One Piece’s Kaidō and Orochi did some terrible issues throughout their takeover of Wano. Not solely did they ravage the land and break the spirits of lots of its residents, however they humiliated and killed its best warriors, together with Kozuki Oden. In truth, they made an particularly massive show of killing Wano’s shogun by boiling him alive in oil for an hour after which taking pictures him within the head.

Fate had its means of paying these two again for his or her transgressions. Not solely had been they overthrown 20 years later, simply as Oden predicted, however they every suffered defeats befitting the punishment they bestowed upon him. They acquired the perfect comeuppance for cooking a nationwide hero alive.

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To actually get a sense for a way gratifying what occurred to them was, this is a glance again at precisely what occurred to Oden. He and his retainers had been initially sentenced to be boiled till useless. However, he made a deal that if they may by some means final an hour within the oil, they may go free. Thus, he spent an hour in searing ache whereas additionally holding his retainers over his head to ensure their survival. By the top, not solely was his backside half cooked past restore, however Orochi went again on his phrase to spare his retainers; on high of that, Kaidō shot him within the head as an act of mercy. This was all after they made him dance within the streets for 5 years and promised to depart Wano if he did. Everything these two did to the previous shogun was completed to harm and humiliate him.

The first one to obtain his comeuppance was Orochi. Originally, he lied, cheated, and betrayed numerous folks to steal the title of shogun. Once he acquired what he needed, he spent the following 20 years hiding behind the overwhelming may of Kaidō and the Beast Pirates. Not even the tragedy of the Kurozumi household can justify all of this.

He was paid again all all through the Raid on Onigashima. Getting beheaded seven instances over was a superb begin, however what was actually poetic about his defeat was what occurred to him in Chapter 1044, “Warrior of Liberation.” As he was begging for mercy from Hiyori, Kanjūrō’s Kazenbō arrived, and he ordered it to kill her. However, the hearth spirit as an alternative went to him and set him ablaze. He spent the rest of his time slowly burning to demise.

There’s extra to Orochi’s finish, however solely after Kaidō’s destiny was revealed in Chapter 1050, “Honor.” Following the final chapter, “The World That Should Be,” he was punched into the bottom so onerous by Luffy that he ended up in a pool of magma deep under Wano. This triggered an underwater volcanic eruption that he was presumably caught in. This is arguably a bit greater than what Oden needed to undergo, however Kaidō was an Emperor, so he wanted one thing no less than this massive to occur to him.

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Orochi’s absolute remaining moments had been revealed in Chapter 1057, “The End.” Despite nonetheless burning and being beheaded for the eighth and remaining time by Denjiro, he nonetheless had the power left to inform Hiyori that the Kurozumi Family would proceed to curse Wano. In response to this, Hiyori claimed that Kurozumi was born to burn. With this, Orochi was utterly engulfed by the flames and died crammed with remorse.

Hiyori’s line has a number of layers of which means to it. For one factor, it is a play on phrases as kurozumi (くろずみ, 黒炭,) roughly interprets to “Black Charcoal,” which is, in truth, made to be burned. It’s additionally a twist on Oden’s remaining phrases, wherein he acknowledged that oden (おでん, 御田) was meant to boil. As for the potential implications of persecuting the Kurozumi Family, which is what led Orochi and Kanjūrō to do what they did within the first place, that is a dialogue for one more time.

By the top of the Raid, each Kaidō and Orochi had been cooked alive, identical to Oden. This alone is not sufficient to make up for what they did to Wano, however no less than the besmirched shogun’s soul ought to lastly have the ability to relaxation simple. If both of them ended up a bit overcooked, that may be removed from a foul factor.


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