The following incorporates spoilers for Punisher #5, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

In the Naruto collection, Kaguya was definitely probably the most harmful determine the ninja alliance ever confronted. The Rabbit Princess conjured all her Ōtsutsuki power within the finale, which pushed a Sage Mode Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura to the restrict. Thankfully, they confirmed why Team 7 was probably the most badass crew, uniting to take her down and cease Earth from being decimated.

Her defeat paved the best way for Sasuke’s redemption and a brand new shinobi period, which is now persevering with with Boruto. However, with that collection targeted on new threats comparable to Momoshiki, the sinister terrorist in Amado, the killer bots in Daemon and Eida, and the violent Ōtsutsuki-like warlord in Code, it does really feel just like the shadow of Kaguya is gone without end. Well, for many who are searching for a really comparable story, Marvel’s new Punisher run has a remix on Kaguya that is simply as conniving.

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This comparability is related to Kaguya’s means to be a puppet grasp. She used the Zetsu to impose her will, seeding it out as an extension of her consciousness. It would corrupt Madara and Obito, utilizing these Uchiha warriors for a collection of wars so she might be resurrected. Kaguya destroyed most of humanity within the course of, paving the best way for her to then lull the planet right into a deep sleep so she may restore order. To her, pulling all these strings was the one option to create this paradise, with everybody asleep, dreaming and the planet drained of its chakra.

In Punisher (from Jason Aaron, Jesus Saiz, Paul Azaceta, Dave Stewart, and VC’s Cory Petit), there is a Kaguya-like determine within the type of the High Priestess within the Hand. She’s the principle servant of the Beast, utilizing the ninja clan as disciples of the darkish god to enact his will and spill blood. However, she truly had a job in Frank’s life when he was a child obsessive about violence and vigilantism. She was seen many years in the past providing him a blade within the streets, and whereas he refused, it impressed on him and helped construct his violent streak. Little did he know, this disguised girl was enjoying him — and that years later, she’d provide him supernatural powers to steer the ninja clan.

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It looks like she’s even been stalking and haunting Frank proper via, even through different individuals. It appears to be like like some bullies from Frank’s previous, and even the individuals at his hockey video games who had been sporting satan masks — the staff known as the Devils — might all have been pawns in her sport. These occasions, in spite of everything, created a lot loss in Frank’s life, driving him to kill earlier than he graduated highschool.

Just like how Naruto‘s Uchihas by no means had company, this priestess secretly had the Punisher current earlier than Frank misplaced Maria and the youngsters. In brief, the priestess was knocking over dominoes and setting issues up, so Frank would endure and attain this level of desperation that he’d simply grow to be a pawn. He’d join with the Hand, with the priestess reviving Maria and promising to do the identical for his or her youngsters, thus making Frank a supernatural WMD.

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Frank would not appear to have an inkling he may have been her slave since childhood, although, which is the sport Kaguya ran with Zetsu in Naruto. She was manipulating Naruto and Sasuke from boyhood — in addition to the Uchihas — sparking wars inside and out of doors of Konoha. This occurred with different villages and even the Akatsuki, constructing to the final struggle the place Kaguya needed to defeat the heroes and enact her dream world.

Kaguya was fortunately stopped, however it would not appear to be Frank can do the identical to the priestess after realizing she’s certainly a tyrant. She’s acquired full management over Maria’s life proper now, conserving Frank subservient so he can attempt to convey her model of order to a damaged world. But within the priestess’ case, it is via immense bloodshed.

Ultimately, Frank has to interrupt this management as a result of the priestess’ poison, identical to Kaguya’s will, is coursing via him and corrupting his thoughts. Readers can solely hope Ares breaks him free the best way Kakashi did for Obito, as a result of as Frank retains on as this instrument of dying, he is dropping huge components of his humanity and turning into irredeemable.


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