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The following article accommodates spoilers from Robin #17, on sale now.

Damian Wayne’s solo sequence ended with organising future plot factors which can be prone to resurface through the upcoming Batman vs. Robin sequence. Among the most important questions from Robin #17 (by Joshua Williamson, Roger Cruz, Norm Rapmund, and Luis Guerrero), was the obvious revelation that Respawn, Damian’s half-brother, is alive. This after all raises the apparent query of how.

The technique of resurrection apart, this is probably not such factor. Though Damian was elated to have a organic brother, Respawn was much less inclined to reciprocate these familial emotions. He blamed Damian for the struggling he endured in his childhood. In truth, the final time they noticed every, Respawn tried to kill Damian. Given how turbulent their relationship has been thus far, it appears unlikely that this could change now that he is again.

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Respawn is the results of Ra’s al Ghul’s cloning experiment — merging Talia and Deathstroke’s DNA. After Respawn was “born” he was endlessly tortured and used as a supply of organs for Damian ought to any of his want changing. Damian by no means knew any of this till not too long ago, however Respawn at all times knew of his half-brother, and he despised him for having a greater life. Tragically, any probability to reconcile was minimize quick by the Shadow War. Respawn was seemingly killed whereas attempting to defend his father from bullets fired by Talia’s assassins. So, naturally, everyone seems to be questioning how this occurred.

The most probably chance is his regenerative powers. Like Deathstroke, he can heal from nearly any harm. Due to the diluted nature of his DNA although, his therapeutic issue is not as robust as his father’s. However, that is nonetheless the identical one who survived after having a significant organ eliminated and regrowing it in a while. Since the precise limits of his therapeutic skills haven’t been totally addressed, he might very properly have entered a deathlike coma as his physique regenerated from the deadly wounds.

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Then there’s the likelihood that this is not even Respawn in any respect, however merely an imposter who stole his costume to mess with Damian. While actually a chance it’s removed from the most probably. It’s an excessive amount of bother for one individual to undergo simply to trigger a little bit of confusion. So, assuming that is Respawn, it is possible that he is not proud of anybody proper now.

After all, his father appears to have gone mad and his sister by no means actually put a lot effort into avenging him. Add in the truth that his mom was technically chargeable for “killing” him, and his already current hatred for Damian — it is fairly protected to imagine that he would not have something optimistic deliberate. It’s possible that Respawn will wish to declare his vengeance towards his brother. So whereas Damian is likely to be pleased to see him once more, that pleasure will not final for lengthy.



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