Quordle May 1 2022 Answer – Puzzle 97 (1/05/2022)

Not able to figure out Quordle 97 answer? Well, here we are giving you the Wordle 97 answers so that you can solve the puzzle.

Quordle 97 Answer

The answer for Quordle 97 on May 1 2022 is

  • “CLACK”
  • “CRIME”
  • “GENRE”
  • “HAREM”

If you were trying to solve Quordle of The Day by yourself, there will be another Quordle tomorrow.

 You can also know more about the words at Merriam-Webster.

What Is Quordle

Quordle is a computer word puzzle game. You can play Quordle only once per day. It can be challenging like crosswords in newspapers, but it isn’t easy. Our list of Quordle words will help point you to the right ones for today’s puzzle or past puzzles and solutions. Quordle is just like many of the popular word puzzle games that you might have come across online. This one, however, isn’t an easy task to complete; our Quordle words topic page should come in handy when looking up today’s solution or other old answers as well!

Freddie Meyer, the inventor of this game, is credited with adding a new level of challenge to it. The Guardian also helped make the game popular by publishing an article about it. As of now, the game site gets more than 500k visitors daily.

Getting the right Quordle words can be a bit hard than original ones. If you have gone desperate and run out of tries but still want the answer then that’s why we’ve created this Quordle answers post for you! Try your best to guess them on your own but if you need help feel free to ask us here at Qurdtle Answers!

How To Play Quordle?

You can start by visiting their website over here. This is a simple and easy to navigate gaming site which should work just fine on computers running Chrome OS or macOS (Mobile version), Android phones & tablets (via Google Play Store), iOS devices such as iPhones & iPads (through App Store)

Quordle is a word guessing game. You are given 5 letter-sized tiles, with each one either being the right solution to guess or not even used in the answer at all. A good strategy would be to use elimination and look for patterns as you eliminate incorrect letters from your guess until you find what matches up with the correct answer. Quordle uses four tables (one for each letter of the alphabet), which will light up many colors on your screen per table; this signifies whether it’s present, solved, or absent from that table where they point too – overall nine guesses are allowed before gameplay stops there and then!

To help you in the game, there are certain things that the developers want you to know.

Every Wordle answer has 5 letters.

  • I all you get 9 tries to guess all the 4 words.
  • If the alphabet that you have guessed is in the right position and the puzzle, you will see green tile.
  • If the alphabet that you have guessed is in the puzzle but in the wrong position, you will see a yellow tile.
  • If the alphabet is not at all in the puzzle you won’t see any colored tile.

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