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The following incorporates main spoilers for Savage Avengers #4, accessible now from Marvel Comics.

In Marvel’s new Savage Avengers run, the heroes have discovered themselves going through monumental threats within the Hyborian Age. They not solely need to keep away from a bloodthirsty Deathlok (who’s actually an alternate actuality model of Miles Morales), however Elektra, Black Knight, and Co. additionally ran afoul of Thulsa Doom. The evil sorcerer’s cult of snake-people went after Conan, hoping to sacrifice the Barbarian to usher in a brand new age for the darkish god: Set.

However, this mission has pushed the others to evolve, with Cloak, Dagger and Anti-Venom/Flash Thompson doing their finest to trace the kidnapped Cimmerian. It led to a outstanding plan in Issue #4 (by David Pepose, Carlos Magno, Espen Grundetjern and VC’s Travis Lanham), with Black Knight (aka Dane Whitman) proving he is as a lot brains as he’s brawn. But on account of Dane’s machinations, Weapon H received a sinister improve that leaves followers questioning what is going on on along with his talents.

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Elektra knew they have been working out of time to search out Conan, so Dane stepped up as a tactician. He found how Weapon H was evolving, after seeing him turn into a mixture of the Red Hulk and Red Harpy. As such, he received Clay to harness his intelligence, playing on him turning into a model of the Leader, however with claws. Thankfully, he wasn’t evil like Hulk’s iconic villain, Samuel Sterns, so Clay calculated a plan to get to Conan.

This Leader H had Cloak and Dagger channel their powers of sunshine and darkness into Elektra’s Hand magic, which allowed her to then management a horde of zombies within the prehistoric wasteland. She then used this primitive military to smell out Conan, all earlier than teleporting them in to hurry Thulsa Doom’s legion. The crew engaged Thulsa Doom’s forces themselves, giving Clay a genius second; one thing Dane knew he had inside on a regular basis.

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Savage Avengers has nonetheless been very obscure about all these adjustments occurring in Clay’s physique. Even he cannot clarify what is going on on as he channels these varied varieties, so it is likely to be he wants a solo collection or one other Hulk ebook for the reality to emerge. There are just a few potential issues, although, stemming firstly from the Hulkverines storyline. There, Sterns poisoned Clay with a virus in an try and defeat him and Hulk/Bruce Banner, however whereas that vendetta failed, it could possibly be Sterns’ tech is messing with Clay’s physique.

As such, he is likely to be one huge experiment and a trump card, or a pawn Sterns is holding for the longer term. After all, Clay appears like he is all of the Hulks in a single, which makes him a significant weapon of mass destruction. Secondly, there is no telling what these gamma adjustments are doing to Clay’s well being. It may result in him decaying, or worse, being contaminated by the Green Door and no matter remained from when the Hulk fought the One Below All in The Immortal Hulk.

In that sense, Clay could possibly be leaving the door open for possession or future mutation, not even realizing what his transformations are doing to his thoughts. Ultimately, Weapon H appears to be an ally for now, however he’ll get examined much more after Conan’s throat was slit and Set’s Great Serpent arrived for flesh. Maybe he has one other change up his sleeve to assist out, or perhaps Clay will burn out and turn into weak. Either approach, Weapon H followers are all in as a result of clearly, this new chapter is taking an emotional and bodily toll on Clay, which may nicely alter him completely.



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