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A great series that captures adult life correctly is “Sasaki and Peeps.” The audience could be drawn to it since they too have unfulfilling work lives.

After the anime’s initial 2022 announcement, viewers had to wait a full year for further information to be revealed.

The second promotional video for Kadokawa’s television anime adaption of Buncololi and Kantoku’s Sasaki and Peeps (Sasaki and Pichan) books was released on Wednesday.

New cast members are shown in the latest promotional video. An hour-long special introducing the anime will air on 5th January 2023.

The ending theme song “Aimai Girl” (Ambiguous Girl) by Aguri Onishi is also teased in the video.

What is included in the promotional video of “Sasaki and Peeps”?

In the short 90-second teaser, Sasaki, an ordinary salary man, goes to a pet store in search of a friend. His decision to go with Peeps, a charming sparrow, ends up changing his entire life.

In this society of ours, the majority of people want a miracle to bring excitement and vibrancy into their lives constantly.

Peeps is a formidable being from another dimension. He gives Sasaki access to his power, enabling our main character to travel between realms. This sets off a chain of events that would change his life irrevocably.

“Sasaki and Peeps” is the anime series for you if you’re searching for an isekai- fantasy with a lighthearted feel. It’s an entertaining concept that grabs your interest.

Who is included in the cast members of “Sasaki and Peeps”?

The following new cast members have been unveiled in the promotional video:

  • Naomi Ozora as Shizuka Futari (In ‘World Trigger’ as Maori Hosoi)
  • Hiroki Yasumoto as Viscount Mueller (In ‘Bleach’ as Sado Yasutora)
  • Tesshō Genda as Sebastian (In ‘Akira’ as Ryûsaku)
  • Mitsuo Iwata as Marc (In ‘Akira’ as Shôtarô Kaneda)
  • Daisuke Namikawa as French (In ‘Baby Steps’ as Takuma Egawa)
  • Jun Fukuyama as Prince Adonis (In ‘Assassination Classroom’ as Koro-sensei)

The SILVER LINK television animation is directed by Mirai Minato. The story and series composition are being handled by Deko Akao. Character designer Saori Nakashiki is in charge.


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