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HBO”s Game of Thrones spinoff House of the Dragon exhibits why House Targaryen dominated Westeros for tons of of years and have been actually the superior House.

The following article comprises spoilers for House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 1, “Heirs to the Dragon,” which debuted Sunday, Aug. 21 on HBO.

Game of Thrones established that the Targaryens have been absolutely the energy in Westeros for tons of of years. Their dynasty was huge and so they guided the Seven Kingdoms via a few years of prosperity and progress. While this all fell aside after the actions of the Mad King, there have been good causes for House Targaryen’s superiority. House of the Dragon illustrates how a lot the Targaryens have been liked by the Kingdoms and the way highly effective of a household they honestly have been in Westeros.

House of the Dragon portrays the Seven Kingdoms on the pinnacle of Targaryen energy, practically 200 years earlier than Daenerys Targaryen’s time. The Kingdom rejoiced for his or her rulers and the land appeared cleaner, more healthy and happier. House of the Dragon will present all of that coming undone, however within the first episode, the Targaryen energy was on full show. Everyone within the Kingdom was prepared to bow to them for tons of of years, no mattter what they did. House of the Dragon‘s premiere confirmed the wealth and affect that got here with being a Targaryen.

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While there have been tournaments in Game of Thrones, none of them have been as grand or chivalrous because the one depicted within the first episode of House of the Dragon. It was a grand affair stuffed with courageous knights and girls giving their favors away. Even the King’s speech was extra stuffed with hope and happiness than something King Robert ever mentioned. The Targaryens have been superior rulers as a result of they appeared to genuinely care concerning the realm and the individuals. They wished to make them completely satisfied and supply security and prosperity for everybody. King Robert solely wished to see the Targaryens gone; as soon as he was King, he cared little for the rest.

Seeing the dragons, the Dragonpit and the Dragonkeepers was an extra signal of the dominance of the Targaryens. The god-like dragons have been the important thing to the Targaryens’ energy. They have been the veiled menace that stood behind each command a Targaryen gave. The Targaryens had quite a few dragons throughout this time interval and House of the Dragon confirmed two dragons full-grown and prepared for battle within the sequence premiere. The Targaryens managed the land via their armies and allies, and nobody may even come near the domination they confirmed within the sky with their dragons.

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The Targaryens created and broke legal guidelines at will — whether or not they have been the legal guidelines of man, the legal guidelines of the Faith and even the legal guidelines that they created. They even created exceptions to the Faith that allowed them to proceed their apply of marrying siblings and cousins. When King Jaehaerys I Targaryen wished to alter the legal guidelines of succession, he did it with a terrific council. When King Viserys wished to make Rhaenyra his inheritor and alter the legal guidelines of the nice council, he did. The Targaryens have been additionally superior in Westeros as a result of they lived above all legal guidelines and solely have been accountable to one another.

House of the Dragon was an enormous hit for HBO after its first episode, proving that even followers are intrigued by this highly effective household. “Heirs to the Dragon” clearly demonstrated that right now in Targaryen historical past, hey had the love of the realm, they have been believed to be nearer to gods than males and so they had highly effective dragon. The solely factor that would deliver down House Targaryen was the Targaryen household themselves, which is precisely what House of the Dragon might be about.

House of the Dragon airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. on HBO and streams on HBO Max.



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