Battlefield™ V - Tactics for the Braindead And Conquest Objectives
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I clarify the essential goals of conquest and easy methods to maintain them, to the typical participant of BFV, which is to say is unintelligent.


Hiya right this moment i can be masking the usual techniques to seize goals and maintain them.

I am making this as a result of lots of people not too long ago have been pushing a far goal solely to lose 4-5 goals.

This information will clarify why that is mentally retarded!

1. The Fundamentals

It would be best to seize all goals as much as the center, to the purpose the place each groups maintain management of half the map.

2. The Push

Forces at present at E will maintain their place and dig in, defending majority of the entrance till the forces from F and G push the center level. To push the center goal would require the vast majority of the workforce to push and work collectively, Tanks ought to deal with anti-tank fight and if no enemy tanks are participating deal with hearth help for infantry, Air power participant ought to deal with strafing infantry and bombing constructing and tank to weaken the enemy forces and supply air cowl towards enemy plane for infantry and tanks, and at last the infantry ought to deal with capping the purpose whereas additionally manning AA weapons, repairing pleasant automobiles and constructions, and reviving pleasant models.

3. Holding the Frontline

Congratulations! you may have efficiently used a mixture of frequent sense and techniques that generals used within the 1600’s to seize the vast majority of goals.

Now you simply have to carry the goals you may have at present and don’t push previous D, pushing previous D is pointless since you may have the bulk goal benefit, for those who defend the goals and medics revive as many individuals as they will, you’ll run the enemy tickets down and win simply.

4. You pushed previous D

Nicely you are screwed, you simply wasted a number of tickets pushing an goal that’s proper subsequent to the enemy spawn, and the enemy simply pushed and captured your flank goals becuase there may be actually nobody there, you all made a horrible play.

Benefit from the loss.


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