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The following comprises spoilers for Episode 10 of My Isekai Life, “Didn’t Seem Like a Good Time For That,” now streaming on HIDIVE.

My Isekai Life is an motion/journey isekai anime of the Summer 2022 season. For essentially the most half, this story has been content material to take issues one episode at a time, virtually like a “monster of the week” anime. This results in a considerably weak narrative with restricted humor and creativity, however Episode 10 could also be turning that round.

Most of Yuji’s adventures are seemingly random, however there was one fixed — the looming menace of the blue moon cult, which has been part of the story since Episode 2. Now, Episode 10 brings Yuji and his ally, Father Steyl, in direct confrontation with the cult and its chief, promising to finish My Isekai Life with a bang in its final three episodes.

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My Isekai Life Episode 10 Reveals Steyl Was a Blue Moon Founder

Recent episodes of My Isekai Life concluded Yuji’s battle with the fearsome purple dragon and hinted as soon as once more on the menace of the blue moon cult, and Episode 10 delivers. Yuji’s “monster of the week” days are evidently over because the anime’s season is sort of full and the blue moon subplot wants some payoff. That payoff arrives in Episode 10, with the cult’s sinister chief and Yuji’s priest good friend Steyl coming nose to nose over the destiny of the world.

A surprising revelation involves mild within the course of — Steyl is likely one of the blue moon cult’s founders. Or somewhat, because the flashback exhibits, a youthful Steyl based a corporation referred to as the blue moon church, a gaggle that Steyl’s good friend Walter determined to reforge into the blue moon cult as an alternative. Present-day Steyl curses himself for not heeding his deity’s warning about Walter’s villainous plans, and now he is able to give his life so the emissary of hope, Yuji, could make issues proper.

Steyl can’t win this battle alone and may not even survive it, however he can settle for that. Episode 10 clearly depicts Father Steyl as a humble, variety man who has merely made some errors, and being a hero at coronary heart, he’ll hand over something to avoid wasting the world from the wrath of his previous good friend turned enemy. This is a few much-needed growth for Steyl — who had been a forgettable facet character till now — and it provides My Isekai Life some private drama to boost the narrative a bit. It’s enjoyable watching Yuji struggle monsters in epic magical battles, however there aren’t any private stakes in these bouts. Now that the battle is man vs man, issues are getting extra attention-grabbing.

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Yuji’s Journey Is Becoming a More Typical Isekai Storyline

Episode 10 of My Isekai Life means that Yuji’s journey will begin to resemble a extra typical isekai anime plot, with the OP however charming hero instantly confronting the world’s most insidious villains to avoid wasting the world when nobody else can. That is usually the case in tales like this, the place the demon king, a cult chief or another supervillain makes their transfer and solely the mighty isekai visitor can take them down.

Examples vary from Re:Zero‘s Subaru Natsuki taking over the white whale to Reincarnated as a Slime‘s Rimuru Tempest going through his rival Clayman; even when the plots are typical, they will at the least give the anime some construction. Such is the case for My Isekai Life, which spends Episode 10 on this nice battle that most likely will not resolve till the season’s finish. Yuji cannot preserve wandering for for much longer — he should embrace his unstated obligation as an isekai hero and save this new world from true evil.

Such a scenario principally does My Isekai Life a favor, with this anime sorely missing in severe stakes or robust storytelling beats till now. Then once more, earlier episodes have been at the least considerably compelling by having Yuji act like an isekai vacationer, freely roaming the world to soak up its sights, sounds and even its savory tastes. This made for a mediocre however actual sense of escapism, the place an overworked workplace worker can simply waltz round an idyllic fantasy world at will. It’s a disgrace that half is over now, however My Isekai Life wanted a severe climax ultimately — and now it begins.



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