The following article comprises spoilers for Defenders: Beyond #2 on sale now from Marvel Comics.

The Phoenix Force is among the oldest cosmic beings and most recognizable antagonists of the Marvel Universe. It has encountered a number of heroes, largely notably Jean Grey, and has helped and harm the multiverse since its debut. Now, it has discovered a brand new host.

In Defenders Beyond #2 (by Al Ewing, Javier Rodriguez, and VC’s Joe Caramagna), the long-lasting group, which now consists of extra galactic members like Loki and America Chavez, go up towards the sinister Omega Council. During the struggle, the group is defeated, and when it seems like their destiny is sealed, the Phoenix Force reaches out to one of many members Taaia, who merges with it. While this protects the Defenders, it might spell catastrophe for the recognized multiverse.

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Taaia has solely just lately made appearances within the comics and little is understood about her apart from she is a proficient scientist and engineer. However, very long time Marvel readers are literally very conversant in her son – Galactus. Also referred to as the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus consumes vitality from different planets as meals and has brought on the destruction of a number of worlds. Galactus was genetically engineered from Taaia, making him a real copy of her. Even although Galactus gained his omnipotence from merging with the Sentience of the Cosmos, he was nonetheless able to destroy. Taaia might have that potential as properly, and the Phoenix might convey out an untold energy from inside herself.

The Phoenix Force additionally has a behavior of corrupting its hosts. The most notorious instance is the aforementioned Jean Grey, who grew to become overwhelmed with the Phoenix’s powers and ultimately remodeled right into a terrifying power that jeopardized your complete universe. Jean Grey was at all times highly effective with out the Phoenix’s affect, however her skills have been restricted. The Phoenix expanded these skills all whereas giving her immortality, however on the threat of irredeemable corruption. Taaia might have solely proven her mind, however comedian readers know that her genetics appear to have the potential to be corrupted by energy.

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On the opposite hand, there’s at all times hope to stave the Phoenix off. It is feasible to an extent as Jean Grey was in a position to overcome the affect sufficient to sacrifice herself to avoid wasting her teammates. Taaia’s outward energy is her thoughts and her mental energy might lengthen into knowledge. She could possibly hold her wits about her and struggle again towards the temptation that comes with being the Phoenix.

Also, the Phoenix’s unpredictability is a side of its character. There is a slim probability that it will not latch on so tightly to Taaia because it did to Jean; because it had a particular bond along with her. For now, there is no such thing as a method to know what Taaia’s future holds or what this implies for her character. Readers should merely wait and see whether or not the mom of Galactus is as huge a menace to the universe as her future son.


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