Demon Slayer has turn out to be wildly widespread since its debut in 2020, following the story of a devoted brother’s journey to return his sister to her human kind. Fans across the globe have been drawn in by the siblings and their unwavering allegiance to 1 one other, in addition to the quirky and well-built facet characters who be part of them alongside the way in which.

Nezuko Kamado, youthful sister to sequence protagonist Tanjiro, was launched in her human kind. As a human, Nezuko was type, caring and maternal towards her youthful siblings. After being remodeled right into a demon, it wasn’t simply her persona that modified — her hair has as nicely.

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Flame-Colored Streaks Have Appeared in Nezuko’s Hair

At the beginning of Demon Slayer, Nezuko misplaced each her household and her humanity in a tragic bloodbath by the hands of Muzan Kibutsuji, Lord of the Demons. Tanjiro and Nezuko had been the lone survivors of the Kamado household, nevertheless, Nezuko was solely capable of survive as a result of Muzan remodeled her right into a demon. This meant she developed a demon’s longing for human blood — and initially attacked Tanjiro.

With time, Nezuko discovered how one can withhold her human cravings and now regains power by sleeping as a substitute. However, the proof of Nezuko’s demon facet is ever-present in her look. As a human, Nezuko had lengthy, wavy jet-black hair, however since being remodeled right into a demon, vibrant fiery streaks have appeared. These streaks began small — simply a few colourful suggestions — and had been a virtually unnoticeable change.

However, as Nezuko started to spend time in demon kind and use her powers extra often, the flame-colored streaks appeared to develop and have turn out to be much more visible. For instance, when Nezuko transforms into her superior demon kind within the “Entertainment District” arc, the adjustments in her hair colour are most outstanding and much more eye-catching.

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What Nezuko’s Changing Hair Could Mean For the Future in Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer typically emphasizes how exterior forces have an effect on the bodily look of its characters. Zenitsu Agatsuma has shiny yellow hair brought on by a lightning strike, the Rengoku Clan has crimson and orange hair induced by their ancestors’ weight loss program, and the Kamado clan are Children of Fire, therefore Tanjiro’s reddish hair colour. Along with this, demons having vibrantly coloured hair is a typical phenomenon inside Demon Slayer, such because the spider demon Rui’s white hair, or higher moon demon Gyutaro’s inexperienced curls.

It’s almost definitely that Nezuko’s flame-colored hair is a bodily signal of her demon facet, a reminder to the viewers that she’s now not the harmless woman from the village. The specific colour of her hair would even be paying homage to her household’s historical past as Children of Fire, explaining the burnt crimson tinge on the ends of her hair.

This implies that Nezuko’s hair colour represents the demon blood inside her; as the colour takes over her hair, she might succumb to her demon facet extra typically. Whether that is merely a principle can solely be revealed in future episodes of the anime, nevertheless it’s simple that Nezuko has misplaced management of her demon talents in current arcs. Luckily Tanjiro is at all times there to revive her humanity, but when Nezuko embraces her demon facet way more, this will not stay a chance.


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