All Working 2019 Roblox Booga Booga Reborn Codes – April 2024

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In a prehistoric time when primitives ruled the Earth in tribes, there was no such thing as commerce. You couldn’t just get stuff, you had to work for it! But that sounds dumb and boring, so instead, let’s just use some codes in 2019 Booga Booga Reborn to get some free stuff. Here are all working 2019 Roblox Booga Booga Reborn codes.

All Working 2019 Roblox Booga Booga Reborn Codes

The following codes and their rewards are confirmed to be active as of October 11th, 2022:

        • Valentines2024!—Redeem for Free Coins (New)
        • 245KFavorites—Redeem for Free Coins
        • 80KLikes!—Redeem for Free Coins
        • 200KFavorites—Redeem for 250 Coins
        • HappyHalloween!—Redeem for 250 Coins
        • 60MVisits!—Redeem for 250 Coins
        • 60KLikes!—Redeem for Coins
        • BOOGASHUTDOWN2!—Redeem for Coins
        • Anniversary!—Redeem for Coins
        • 50KLikes!—Redeem for Coins
        • 50MVisits!—Redeem for Coins
        • Pirates!—Redeem for Coins
        • 40KLikes—Redeem for Coins
        • Quests!—Redeem for Coins
        • BOOGASHUTDOWN—Redeem for Coins
        • Ants!—Redeem for a cosmetic item and Coins
        • 35KLikes—Redeem for Coins
        • 30MVisits—Redeem for Coins
        • Easter!—Redeem for Coins
        • 30KLikes—Redeem for Coins
        • 100KFavorites—Redeem for Coins
        • St.Patricks—Redeem for Coins
        • 95KFavorites—Redeem for Coins
        • 25KLikes—Redeem for Coins
        • 20MVisits—Redeem for Coins
        • 85KFavorites—Redeem for Coins
        • 20KLikes—Redeem for Coins
        • 15MVisits—Redeem for Coins
        • 70KFavorites—Redeem for Coins
        • Valentines!—Redeem for Coins
        • 50KFavorites—Redeem for Coins
        • 10MVisits—Redeem for Coins
        • 8MVisits—Redeem for Coins
        • 10KLikes—Redeem for Coins
        • 40KFavorites—Redeem for Coins
        • 7KLikes—Redeem for Coins
        • 4MVisits—Redeem for Coins
        • 1MVisits—Redeem for Coins
        • 3KLikes—Redeem for Coins
        • NEWYEARS—Redeem for Coins
        • BOOGARERELEASE—Redeem for 250 Coins
        • 2KLikes—Redeem for 300 Coins

Expired Codes

Meanwhile, the following codes are confirmed to be expired and inactive as of the same date shown above:

            • BOOGASALESFRIDAY—Redeem for Coins
            • TURKEYMAN—Redeem for Coins
            • 25KLikes—Redeem for Coins
            • 15MVISITS—Redeem for Coins
            • 69KFavorites—Redeem for Coins
            • 69kfavs—Redeem for Coins
            • 20KLikes—Redeem for Coins
            • SPOOKYPART2—Redeem for Coins
            • 10MVISITS—Redeem for Coins
            • 15KLikes—Redeem for Iron Mole Helmet
            • BOOGASHUTDOWN—Redeem for Coins
            • 15KLikes—Claim code 300 Coins
          • 10KLikes—Claim code for 400 Coins
          • BOOGASPOOKY—Claim code for 150 Coins
          • 7500Likes—Claim code for 150 Coins
          • 5000Likes—Claim code for Rebirth
          • 2MVisits—Claim code for 300 Coin
          • 4000Likes—Claim code for rewards
          • 1MVisits—Claim code for rewards
          • 2500Likes—Claim code for rewards
          • 3000Likes—Claim code for rewards
          • 10000Favorites—Claim code for rewards

How to Use 2019 Roblox Booga Booga Reborn Codes

To redeem a code in 2019 Booga Booga Reborn, just open the game up and press M to open the menu. Look for the blue Twitter icon on the side of the screen, and click it to bring up a text prompt. Copy and paste a code into the prompt exactly as it’s written and click the confirm button. You should receive your reward right away.

We’ll be keeping a running record of all past and present 2019 Booga Booga Reborn codes on this page, so keep us bookmarked for updates. If you think we’ve missed something, though, you can check out the official 2019 Booga Booga Reborn Discord server for more information. It’s so easy, a caveman could do it!


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