Burn the Witch Filler List
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We are giving you the ultimate and updated Burn the Witch Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all Burn the Witch Filler Episodes.



1Witches Blow a New PipeManga Canon2020-10-01
2Ghillie Suit / She Makes Me SpecialManga Canon2020-10-01
3If a lion could speak, we couldn’t understandManga Canon2020-10-01

What Is Burn the Witch filler list?

Burn the Witch anime filler list is a Japanese manga series written and displayed by Tite Kubo.

It was first published in Weekly Shōnen Jump as a one-shot chapter in July 2018. In July 2018, it was first released as a one-shot chapter in Weekly Shōnen Leap.

With a seasonal release schedule, a serialized continuation of the one-shot is being released.

BURN THE WITCH is the first work Tite Kubo has published after the last chapter of Bleach.

The one-shot describes a day in the lives of two Witches working for the Western Branch of Soul Society.

It was located in Reverse Lo a month later.

The limited serialization takes place as Noel & Ninny conduct their duties dealing with different Dragons.

Also they deal with the problems surrounding them. While the Balgo Parks is targeted for removal due to his new Dragon-attracting disposition.

In the Bleach world, the tale of Burn the Witch takes place. It also serves two witches.

Witch duo Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole are the protagonists of the story. They are security agents for Wing Connect (WB).

It’s a dragon conservation and management organization. Their duty is to protect and control the dragons inside London.

Noel Niihashi

Noel is one of BURN THE WITCH’s two main characters. She is an effortless and level-headed high school girl.

She has a dry sense of humor working in the Pipers division for Wing Bind. Noel is highly competent and skilled with Magic.

She allows her to take on and defeat Dragons with ease. She conducts her duties without engaging in battles.

Ninny Spangcole

Ninny is a temperamental and somewhat egotistical pop singer. Ninny works with Noel as a Piper.

Ninny is one of the two main characters of BURN THE WITCH. She dreams of demonstrating her battle courage.

She has the ability of being elevated to the Sabres which leads her to take risks such as battling Dark Dragons.

This helps her to threaten the public for a chance of recognition. However, when dealing with average humans and her co-singer, she has a rarely-seen softer side.

Stay tuned with us for further details.

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