Roblox Blox Fruits Update 17 Patch Notes – Part 2
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Last Updated: 5 months ago

Hey guys!! Here you are going to get all the details for the update 17 part 2 for Roblox Blox Fruits. We will also share the official update log for Blox Fruits.

Few days back the part one of update 17 for Roblox fruits was released. Now today on March 11th, 2022 at 6pm PT/9pm ET the 2nd part of the update has been released. Later there will also be a part 3 of the update 17 for Blox Fruits.

Let us see a few details about the Roblox Blox Fruits Update 17 Patch Notes – Part 2

Part 2 Update 17 for Roblox Blox Fruits

Disabled the christmas event (finally).
Increased Level Capacity to 2300.
New island added:
Cake Land
Defeat enough enemies to summon a new Raid Boss!
Added Bird: Phoenix awakening.
Added a new accessory.
Added a new weapon.
Added new titles.
Added Sea Events to Sea 2 and 3:
Sea Events will spawn randomly when a player is driving their boat. They occur more often in Sea 3.
List of events:
Ship Raid: NPC ships will randomly start attacking your boat. Defeat them for fragment rewards and possibly a random fruit.
Sea Beast (Revamped): Same rewards as before, just revamped visually.
Rumbling (Sea 3 only): Multiple sea beasts will spawn during a storm. Defeat them for greater fragment rewards.
Mirage Island (Sea 3 only): A mythical island with hidden treasures.
More coming soon.
Difficulty will scale with Player Level, this also applies to Sea Beasts which previously did not.
Reimplemented the Server Browser (without a Bounty filter, until we figure out the best way to patch bounty exploiters).
Revamped the animations of a few weapons (more coming soon).
Added a damage counter for combos, which can be toggled in settings.
Added a quest tracker, which should help inexperienced players find recommended quests.
Added Advanced raids, which must first be unlocked and are harder to complete. Also, raids difficulty will now scale up with Player Level.
Added ping compensation to stuns. Players will higher ping should have a better combat experience now.
Globally buffed the experience of every quest.
Added a new prison quest to Sea 1, and adjusted the level requirement of some other quests.
In order to nerf aimbot, guns will now deal reduced damage to other players every consecutive hit (sea 2 and 3 only).
How it works:
First hit will deal 100% damage.
Second hit will deal 66%.
Third hit will deal 33%.
After a few seconds, the damage timer will be reset.
Note: These changes only apply when your opponent is moving. Guns will always deal full damage when the opponent is not moving.
This should allow legit players to continue using guns effectively.
Also, Suspicious Kill should now trigger correctly on guns.
Reworked the Mastery stat buff formula:
Instead of gaining 1 point every 3 mastery levels, you’ll gain 1 point every 4 levels and a small % based on your Player Level (up to 10% of your Player Level at 600 Mastery)
Example: At Player Level 2300 and 500 Mastery, you should have 500/4 + 2300(500/600)0.1 = 316 extra points
Basically, this just makes you gain more stats from the mastery system.
Added Fan Art frames.
Added a data restore option for people who were falsely banned. Also reduced the data punishment on future bans.
Currently testing a new text translation method, text may not be translated temporarily. This should allow us to support more languages soon, such as Thai.
Upon leveling up, your health and energy will heal by 70% if you’re not in PvP combat.
Added a few more youtuber titles/rewards.
You can now upgrade max crew members up to 30 (previous cap was 25).
Changed max daily trades from 4 to 5.
Changed max bounty/honor to 30M. However, you won’t gain any additional PvP boosts after 25M+.
Renamed Treasure Capacity to Fruit Storage and gave it a proper icon.
QoL: Trying to spend more stat points than you currently have, now spends the max amount of points you can use (you don’t have to do the math anymore when trying to max out a stat).
Improved the visual effect on Race V3 abilities.
Improved the visual effects on Dark Blade’s abilities.
Improved the visual effects on some Rumble V2 abilities.
Improved the Death Step wind effect quality.
Improved the 2x Mastery indicator.
Added LoD optimizations to Sea 3, this should increase average FPS.
Greatly optimized click combat, this should increase average FPS.
Greatly optimized server hitboxes, this should decrease average ping.
Optimized server physics, this should decrease average ping.
Lowered the respawn time of Sea 1 bosses for a better experience.
Lowered cooldowns on fruits with only 2 moves (Bomb, Spike).
While Observation V2 is active, chasing a player in-combat that’s trying to run away will buff your dashes by 50% (ring indicator).
Observation now displays levels properly.
Nerfed the hitbox and stun on the Z move of Pole (2nd form).
Slightly nerfed the stuns on Acidum Rifle.
Sharkman Karate changes:
The X now breaks observation.
The Z hitbox now gets bigger towards the end of the attack.
Cyborg V3 changes:
Reworked the special ability, now it disables the Observation ability of nearby opponents with weak lightning particles (damage based on your Player Level).
It also increases defense by 30% while it’s active.
Sky V3 changes:
The special ability now also increases defense by 15%, instead of nerfing your damage by 30%.
True Triple Katana changes:
Reduced end lag on both moves.
Made the X move slightly faster and bigger.
Slightly buffed the damage on both moves.
Sand V2 changes:
Slightly rebalanced the damage.
The X move now stuns the user for 1.8s after a successful grab (you should still have 1s remaining to react and combo).
Fast Mode now reduces the particles on the Z and V moves, to reduce lag.
Dark V2 changes:
Slightly nerfed the hitbox on the X move.
Flame V2 changes :
The F move now has a higher initial speed boost.
Increased the damage on the Z move. Additionally, it grows in size as it travels.
Light V2 changes:
The X projectiles now have a longer range and ignore Observation.
Magma V2 changes:
The magma balls now deal way higher tick damage.
Slightly buffed explosion damage on Z.
The C now ignores Observation.
Ice V2 changes:
Revamped the V effect and made it stun longer and cast faster, like V1. However, it cannot be casted midair anymore and the hitbox only exists horizontally.
Revamped the C effect and made it stun longer and travel slightly faster.
String V2:
Greatly increased the auto-aim and speed on the C move.
Soul changes:
Lowered cooldowns on X, C, F, and Click. X and C now have the same cooldown duration.
Z can now steal up to 2 souls by hitting multiple enemies at once.
Slightly increased the mood damage modifier on the V move.
Nerfed the damage on X, buffed the damage and hitbox on C.
Control changes:
Lowered cooldowns on X and F.
Increased the damage on the V move, and it no longer shrinks or disappears after catching a player.
The Z room now lasts longer.
Dragon changes:
While transformed, taking damage now increases your Fury meter, and all cooldowns are reduced.
Reduced the damage on transformed Z and X.
Slightly increased defense while transformed.
Greatly reduced the passive Fury drain. However, transforming will now cost a flat amount.
Venom changes:
Greatly reduced the passive Fury drain. However, transforming will now cost a flat amount.
Diamond changes:
Increased passive defense from 22.5% to 25%.
Falcon changes:
Increased passive defense from 7.5% to 10%.
Door changes:
Teleporting with C now gives you short immunity frames.
Bisento changes:
Changed price from 1.2M to 1M.
Increased the evolved X hitbox.
Bug fixes:
Fixed 2 unobtainable titles.
Fixed wrong title description on Sand awakening.
Fixed low levels being able to join other seas.
Fixed multiple VIP servers purchased in the same account sharing the same seas.
Fixed teleporting between seas in VIP servers (except to Sea 1).
Fixed Buddha’s speed and dashing glitches. Also fixed enemies not being able to hit Buddha V2.
Fixed the chess table glitching your aim.
Fixed leaderboards not updating properly.
Fixed god mode, anti-teleport bypass, and invisible mode exploits.
Fixed a few GUI mistakes.
Fixed a the Level Up notification displaying the wrong value sometimes.
Fixed click combat not dealing damage sometimes.
Fixed the gun aim icon getting stuck sometimes.

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Stay tuned and let us know in the comment section what are your expectations from the update. To know more about Roblox related stuff visit our Roblox Page.


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