Best Fortnite Murder Mystery Map Codes
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Fortnite is an amazing game. Things could get better if you can get access to Best Fortnite MURDER MYSTERY Map Codes. These codes take you to different MURDER MYSTERY maps in Fortnite. Along with the codes we have also mentioned the link to these maps. I hope that these MURDER MYSTERY map codes for Fortnite Will bring some fun and excitement in your gaming journey.

Fortnite MURDER MYSTERY Map Codes

Below you will find all the latest Fortnite MURDER MYSTERY Map Codes.

  • The Naughty One Murder Mystery Map Code: 4377-6515-6390
  • Murder Mystery PWR Map Code: 0583-5944-5318
  • Murder Mystery Maze Map Code: 5630-1001-9923
  • Murder Mystery Hotel Map Code: 5431-2884-5333
  • Fairground Frights Map Code: 0001-8748-8619
  • The Yacht – Murder Mystery Map Code: 7234-3484-4259
  • Murder Mystery With Abilities Map Code: 9894-9159-0949
  • Murder Mineshaft/Crystal Cave Map Code: 7374-7661-6379 or 3355-1265-4227
  • Murder Mystery Prometheus Map Code: 4760-1328-0988
  • Murder Mystery Abandoned Castle Map Code: 9908-1517-1757
  • Night Hunter – Murder Mystery Map Code: 4937-3733-1628
  • Skyblock Mystery Escape Map Code: 2602-0103-2593
  • The Murder Mystery – New XP Map Code: 8375-8485-5485
  • Mr. Vogel Murder Mystery Map Code: 8286-7114-9197
  • One Long Night At Fortnite’s Map Code: 9167-5456-7338
  • Ocean Island Fortnite Murder Mystery Map Code: 3417-3936-0069
  • Hotel Deco Murder Mystery Map Code: 2789-9541-7789
  • Sunset Steampunk Murder Mystery Map Code: 7658-6050-4966
  • Murder Mystery Asian Style Map Code: 3738-8751-1591
  • Hospital Murder Mystery Map Code: 5423-3686-4108
  • Hospital Murder Mystery Map Code: 0238-5871-1690
  • The Power Plant Murder Mystery Map Code: 2408-3812-2093
  • Munchker’s Mansion Murder Mystery Map Code: 1785-2000-5429
  • Mystery Mansion – Murder Mystery Map Code: 8543-4742-5238
  • Slasher Camp Map Code: 4231-5223-3996
  • Ultimate Murder Mystery Map Code: 0124-5841-7849
  • The Blackout – Hunted Map Code: 2775-2697-8614
  • Bloody Mines – Murder Mystery Map Code: 9736-4845-6318
  • Murder Swap Map Code: 5893-2263-5834
  • Minecraft Murder Mystery Map Code: 1892-1509-8081


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