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Best Fortnite FIRST PERSON Map Codes

Fortnite is an amazing game. Things could get better if you can get access to Best Fortnite FIRST PERSON Map Codes. These codes take you to different FIRST PERSON maps in Fortnite. Along with the codes we have also mentioned the link to these maps. I hope that these FIRST PERSON map codes for Fortnite Will bring some fun and excitement in your gaming journey.

Fortnite FIRST PERSON Map Codes

Below you will find all the latest Fortnite FIRST PERSON Map Codes.

  • Dark Hospital Map Code: 1315-9731-7969
  • Real Soccer Map Code: 2964-3673-8229
  • Downtown Drifting Map Code: 7906-3518-1746
  • Space Invasion Map Code: 9464-8433-4941
  • Horror Backrooms Map Code: 9232-1871-0404
  • First Person – Only Up Fortnite Map Code: 4729-1400-4366
  • First Person FFA Map Code: 1518-7837-8727
  • 100 Levels First Person Deathrun Map Code: 0134-3369-2015
  • Michael Myers Roleplay Map Code: 0125-3663-5028
  • Zombie Country First Person Map Code: 0685-3434-6556 
  • Prime First Person Race Map Code: 0555-4713-8340
  • First Person Sewer Wars Map Code: 9078-6991-2928
  • Close Encounters Gun Game Map Code: 0366-6768-1549
  • First Person – Triple Threat Map Code: 6269-9831-8282
  • Face-to-Face First Person Racing Map Code: 0089-7577-3973
  • First Person – Red vs. Blue Map Code: 2844-5302-7718
  • Horror First Person Map Code: 3105-7832-0868
  • First Person – Deathmatch Map Code: 8565-8185-6195
  • Lofi Retro Openworld Map Code: 6252-9359-4301
  • Cab Driver Simulator Map Code: 6711-4776-0082
  • First Person Demo Map Code: 8046-7569-8607
  • First Person Horror Hall 2 Map Code: 5938-2642-7886
  • First Person One Shot Map Code: 0598-0411-0956 
  • First Person Race 2.0 Map Code: 5651-9073-9109
  • Real First Person Gun Game Map Code: 4255-7448-6966
  • Just Drive Map Code: 3268-0463-9507
  • First Person 1v1s Map Code: 7436-7108-3755
  • First Person Escape Map Code: 4155-3443-4549
  • Cuddle Monsters Map Code: 4848-1129-6903
  • First Person Race Track V2 Map Code: 2316-7626-9693
  • Evil 14 Awaits: First Person Map Code: 7710-0034-8827
  • 25 vs 25 – Space First Person Map Code: 3325-4874-9671
  • Downtown Drifting – First Person Map Code: 7906-3518-1746
  • First Person – X and O Map Code: 5140-1131-2296
  • First Person PropHunt Map Code: 4705-1035-6381
  • Portal Guns First Person Map Code: 0126-4712-5504
  • Hell- A First Person Shooter Map Code: 0940-4354-7470
  • First Person 50 Level Christmas Deathrun Map Code: 4618-4709-3796
  • Blue VS Red Vent First Person Map Code: 0532-3462-3627
  • Area 51: First-Person Hide and Seek Map Code: 4909-3532-4209 
  • First Person Visual Escape Map Code: 1211-9143-2539
  • Forza Horizon – First Person Car Racing Map Code: 2118-8997-3881
  • First Person Box Fights Map Code: 4392-1871-9556
  • Lysergic Caeli – First Person Horror Map Code: 3139-3620-6848
  • First Person Escape Room Map Code: 6212-9391-5469
  • First Person Deathrun Practice Map Code: 2876-1894-8328
  • First Person Snipers Map Code: 3459-8305-1162

The identification codes of each map have 12 numbers, with two hyphens in the middle, and without spaces, you can search them directly on google or on the official website of Fortnite Maps

If you find another First Person map code before us and you like it, we will be very grateful if you leave us a comment. Also let us know if any of the codes or maps don’t work for you, so we can fix it.


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