’s risk loads of occasions. There are a number of hints of Hermione being in two locations directly. To the untrained viewer, although, these mentions are simply brushed apart. Then, simply as every part appears bleak, Hermione reveals the Time-Turner. Viewers watch as Harry and Hermione save the day, concurrently avoiding their previous selves whereas guaranteeing they modify the longer term.

12 Ginny Is The Girl Taken To The Chamber Of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is packed stuffed with drama. From the thriller surrounding Hagrid’s previous arrest to the varied petrification assaults on college students, a lot is occurring within the collection’ second entry. First-time viewers might imagine Hermione’s petrification is the more severe it’ll get for the Golden Trio, however it’s not.

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Shortly after Hermione’s assault, the Chamber of Secrets claims one other sufferer. This time they are not petrified however lacking solely. All that is left is a cryptic message on a wall, written in blood, “her skeleton will lie within the chamber eternally.” Students do not know who’s lacking till Ron and Harry snoop on a dialog between a number of professors. Through this dialogue, the 2 heroes study it is Ron’s youthful sister, Ginny, who the chamber has claimed.

11 The Concept Of Voldemort’s Horcruxes Was Uncovered

The Pensieve, a magical gadget used to retailer and overview reminiscences, is first launched in The Goblet of Fire. However, the films do not absolutely discover this gadget’s significance till the sixth installment, The Half-Blood Prince. Through the Pensieve, Dumbledore and Harry study Voldemort and his previous, when he was nonetheless going by Tom Riddle. To get the whole fact, although, Dumbledore enlists Harry on a mission to retrieve a reminiscence from Hogwarts’ new potion grasp, Professor Slughorn.

Eventually, Harry acquires the reminiscence, and he and Dumbledore study the reality concerning the Dark Lord’s actions. In a dialog with Slughorn, a younger Riddle inquires about Horcruxes. This reminiscence confirms Dumbledore’s suspicions that Voldemort has cut up his soul into a number of items, which he subsequently hid all over the world. The Horcrux reveal additionally added a glimmer of hope within the battle to defeat the Dark Lord.

10 Professor Moody Exposed Himself As Barty Crouch Jr. Using Polyjuice Potion

Those accustomed to Potter lore know the position of Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts is a cursed place. In truth, all through the books and flicks, a villainous determine typically takes the mantle. Given this historical past, it must be no shock the DADA instructor within the Goblet of Fire is not who he says he’s.

As with the Time-Turner twist in Prisoner of Azkaban, the film hints at this risk all through its runtime. Audiences see Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry’s imaginative and prescient, on the Quidditch World Cup, and in Dumbledore’s reminiscence. Nevertheless, when the movie lastly reveals Professor Moody is Barty Crouch Jr. utilizing Polyjuice Potion, it is a compelling twist, particularly contemplating how “useful” Moody had been throughout Harry’s time within the Triwizard Tournament.

9 Sirius Black, Professor Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew All Have Secrets Revealed

The Prisoner of Azkaban is the one Harry Potter film that does not characteristic Voldemort’s previous, current, or future. Instead, it operates with Sirius Black because the movie’s major antagonist. For a lot of the film, the Golden Trio believes Sirius is an escaped assassin who was partly chargeable for the demise of Harry’s dad and mom. Harry is livid, not terrified of Sirius, and he welcomes the thought of assembly him, hoping to avenge his dad and mom’ murders partially.

Towards the top of the film, Prisoner of Azkaban flips the established order on its head and delivers three plot twists in speedy succession. First, Professor Lupin, the present DADA instructor, is each a buddy of Sirius Black and a werewolf. Second, it wasn’t Sirius who betrayed the Potters; it was Peter Pettigrew. The Ministry of Magic despatched Sirius to jail for trying to kill Peter in response. Finally, the film reveals Pettigrew has been alive the entire time, disguised as Ron’s pet rat, Scabbers.

8 Lupin Discloses The Shrieking Shack’s True Purpose

Ron and Harry first encounter the Shrieking Shack within the Chamber of Secrets. The pair and the remainder of the Hogwarts college students imagine the dilapidated hut is haunted, so college students exit of their solution to keep away from the shack. But whereas telling the true story of the Marauders, Lupin reveals the actual goal of the Shrieking Shack.

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In the center of the three critical twists about Sirius, Lupin, and Peter was a fourth, considerably much less important one. While detailing the Marauders’ backstories, Lupin divulges that he used to make use of the Shrieking Shack on nights he’d remodel right into a werewolf. During these transformations, the remainder of the Marauders would accompany Lupin to make sure he would not really feel alone. The tales of haunted shrieks college students heard then weren’t the cries of spooky specters; they have been Lupin’s pained howls.

7 The Triwizard Cup Was A Portkey Designed To Advance Voldemort’s Return

In the ultimate problem of the Triwizard Tournament within the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory discover themselves because the final two rivals. Working collectively, they attain for the Triwizard Cup concurrently. What ought to have been a second of triumph rapidly turns to horror because the cup is a disguised Portkey, which transports them to a graveyard in Little Hangleton.

In the graveyard, Peter Pettigrew and a sickly Lord Voldemort confront Harry and Cedric. The Dark Lord orders Pettigrew to kill Diggory, who rapidly obliges. Wormtail then severs his hand and, with a splash of Harry’s blood, makes use of it to revive Voldemort to all his glory. This scene stays one of the crucial surprising moments in Potter historical past and marks a darkish turning level within the story.

6 Voldemort Existed On The Back Of Quirrell’s Head

As the primary entry in a collection, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone establishes a world of surprise and magical intrigue. In addition to this first-class world-building, The Sorcerer’s Stone cultivates a tangible feeling of dread relating to the movie’s true villain. The film implies Lord Voldemort’s return all through the film, with Professor Snape performing particularly suspicious.

It’s not till the ultimate problem for the Sorcerer’s Stone that Harry learns the id of his antagonist. Upon reaching the final problem, he discovers Professor Quirrell ready for him. But Professor Quirrell is not alone. The instructor unwraps the turban he is worn your complete film, unveiling the face of Voldemort on the again of his head. It’s one of many first twists of the collection and nonetheless holds up upon re-watch.

5 Tom Marvolo Riddle Unveiled His True Identity

When Harry turns into obsessive about the enchanted diary of Tom Riddle in Chamber of Secrets, it is nearly instantly evident there’s extra to the proprietor’s journal than he revealed in his exchanges with Potter. Still, it isn’t till the ultimate scene that Harry learns Tom Riddle’s true id.

Upon discovering the Chamber of Secrets, Harry sees an unconscious Ginny Weasley with Tom standing over her. He introduces himself, however Harry is sluggish to catch on. Using magic, Riddle reveals Potter his identify, Tom Marvolo Riddle, is an anagram of I Am Lord Voldemort. It’s such a intelligent reveal that followers can forgive Harry for not catching on sooner.

4 Snape Kills Dumbledore And Has One Final Reveal

The Harry Potter collection typically delivers its main plot twists in twos or threes, growing their affect and impact on audiences. Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince isn’t any exception to such quick-hitting deliveries.

A sinister-looking Draco Malfoy greets Harry and Dumbledore upon their return to Hogwarts from a grueling journey to retrieve a Horcrux. Given viewers already know Voldemort tasked Malfoy with killing the headmaster, it isn’t significantly surprising. The actual twist comes when Snape steps in and kills Dumbledore himself. As beforehand talked about, a further twist comes instantly after, with Snape revealing, a lot to Harry’s chagrin, that he’s the titular Half-Blood Prince.

3 The Final Pensieve Memory Demonstrates Snape’s True Colors

In The Deathly Hallows: Part 2, the Harry Potter saga attracts to a detailed with the breathtaking Battle of Hogwarts. Before this remaining skirmish, the Golden Trio witnesses Voldemort betray and kill Snape, falsely believing it’ll grant him full management of the Elder Wand. With his final phrases, an emotional Snape begs Harry to take his tears to the Pensieve, so he can lastly study the reality.

Through these reminiscences, Harry learns Snape is not the monster he beforehand believed. Snape’s love for Harry’s mom, Lilly, has motivated him all through the collection. Snape was merely following Dumbledore’s orders to maintain Potter secure till the time was proper, together with when he killed the beloved headmaster. Harry additionally learns the horrifying undeniable fact that his personal physique is Voldemort’s remaining Horcrux. So, Harry should willingly let the Dark Lord strike him down to make sure he can lastly finish his horrible reign.

2 Dumbledore Knew More Than He Let On

In the Potter universe, individuals extensively settle for Albus Dumbledore is without doubt one of the world’s most sensible and highly effective wizards. Still, as audiences superior by way of the collection, it grew to become simpler to doubt Dumbledore. In the Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore seems aloof and distant to Harry, which additional’s Potter’s difficulties and social isolation.

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Ater his demise, Dumbledore’s plan is open to much more questions. Harry begins to query his former mentor’s actions within the Deathly Hallows. It’s solely after demise that Harry learns the total extent of Dumbledore’s grasp on the state of affairs. During their dialog on the heavenly Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, Dumbledore divulged he knew Harry was the ultimate Horcrux. Additionally, he knew Harry would willingly sacrifice himself, thus guaranteeing his security.

1 Narcissa Malfoy Assisted The Chosen One

When audiences first meet Draco’s mom, Narcissa Malfoy, within the Half-Blood Prince, it is simple to imagine she’s as ruthless as the remainder of the Malfoy clan. This fame makes Narcissa’s actions in Deathly Hallows: Part Two much more stunning. After Harry walks into the forest and permits Voldemort to strike him down, Narcissa is the primary individual to examine to see if he is nonetheless alive. She asks Harry if her son continues to be alive, and he nods in affirmation.

Sensing a chance to guard Draco, Narcissa lies to the Dark Lord, telling him Harry is useless. While she does so for Draco’s sake, not Harry’s, this falsehood is as chargeable for the ultimate demise of Voldemort as nearly some other particular person motion within the Potter saga.

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