GunBlood Cheats
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GunBlood is an amazing western shootout game. Wolf Games are the creators of this game. In the game there are always two gun fighters who are trying to prove their supremacy. As the town is not big enough for two fighters, one must leave the town.

In the game, you have 10 wild west shooters. Choose any of the one shooter. Once you do that, outshoot your opponents and eliminate them one by one. As you make progress in the game, defeating opponents get harder.

However if you had some cheats with you, you could become invincible. Therefore we have come up with GunBlood Cheats. These cheats make you invincible. One of the cheats gives you an infinite suppuy of ammo. You also get a laser pointer so that you can aim easily at your enemies.

GunBlood Cheats – Full List

Main Menu > Cheats > Enter the cheat and click on Cheat

  • NOHIT = invincibility, like god mode, but it makes it too easy, bullets won’t hit you
  • MOREAMMO: infinite ammo, if you don’t use the cheat you just have 6 bullets
  • POINTER: add laser pointer to the gun, easier to aim
  • FASTFIRE: you can click and also shoot faster

GunBlood Cheats – Level cheats

There are cheats using which you can play any level in the game. To do so go to Main Menu > Cheats > Enter the level cheat and click on Cheat:


  • 1st Level: LEVEL1
  • 2nd Level: LEVEL2
  • 3rd Level: LEVEL3
  • 4th Level: LEVEL4
  • 5th Level: LEVEL5
  • 6th Level: LEVEL6
  • 7th Level: LEVEL7
  • 8th Level: LEVEL8
  • 9th Level: LEVEL9

Bonus Levels

  • 1st Bonus Level: BONUS1
  • 2nd Bonus Level: BONUS2
  • 3rd Bonus Level: BONUS3
  • 4th Bonus Level: BONUS4

How to Enable Cheat Codes In GunBlood

To use the cheats in the game, start the game and head to the character selection. Now you will a small box with caption Cheats. Just tap the box, copy a cheat from above list and paste it in the box.

GunBlood Cheats – Videoguide


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