I explain the basic objectives of conquest and how to hold them, to the average player of BFV, which is to say is unintelligent.


Hello today i will be covering the standard tactics to capture objectives and hold them.

I’m making this because a lot of people recently have been pushing a far objective only to lose 4-5 objectives.

This guide will explain why that’s mentally retarded!

1. The Basics

You will want to capture all objectives up to the middle, to the point where both teams hold control of half the map.

2. The Push

Forces currently at E will hold their position and dig in, defending majority of the front until the forces from F and G push the middle point. To push the middle objective will require the majority of the team to push and work together, Tanks should focus on anti-tank combat and if no enemy tanks are engaging focus on fire support for infantry, Air force player should focus on strafing infantry and bombing building and tank to weaken the enemy forces and provide air cover against enemy aircraft for infantry and tanks, and finally the infantry should focus on capping the point while also manning AA guns, repairing friendly vehicles and structures, and reviving friendly units.

3. Holding the Frontline

Congratulations! you have successfully used a combination of common sense and tactics that generals used in the 1600’s to capture the majority of objectives.

Now you just have to hold the objectives you have currently and do not push past D, pushing past D is pointless since you have the majority objective advantage, if you defend the objectives and medics revive as many people as they can, you will run the enemy tickets down and win easily.

4. You pushed past D

Well you’re screwed, you just wasted a lot of tickets pushing an objective that is right next to the enemy spawn, and the enemy just pushed and captured your flank objectives becuase there is literally no one there, you all made a terrible play.

Enjoy the loss.


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