Globle Game Answer Today May 7 2022 (5/7/22)

Finding the right answer to the word puzzle Globle can be a bit difficult. Here you will get the name of the country that will solve the Globle country puzzle for May 7, 2022.

About Globle Country Puzzle Game

There are a lot of word puzzles games out there on the internet. Wordle was the first game that started the craze for word puzzles. Now there are tons of other games that you can play based on the word puzzle. One such game is the Globle. It is different from the other word puzzles. Here you will get hints to figure out a particular country name.

Every day, in the game you will be asked to guess a new country name. You have to guess the name of the country with minimum guesses. Depending on how close your guess is, there will be a change in the color of the country that you guessed. More accurate is your guess, dark will be the color of the country.

Even if you are color blind, the developers have offered a high-contrast Color Blind mode. Next country name puzzle will be available at midnight. Acronyms are acceptable for some multi-word countries, e.g. UAE for the United Arab Emirates.

Globle Today’s Country Name Solution

Below you will get your answer for Globle country puzzle answer on May 7 2022.

Globle 5/07/22 Answer

 Globle Answer on May 7 2022 is : eSwantini

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