Roblox Tower Defense Simulator is a survial and action game. Now your world is under the attack of zombies and enemies. You are the last hope of humanity. Defeat all the zombies and bosses to save the world. To do so first build a powerful base. Protect it against the waves of enemies. Get coins to buy new defenses, weans, and also upgrade your combat skills.

Paradoxum Games has created the game Tower Defense Simulator. It is our sheer pleasure that we can share Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Codes with you. These codes will change your gaming experience as these codes can unlock many freebies such as gems, skins, and crates. Also, to save you from hazel, we will guide you on how to redeem codes in Tower Defense Simulator.

What Are Tower Defense Simulator Codes?

The game developers want you to have the best gaming experience. As the game progresses and reaches new heights, goodies and rewards in the form of codes are released by game makers. Also, during festivals and special occasions you can expect a few of these codes.

When you redeem these codes, you get certain items that help you in your gaming quest. You can upgrade your game characters and inventory by redeeming these codes that are game exclusive.

Tower Defense Simulator Codes List

In the list below you will find all the Tower Defense Simulator related codes. We share new codes as soon as they are posted on social handles by the developers. Sometimes the codes may expire after a while. We would advise you to redeem the codes as soon as we share them.

You can get new codes from the official Twitter or other social handles of the developers. However, checking for each code can be a bit tricky. You can bookmark this page to get the latest and working codes.

Working Codes

This is where you will find all the latest and working codes to get some freebies.

  • No Codes

Expired Codes

Codes in this list no longer work. You can help us by listing new or expired codes in the comment section. We will add them to their respective lists.

  • MERRYXMAS2023—Redeem for a Deluxe Crate
  • QNJOU11—Redeem for a Premium Crate
  • HAPPYHALLOWEEN—Redeem for a Halloween Skin Crate
  • NAMETAGSRCOOL—Redeem for a Name Tag
  • JOHNRETURNS—Redeem for the John Skin
  • M3RRY2022TDS—Redeem for a Cookie Scout
  • beachglad2022—Redeem for Beach Gladiator skin [Must have Gladiator Tower]
  • MERRY2021—Redeem for Present Skin [Must have Farm Tower]
  • robloxisback—Redeem for Premium Skincrate
  • 1BILLION—Redeem for Deluxe Crate 
  • COMMUNITY20—Redeem code for Mini Skin [Must have Minigunner Tower]
  • celebration21—Redeem code for 1 Party Crate 
  • 200KMAY—Redeem code for 500 Gems 
  • BLOXY21—Redeem for Commander Skin [Must have Commander Tower]
  • FIFTYK—Redeem code for 200 Coins 
  • delayed—Redeem for a Premium Crate
  • imababy—Redeem code for 100 Gems
  • newyear2021—Redeem code for one free Premium Crate
  • 30k—Redeem code for one free Pumpkin Crate
  • DOUBLEBLOXIES—Redeem code for Cowboy Skin (Must Own Cowboy Tower)
  • ICYFREEZE—Redeem code for Freezer Skin (Must Own Freezer Tower)
  • W33KLICODE—Redeem code for +65 experience
  • 5KMILESTONE—Redeem code for Minigunner Twitter Skin
  • B1RDHUNT3R—Redeem code for Free Hunter Troop
  • 1pumpkin—Redeem code for one free Pumpkin Crate
  • Springtime Skin (Shredder)—SPR1NGM1L3ST0NE
  • Springtime Skin (Commander)—HAPPY3AST3R!
  • 100 Coins—ELECTRO
  • 100 XP—SW33TXP
  • Gain XP—02MOMENT
  • Gain XP—MOARXP

For more codes and Roblox related posts, visit our Roblox Page.

Note: We would recommend you to enter the codes as they are. You can also copy and paste the codes. This is because the codes are case sensitive and might not work if entered incorrectly.

How to Redeem Codes in Tower Defense Simulator?

Redeeming codes in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator is very simple. Just follow the below steps.

  1. On your gaming device, open Roblox Tower Defense Simulator.
  2. Now on the home screen, just locate the button.
  3. After this, simply copy the game code from our codes list.
  4. Paste the code as it is in the box with the caption.
  5. Just tap the Redeem button to get your free items and rewards.


In this world, no one can survive alone. Team up with friends to fend off countless waves of zombies, fight bosses, earn coins, level up, and buy new towers! If you're feeling up for a challenge, try taking on harder bosses on harder difficulties!
???????? Join the group for +$100 starting cash!
????Thumbs up and favorite for more quality updates!????
???? Engineer Tower (!)
???? Duck Hunt Gamemode
???? Duck Hunt Season
???? Shotgunner Rebalance
???? Farm Lobby
???? New Faces
???? 8th Annual Bloxy Award Winner

Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Badges

  • Western ActionThis town ain’t big enough for the two of us pardner.. Triumph Badlands on Insane mode!
    • Rarity0.1% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday413
    • Won Ever1445255
  • Level 30You achieved level 30! Owning this badge gives you the Crook Boss in game.
    • Rarity0.5% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday2969
    • Won Ever3767877
  • Hidden Badge???
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday0
    • Won Ever32144
  • Level 10
    • Rarity0.9% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday5770
    • Won Ever7938020
  • Lvl 20Level 20
    • Rarity0.6% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday3875
    • Won Ever5270957
  • Level 50You achieved level 50! As a reward, you obtained the Turret tower.
    • Rarity0.3% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday1854
    • Won Ever2019871
  • Level 75You achieved level 75! As a reward, you obtained the Mortar tower.
    • Rarity0.2% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday1133
    • Won Ever1012578
  • Level 100You achieved level 100! As a reward, you obtained the Pursuit tower.
    • Rarity0.1% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday837
    • Won Ever578431
  • Summer 2019Congrats on defeating the Raider boss!
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday0
    • Won Ever402398
  • Halloween 2019Congrats on defeating Jack O’ Bot!
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday0
    • Won Ever73165
  • Winter 2019Congrats on defeating Krampus!
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday0
    • Won Ever113496
  • Spring 2020Congrats on defeating Ducky D00M!
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday0
    • Won Ever288069
  • Defeat Grave DiggerGet ready to have your grave dug!
    • Rarity0.5% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday3021
    • Won Ever1924023
  • Defeat Molten BossWell, that was a pretty heated battle.
    • Rarity1.3% (Insane)
    • Won Yesterday8712
    • Won Ever6897272
  • Defeat Fallen KingThe leader of the army.
    • Rarity0.6% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday3640
    • Won Ever1960923
  • Defeat Nuclear Fallen KingYou took on the challenge and emerged victorious over the wastelands.
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday0
    • Won Ever66611
  • Beat Hardcore BetaThanks for testing the hardcore beta and beating it!
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday0
    • Won Ever11004
  • Triumph HardcoreYou triumphed over the strongest of armies. Congratulations you are truly, strong..
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday297
    • Won Ever52127
  • Halloween 2020Save Trick or Threat town from Lord Sinister and his army!
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday0
    • Won Ever165042
  • AJ Striker – Week 4Help AJ Striker defend Cyber City against a horde of enemies!
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday0
    • Won Ever444113
  • Frost Invasion 2021Send the Frost Spirit back to its realm…
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday0
    • Won Ever656546
  • Solar Eclipse 2021
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday0
    • Won Ever136144
  • Defeated Ducky D00M!You successfully stopped Ducky D00M and his army of ducks! Enjoy the plentiful harvest of bread, grapes, and lemons!
    • Rarity4.8% (Insane)
    • Won Yesterday31475
    • Won Ever382001

This is all we could get for you from Roblox Tower Defense Simulator. If you see any codes missing or expired, just let us know in the comment section. We will test and add them to the list.

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