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Despite the fact that One-Punch Man is normally a comedy and battle manga, recent events have mobilised the loud followers of a distinct fandom.

Saitama travels with Hellish Blizzard to a psychos prisoner deep within the Hero Society in Chapter 176. Horrible Tornado, Blizzard, and an unnamed man esper soon engage in a full-fledged esper fight; by the end of it, Saitama must intervene to stop Tornado from eliminating the entire Blizzard gang.

Discussions among shippers about whether a romance story line is being set up for the next few chapters and which sister better compliments Saitama have been sparked by Saitama’s encounters with both of the Psychic Sisters in the most recent chapters. Saitama and Hellish Blizzard, who was ranked first among B-class heroes, did not get along.

She initially approached him to assess his power and put him in his place as a hero beneath her, but she quickly learned of Saitama’s amazing strength and his connection to S-class heroes like Genos and King, and she made the decision to take him on as a member of her Blizzard Group.

Saitama discussed his present relationship with Blizzard with her interested sister in One-Punch Man Chapter 176, referring to her as only an acquaintance rather than a friend or a companion.

Due to Blizzard’s visibly unhappy response to this remark, many shippers assumed that whatever love sentiments Blizzard may have had were turned down.

This is quite improbable, though, as Blizzard and Saitama have only really spoken to one another three or four times throughout the manga. Horrible Tornado teased Saitama for turning up to a conference intended solely for S-Class heroes, and Saitama responded by calling her a “sassy lost child.” Their first encounter was amusing.

The two had even less encounters together before One-Punch Man’s most recent chapters than Saitama and Blizzard. These most recent chapters, however, highlight instances that could be seen as the start of something larger. In fact, Saitama and Tornado work together better than Saitama and Blizzard.

Both characters are at the top of the power scale (Saitama obviously being much higher), and as a result, they are far more likely to regard one another as being on an equal footing. Saitama has a generally sociable demeanour despite his issues with boredom and caring for others around him.

One-Punch Man’s tale and Saitama’s character evolution are both currently at a point where there is absolutely no realistic place for love. Through the course of the series, he has been gradually reintegrating into society and forming new relationships, but he is still far too emotionally distant.

A love connection might be the final milestone in Saitama’s development and the best way to demonstrate how far he has come much later on in the manga, as Saitama’s character arc approaches its conclusion. When this time comes, Saitama’s relationship with Blizzard and Tornado is already starting to grow, and either of them could end up being a potential love interest.

It is currently way too early to attempt to match Saitama with a certain character.


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