IDW Publishing has had a tough couple of years, with quite a few monetary troubles being made worse by their dropping the comedian ebook licenses of huge identify properties. One of those simply so occurred to be Transformers, which is definitely probably the most constantly profitable franchise to return out of the Nineteen Eighties. Currently, the robots in disguise haven’t got an introduced publishing house, although they’re definitely in a greater spot than former writer IDW is.

A possible “alternative” of types could be one other Nineteen Eighties reworking robotic franchise: Gobots. Though largely seen as a failed Transformers wannabe, this collection is the proper candidate for a radical reinvention. Much as their Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles books had as soon as been indie darlings, a Gobots reboot from IDW might assist put the writer again on the map.

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Can IDW Make Gobots Comics Like They Did for Transformers?

The greatest irony and saddest growth for the Gobots is that the property is definitely owned by Hasbro, creator of the Transformers rivals. This has resulted in some fascinating “crossovers” by way of Transformers who’re not less than named after Gobots characters, if not designed to resemble them. Still, the franchises stay separate, so IDW might probably make Gobots comedian books, even with out the Transformers license.

In truth, they beforehand printed a miniseries for the property titled Go-Bots, with this unusual tackle the mighty robots truly tying them to some acquainted Cybertronians by the story’s finish. Keep in thoughts that, whereas Hasbro owns each Transformers and Gobots, there are different Hasbro properties whose licenses will nonetheless be retained by IDW. These embody MASK, Visionaries and ROM, probably which means that, if IDW desired, they may maintain publishing any Gobots titles, as properly. The query for many would contain why the writer would wish to, however there’s truly a whole lot of potential for the Gobots, particularly if their “nature” as also-ran Transformers is embraced.

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A Gobots Comic Book Would Have Far More Freedom Than a Transformers Comic

It’s totally truthful to say that there is not a lot in means of a fanbase for the Gobots. Seen as extra of a punchline, Gobots has never had an actual remake or sequel. This makes it good for a brand new comedian ebook, because the property is basically a clean slate. Without a strict mythology to comply with or a long time of fan-favorite continuity and characterization, a Gobots comedian ebook might reinvent the “traditional” characters in ways in which an entry within the Transformers franchise by no means might. After all, followers have sure expectations for a way Optimus Prime and Megatron are portrayed, however might probably care much less with regards to Leader-1 and Cykill. Thus, the fundamental “good vs. evil” narrative might give method to one thing much more, with out working the danger of upsetting followers.

Embracing this mentality can be straightforward, permitting the inventive staff behind Gobots to go completely wild. Whereas deciding on a inventive staff for Transformers could be restricted to followers of the franchise, any sci-fi legend can lend their pen to jot down an fascinating Gobots ebook. Writers like Dan Abnett and even Grant Morrison can be nice attracts, not just for their expertise but additionally the identify recognition. With readers curious as to why the writers had been seemingly “slumming it up” by writing Gobots, curiosity would probably be piqued sufficient for them initially nice gross sales

Even throughout the confines of fan expectations, the IDW Transformers comics produced some traditional yarns, together with the well-received Beast Wars ongoing and the collection’ All Hail Megatron and Last Stand of the Wreckers. Anything approaching the standard of these books would definitely get seen by these with ’80s nostalgia and comedian readers normally. Currently, IDW is attempting to keep up its place within the trade by focusing extra on authentic properties comparable to Canto. Their greatest successes have been works based mostly on pre-existing properties, nevertheless, and a terrific Gobots comedian ebook might bolster that aspect of their publishing. Sure, it may not be a Transformers ebook however, it could possibly be much more profitable.


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