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Best Fortnite CAPTURE THE FLAG Map Codes

Fortnite is an amazing game. Things could get better if you can get access to Best Fortnite CAPTURE THE FLAG Map Codes. These codes take you to different CAPTURE THE FLAG maps in Fortnite. Along with the codes we have also mentioned the link to these maps. I hope that these CAPTURE THE FLAG map codes for Fortnite Will bring some fun and excitement in your gaming journey.

Fortnite CAPTURE THE FLAG Map Codes

Below you will find all the latest Fortnite CAPTURE THE FLAG Map Codes.

Naxy Capture the Flag Map Code: 8144-1651-4431

Capture the Flag Island Map Code: 8490-9081-8619

Chamiseul Capture the Flag Map Code: 0532-5530-6219

UFO Map Capture the Flag Map Code: 3080-6156-1191

Quick Capture the Flag Map Code: 4633-2519-0935

Capture The Flag(12 VS12) New Season Map Code: 9332-9070-5804

Tall Grass Capture the Flag Map Code: 9505-7859-2417

Red VS Blue – Capture the Flag Map Code: 7918-8246-1748

Capture the Monhegan Island Map Code: 1568-0447-6034

Crystal Keep Clash: Capture the Flag Map Code: 9751-3704-5894

Capture the Flag 2.0 Map Code: 0871-9628-8470

Reverse Capture the Flag v2.0 Map Code: 6432-0924-1669

Valkyrie Capture the Flag Map Code: 5592-2164-9849

Capture the Flag – Dusty Doom Map Code: 5067-4499-4913

Capture the Flag – Class Based Map Code: 0014-4740-2707

Civil War – Capture the Flag Map Code: 2567-1351-2393

The Castle – Capture the Flag Map Code: 8907-0152-5777

Swifty’s Capture the Flag Map Code: 0227-3512-0627

Medieval Knights Map Code: 9785-7877-3068

Lost Oasis Map Code: 1613-4609-9747

Medieval Knights Map Code: 3449-9271-4403

Capture the Flag Pirate Edition Map Code: 0016-9668-7247

Capture the Flag Red VS Blue Map Code: 5739-0985-6432

CTF Dueling Kingdoms Map Code: 1798-4675-9927

Oz’s Capture the Flag 2.0 Map Code: 5560-7732-5511

Command Center CTF Map Code: 2007-3534-6415

Worlds Collide – Hero Shooters CTF Map Code: 8966-1061-8293

Close Encounters – Kami’s Lookout CTF Map Code: 2349-8788-1195

Halo: The Pit – King of the Hill Map Code: 8336-2950-4431
Halo: Battle Creek – Capture the Flag Map Code: 9563-4573-0185
Halo: Blood Gulch – Capture the Flag Map Code: 7555-3841-5190

Capture League CTF Code: 0333-6772-3125

16 Vs 16 Capture the Flag Team Deathmatch Map Code: 2305-1432-8599

The identification codes of each map have 12 numbers, with two hyphens in the middle, and without spaces, you can search them directly on google or on the official website of Fortnite Maps

If you find another Capture the Flag map code before us and you like it, we will be very grateful if you leave us a comment. Also let us know if any of the codes or maps don’t work for you, so we can fix it.


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