Roblox Anime Dimensions Infinity Gojo Raid Update
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Last Updated: 2 months ago

Roblox Anime Dimensions has received its latest update on 11th April, 2022. It is known as the Infinity Gojo Raid Update.

There is lot that Roblox Anime Dimensions Infinity Gojo Raid Update brings to the Roblox game Anime Dimensions. In the new update you get to make the LIMITED TIME Gojo Raid that gives you mask, cards, and infinite Gojo. Some of the new characters have also been introduced in this update. You can get hands on Limited Pet Capsule: Gojo Capsule. Speed raids have also been introduced. There are some more details. Let us see them in the official update below.

Roblox Anime Dimensions Infinity Gojo Raid Update


???? LIMITED TIME Nojo Raid (Level 15+)
Raid Rewards: Infinity Nojo, Nojo Mask(Mythic), Nojo Cards (Legendary & Mythic)
New Characters: Shadow Monarch, Infinity Nojo, Shadow Esdeaf, Shadow Yomiichi
Limited Pet Capsule: Nojo Capsule
New Costumes: Nojo (Casual), Best Boy (Bunny), Yume (Bunny), Saber (Bunny), Konno (Bunny), Shadow Esdeaf, Shadow Yomiichi
⚡ Speed Raid (Level 25+) ⚡
Clear a random old raid as fast as possible! Available every hour. Each character can be used once a week
Get Speed Raid Tokens from clearing Speed Raid a certain amount of times per week.
Tokens can be used on old limited raid characters. These characters have 15% increased skill cooldowns compared to their normal versions.
Collection Values for Pets
Starter Character Visual Revamp
????Creator: @coolbullsAS
????Builder: @ d5no_

Source: Game Page

This is all we could get about Roblox Anime Dimensions Infinity Gojo Raid Update. To know more about Roblox related stuff visit our Roblox Page.


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