Roblox Shindo Life Update 125
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Last Updated: 1 month ago

Today we will have a look at the Roblox Shindo Life update 125.

Shindo Life is a very popular Roblox game that receives regular updates from the developers. On 6th March 2022, the developers have released update number 125 for Roblox Shindo Life. In the game, the npc/companion handsign glitch has been fixed. Some of the hand moves and hand signs of Rengoku, Kagoku, Raion Rengoku have also been fixed.

There are a few more changes that you can see in detail below.

Shindo Life Update 125

Below is the detailed guide for updates in Shindo Life.

npc/companion handsign glitch fix
Rengoku 2nd move handsign fix
Kagoku Platinum 2nd handsign fix
Rengoku Companions movement fix (clip through them)
Raion Rengoku 1st move re-work, m1 priority when you pull them in
Raion Ren 1st move GCD changed to GCD 13
Satori Rengoku/Gold Z Spec re-work (auto track no aim)
Raion Ren Stage 2 countdown removed and stats adjusted
Raion Ren 3rd move turned into place-lock stun
Raion ren 2nd, close range = no damage, far range switch = big damage
Raion Ren pull had M1 priority but now it’s on the global pull with kagoku and Rengoku pull
Rengoku companion invincible when they follow you
Odin Twin Lightning dog Nin scaling
iframes on Jokei/Jokei Gold 3rd reduce from 4 secs to .5
Raion Style: Inferno Armour Control + Sand 3rd moved from GCD 12 to GCD 2
Water Kenjutsu 3rd added to GCD 1
Kagoku 2nd added to GCD 1
Rengoku 2nd added to GCD 1
Dokei 2nd added to GCD 1 (Damage buffed)
Apollo Sand Shuriken added to GCD 1
Raion Blade added to GCD 1
Ember Chi Blade added to GCD 1 (stun duration increase)
Source: Trello

I hope that you will find this update info for Shindo Life useful. To know more about Roblox related stuff visit our Roblox Page.


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