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Carson Daly is doing okay after a persistent well being difficulty landed him within the hospital. The Today present cohost recently shared that he’s recovering from a spinal fusion surgical procedure. “I feel full of life, zesty, [and] really good,” Daly, 49, advised his fellow cohosts throughout a reside video name from his house. “I had a really great surgical procedure…. I’m healing.”

Daly mentioned he had the surgical procedure in late August after years of coping with ongoing decrease again ache and present process a earlier operation that didn’t assist. “It’s basically the exact same thing Tiger Woods had done to his back,” Daly joked. “We’re pretty much the same guy.”

Immediately after the surgical procedure, Daly mentioned he was in ache, however, luckily, his restoration is now going properly. “It’s a process,” Daly mentioned. “The first week was tough.” While he can’t but conquer stairs, Daly mentioned he’s now up and transferring round loads. “I’ve been in the downstairs bedroom, avoiding the stairs. [But] I’m walking a lot right now,” he mentioned. “I’m like Forrest Gump here in Long Island. I walk everywhere.”

During a spinal fusion surgical procedure, medical doctors completely join at the very least two vertebrae within the backbone, in order that there’ll now not be movement between them, per the Mayo Clinic. A bone or bonelike materials is positioned between the vertebrae, and different supplies could also be used to carry the vertebrae collectively, together with metallic plates, screws, or rods. These assist the vertebrae heal as one unit.

People get spinal fusion surgical procedures for quite a lot of causes, together with spinal deformities, herniated disks, or spinal weak spot or instability, per the Mayo Clinic. The particular spinal fusion surgical procedure that Daly bought is named an anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) process, per Today.com; it’s typically used to deal with painful situations, like degenerative disc illness, per the USC Spine Center.

The restoration for spinal fusion surgical procedures is often intense, as it will probably take a number of months for the affected bones within the backbone to heal and fuse collectively. Physical remedy will help folks relearn to securely transfer round, sit, stand, and stroll after a spinal fusion surgical procedure; through the restoration course of, folks typically put on a brace to maintain the backbone aligned accurately.

Daly mentioned he’s utilizing a grabber, a clawlike assistive machine that permits folks with mobility issues to select issues up. He’s additionally nonetheless unable to decorate himself. “The problem is that I want to come back to work, but I can’t put my pants on or tie my shoes,” he mentioned.

This isn’t the primary time Daly has shared particulars about his well being. As SELF beforehand reported, he’s talked overtly about having nervousness and panic assaults, and has provided encouragement to individuals who additionally reside with psychological well being situations. “This is who I am and I’m proud of it,” he mentioned throughout a 2018 interview. “I may be a little anxious, but I know I’m gonna be okay.”

He added an identical message of hope for others who’ve decrease again ache throughout his latest check-in on Today. “For anybody who suffers from lower back pain for decades, you don’t know how much pain you’re in until it’s gone,” he mentioned. “I feel optimistic about the future.” Thankfully, Daly mentioned his situation is bettering on a regular basis: “I’m getting stronger.”



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