Cardi B Roblox Music ID Codes
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Roblox CARDI B Music ID Codes are the best thing to play while you play any Roblox game. These CARDI B Roblox song ids for bring are a funky way to bring together your passion for gaming and music. Here we are going to list all the working CARDI B Roblox music ids. We will also tell how you can use these music codes in any Roblox game.

What are Roblox Music IDs?

Like many other games, Roblox wanted its players to customize the music that players listen while playing any Roblox game. I mean gaming is great but if you could grove to your favourite music beats while gaming, the experience would be amazing.

Therefore, the developers of the games in Roblox came up with the idea of music ids. If you the Roblox song for any particular song you can easily play it in the background with the help of Boombox. This takes your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Roblox CARDI B Music ID Codes and Song IDs

Below are the CARDI B Music ID Codes that you can enjoy in background while playing your favourite Roblox game.

TrackRoblox ID
Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion – WAXP5751207214
Maroon 5 – Girls Like You ft. Cardi B2211976041
Cardi B ft. Megan Thee Stallion (Instrumental)5597691813
???? Cardi B Laugh ????1852344818
Cardi B – W.A.P beat (loop)5592820244
up | cardi b6349635515
|ℓ| BLACKPINK – “BET U WANNA” ft. Cardi B [full]5809822455
cardi b – foreva1238073935
Cardi B – Bickenhead2446358630
BLACKPINK – Bet You Wanna (feat. Cardi B)5771599731
Cardi B & Sza – I do2502700747
WHAT WAS THE REASON!!! (Cardi B)5907110606
cardi b-omg what is that5774589685
Cardi B – Bartier Cardi (MVNTANA Remix)6186484035
Girls Like You ft. Cardi B (TRE REMIX)2127574539
Cardi B – press (slowed)3340179384
rumors | lizzo, cardi b7248789593
Cardi B Be Careful [Full] (set pitch to 0.91)2163634973
taki taki-dj snake cardi b-selena gomez nightcore6248487135
Cardi B – La Modelo (DJ T MARQ Remix)1824526714
Cardi B & Bruno Mars – Please me3397010831
Cardi B Motorsport (clean)3070468024
Cardi b – Up Instrumental6375423019
Maroon 5 – Girls Like You ft.Cardi B(remix)2366325725
Cardi B Shortened For Arsenal Megaphone4952996645
NIGHTCORE I like it – Cardi B (CLEAN)2866990985
Cardi B (Original)2499441781
press | cardi b6354116487
MI MAMI – El Alfa x Cardi B (S0yAlejandra)3893480614
Cardi B Remix (Clean)3433321215
Thats suspicious thats weird cardi b5846567395
Cardi B – Press (Clean) sped up3882648779
Anuel AA Ft. Cardi B-by Realbebe5402838792
cardi b – press instrumental6091955691
cardi b full song5174192716
WISH WISH – Cardi B(S0yAlejandra)3650229498
[FREE] Tyga x Cardi B Type Beat – Bop Club Banger4599124016
Cardi B – Low Budget1384120246
Lnx (Rodeo ft.Cardi B) Remix By Matheusdamoda7627509108
Cardi B – Up5960328747
I Wanna Take A Pic With Cardi B.9057833571
nowheretorun – knxwledge x cardi b5580791347
money | cardi b6315873594
Esta é uma ótima musica (Cardi B por Jovem Yanz)7189783673
Summer Walk – Bitter (Cardi B) @VaIencee7920493874
Cardi B as Siri5773258808
Cardi B – Up (kinda clean???) sped up9068697413

How To Use Roblox Music ID Codes?

The best way to play music in Roblox games is by using a Boombox. There are different Boombox available. Depending on your budget you can buy any of these music players. Beat Up Super Jank Boombox will cost you around $250. If you have a bigger purse, you can go for the $1,000 Dual Golden Duper Fly Boombox.

Follow the below steps to play music on Boombox.

  • Enter the game. Look for the boombox or the Radio feature.
  • Copy the Music ID code from the above list and paste it.
  • Now your music will start playing.

As of now, you can music in games by using a game pass. However, you will have to also pay for that.

I hope that you will successfully apply the music ids to enjoy your favorite song in Roblox. If you need music codes for any other song, let us know in the comment section.


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