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The following accommodates spoilers for RWBY: Ice Queendom Episode 9, “My Dream, Your Dream,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

RWBY: Ice Queendom is filled with Snow White references from the Seven Kleins (all named after Disney’s Seven Dwarfs) to Ruby Rose taking up the function of the prince who desires to wake Snow White from her lethal slumber. Weiss Schnee herself fulfills the twin function of the Evil Queen and Snow White in her nightmare world to point she is her personal worst enemy. The crowning glory is Weiss sleeping contained in the glass coffin that initially contained her horse relic. The coffin even has a picture of an apple to allude to the poison apple that put Snow White to sleep within the unique fairy story, which is symbolic of Weiss’s self-hatred.

While almost each model of Show White ends with a prince kissing the titular heroine to wake her from her sleep, RWBY: Ice Queendom Episode 9 hints a distinct ending for Weiss. Instead of True Love’s Kiss being what wakes her, Weiss must develop into the individual she fears turning into: a darkish mirror model of her father, the individual she hates essentially the most. How does Ice Queendom construct towards Weiss totally turning into the individual she despises? Through Blake Belladonna — a Faunus and a former White Fang member.

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For most of Ice Queendom, Weiss’s internalized anger towards and concern of her father have been driving her actions within the nightmare world. This has precipitated her to combat in opposition to her teammates — Ruby, Blake and Yang Xiao Long — as a means of proving her price to her father, Jacques, a person who married into and usurped her mom’s household title. Another motive she’s been combating her teammates has been to guard each herself and her mates from hurt. By protecting them locked up, she retains them secure and safe from her father, and retains up the looks of following daddy’s orders.

Of course, nothing about Weiss’s thought of “secure” is wholesome and is actually killing her — an vital element her teammates are conscious of. Interestingly, all three teammates have fully completely different concepts about find out how to defeat the Nightmare Grimm that is enslaving Weiss to her traumatic previous, however solely one among these is sure to succeed. In Ruby’s case, she desires to save lots of Weiss in the identical means a fairy story prince goes about saving his princess from an evil monster or sorcerer: by combating and killing them.

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Unfortunately, Ruby’s rescue plan is unsuccessful for one motive: the Nightmare Grimm is already conscious of Weiss’s love for Ruby and is aware of find out how to weaponize that to guard itself. As such, the Grimm has efficiently blocked all of Ruby’s efforts to kill it, and trapped her inside a dream inside a dream: one by which she believes she succeeded in saving Weiss. The Grimm almost succeeds in killing Ruby by making her consider its lie, however is saved by Jaune Arc utilizing his immunity sword on her.

With Ruby’s rescue plan persistently failing, waking Weiss requires extra drastic measures — which is the place Yang and Blake are available. Inside the haunted mansion that serves as Blake’s jail within the nightmare world, Yang and Blake find the purple horse relic that represents Blake and formulate a brand new technique. Yang merely plans to barge again into Atlas and combat the Nightmare Grimm. Blake, nonetheless, factors out they’ve already tried this and have been repeatedly defeated by the extra highly effective Negative Weiss. Ironically, this provides Blake a lightweight bulb thought: what if as an alternative of combating the Nightmare Grimm, they assault the very factor it used to entice Weiss within the first place, aka her racism?

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Blake’s plan for waking Weiss is fairly ingenious. Knowing full effectively they’re inside a nightmare world constructed by a parasitic Grimm, Blake decides to make use of that to their full benefit. In the identical means individuals are likely to get up from nightmares that get too scary for them to deal with, Blake intends to wake Weiss by enjoying into her worst fears concerning the Faunus and the White Fang as knowledgeable by her racist upbringing. The individual Blake is aware of who validates Weiss’ racial prejudices is her ex-boyfriend, Adam Taurus, whose costume and habits she mimics to get Weiss to do her worst.

Blake causes that if Weiss’s uncontrolled hatred causes her to hurt her, this might show to be the horrific act that will get Weiss to lastly perceive how harmful racism actually is. Since the true Weiss is a greater individual than her father, harming one other particular person — particularly a teammate — is the sort of act Weiss wouldn’t have the ability to forgive herself for and will trigger a psychological breakdown. Blake, nonetheless, might maintain yet another card up her sleeve. After Weiss totally succumbs to her darkness, Blake might nonetheless carry out yet another act for her to point she doesn’t hate her, which might nonetheless play into the True Love’s Kiss trope.

How the Snow White trope performs out in RWBY Ice Queendom might both probably verify Blake’s bisexuality in canon, or play into her love of books and the ideas about comfortable endings she’s discovered from fiction.



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