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Rise of Kingdoms is a RPG MMO battle game. Here there are 12 civilizations that you can choose from. Select any one of the civilizations. After this start exploring and expanding your kingdom. Vikings are on the door of your kingdom. You can either fight them or form a alliance with them to fight your enemies. Commanders are your powerful assets and you must choose the best. Fight other players to save your territory and conquer theirs.

It is our sheer pleasure that we can share Rise of Kingdoms Codes with you. These codes will change your gaming experience as these codes can unlock many freebies such as gems, keys, and tomes. Also, to save you from hazel, we will guide you on how to redeem codes in Rise of Kingdoms.

What Are Rise of Kingdoms Codes?

The game developers want you to have the best gaming experience. As the game progresses and reaches new heights, goodies and rewards in the form of codes are released by game makers. Also, during festivals and special occasions you can expect a few of these codes.

When you redeem these codes, you get certain items that help you in your gaming quest. You can upgrade your game characters and inventory by redeeming these codes that are game exclusive.

Rise of Kingdoms Codes List

In the list below you will find all the Rise of Kingdoms related codes. We share new codes as soon as they are posted on social handles by the developers. Sometimes the codes may expire after a while. We would advise you to redeem the codes as soon as we share them.

You can get new codes from the official Twitter or other social handles of the developers. However, checking for each code can be a bit tricky. You can bookmark this page to get the latest and working codes.

Working Codes

This is where you will find all the latest and working codes to get some freebies.

  • bds6q2s2a6—Redeem for 100 Gems, Dazzling starlight sculpture x1, Crystal key x2, Lvl 4 Tome of Knowledge x3, 60min training speed up x3, Silver key x3, and Lvl 3 RSS chest x5 (New)
  • x8mqeypsdn—Redeem for free rewards
  • 9t52y2up4p—Redeem for free rewards
  • 28GDB6DN8L—Redeem for 1 Golden Key, 3 60-min Training Speed, and 3 60-min Healing Speed
  • Rokcommand—Redeem for 1 Golden Key, 200 Gems, 2 50k Food Packs, 2 50k Wood Packs
  • 95pjttn25p—Redeem for 1 Golden Key, 3 Silver Keys, 5 20k Tomes of Knowledge, 1 3-hour Speedup (Only redeemable in specific regions)
  • rok2023hbd—Redeem for 100 Silver Keys, 5x 30min Speedup, and 1x 50 Gems

Expired Codes

Codes in this list no longer work. You can help us by listing new or expired codes in the comment section. We will add them to their respective lists.

  • dragonboat—Redeem for 200 Gems, 2 Silver Keys, 50k Food, and 50k Wood (New)
  • Lilith10th—Redeem for 1x 500 Gems and 1x 10 Gems
  • umis9g2q23—Redeem for 200 Gems, 2 Silver Keys, 50k Food, and 50k Wood
  • ROKVICTORY—Redeem for x1 Level 5 Tome of Knowledge, 1x Speedup, and 1x Golden Key.
  • 2023xnsfss
  • newyearah9—Redeem for 200 Gems, 2 Silver Keys, 100k Food, and 100k Wood
  • cF04nHXYpk—Redeem this code for 1 Gold Key, 3x 60 Minutes Training Speed Up, 3x 60 Minutes Healing Speed Up 
  • Vqac8DfWsB—Redeem this code for3x 60 Minute Building Speed Up, 3x 60 Minute Research Speed Up, 3x 60 Minute Training Speed Up, 10x Lvl 5 Tome of Knowledge 
  • 3sENgwrXUF—Redeem this code for30x Silver Keys 
  • a2j61b790d—Redeem for 1x Golden Key, 1x Silver Key, 2x Speedup, and 1x Level 5 Tome of Knowledge
  • Happycny22
  • 5Bewu21acn
  • MXhk0V38aL
  • rokcny8888
  • ah9vzgp0mi
  • rokpromo21
  • q51ajxwdzc
  • fb98l0wrfk
  • hpr3BveYL6
  • rokhappybd
  • d725ig2acq
  • ROKVIKINGS—Redeem for 1 Golden Key, 3 Silver Keys, 2 Speedup, and 10 Level 5 Tome of Knowledge.
  • brem4k69u2—Redeem for 2 Golden Keys, 5 Tomes of Level 6 Knowledge, 2 Immediate Action Point Recovery, and 2 SpeedUps.
  • Happynew21—Redeem for Golden Key 1x, Silver Keys x3, 3-hour Universal Speedups x2, and Lvl. 5 Tome of Knowledge x10.

Note: We would recommend you to enter the codes as they are. You can also copy and paste the codes. This is because the codes are case sensitive and might not work if entered incorrectly.

How to Redeem Codes in Rise of Kingdoms?

Redeeming codes in Rise of Kingdoms is very simple. Just follow the below steps.

  1. On your gaming device, open Rise of Kingdoms.
  2. Now on the home screen, just locate the Player Avatar button on top left side. Now tap the Redeem icon.
  3. After this, simply copy the game code from our codes list.
  4. Paste the code as it is in the box.

Game Description

12 Civilizations, You Decide The Strongest
From the depths of obscurity to the peaks of legend, you will be the author of your civilization's history. Will you launch epic wars and conquer the entire world? Or rise up as a virtuous leader renowned for your sagacity? Will you set off to explore the unknown as a pioneer? Or dedicate yourself to helping your own people?
Only time will tell...
All-new civilization
Your scout reports Vikings battling near your City. Led by the mighty Ragnar Lothbrok and Bjorn Ironside, the seafaring Norses are raiding, pillaging and fighting anyone in their sight. The Vikings have landed in ROK! Will you summon this mighty civilization to strengthen your city, or face them head-on on the battlefield?
The axe-wielding, fearless warriors of the Vikings are the latest civilization to enter ROK. You can now choose this brand-new civilization in your journey to glory and greatness! At their core is the Vikings special infantry unit the Berserkers – ruthless soldiers motivated only by the splendors of taking from their enemies.
Real-Time Battles
Battles happen in real time on the map. Anyone can join or leave a battle at any time, allowing true RTS gameplay. See an ally being attacked right in your backyard? Send some troops to help your buddy out, or launch a surprise counterattack on the attacker’s city.
Seamless World Map
All in-game action takes place on a single, enormous map inhabited by players and NPCs. No isolated bases or separate battle screens. Never before seen on mobile “infinite zoom” allows you to transition freely between the world view and individual cities or barbarian outposts. Map features include natural obstructions such as rivers and mountain ranges and strategic passes that must be captured to gain entrance to neighboring regions.
Twelve Unique Civilizations
Choose one of 12 historical civilizations (more to come!) and guide your civilization from a lone clan into a great power. Each civilization has its own architecture, unique units, and special advantages.
Exploration & Investigation
Your world is covered in thick fog. Dispatch scouts to explore this mysterious land and uncover the hidden treasure within. Investigate lost temples, barbarian fortresses, mysterious caves, and tribal villages, gather intelligence on your enemies, and prepare yourself for the ultimate battle!
Unrestricted Troop Movements
New orders can be issued to troops at any time, offering limitless strategic possibilities. Launch an attack on an enemy city, then circle back and meet up with your alliance army to capture a pass. Dispatch troops to collect lumber from a nearby forest and have them pick off a few barbarian clans along the way. Forces can also be split up between multiple commanders so that you can engage in multiple actions simultaneously.
Alliance System
Full alliance features allow players to help one another: live chat with built-in translation, officer roles, map indicators to coordinate strategies, and more! Alliances can expand their territory to gain resources, capture mountain passes and barbarian outposts to strengthen their position, and work together to unlock group achievements.
Conquer the Kingdom
Fight alongside your alliance to take control of this vast kingdom. Clash with other players and use superior tactics to emerge victorious in a MMO strategy battle royale. Rise to the top and you and your civilization will be written down in your kingdom’s history!
RPG Commanders
Call upon dozens of historical figures who will serve as your trustworthy commanders, from Julius Caesar and Sun Tzu to Joan of Arc and Kusunoki Masashige. Level up your commanders by defeating barbarians and sending them into battles, then upgrade their abilities using an RPG style talent tree and skill system.

This is all we could get for you from Rise of Kingdoms. If you see any codes missing or expired, just let us know in the comment section. We will test and add them to the list.


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