Summer-Time-Rendering Filler List
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An anime series named Summer Time Rendering aired from April 2022 to September 2022. 25 episodes of Summer Time Rendering were shown in all. As of right now, Summer Time Rendering has no filler episode.

The show was directed by Ayumu Watanabe and produced by OLM. Hiroshi Seko was in charge of the writing, Miki Matsumoto created the character designs, and Kusanagi handled the artwork.

After moving to Tokyo to pursue his life years ago, Shinpei Ajiro departed the Island of Hitogashima, where he had lived with the Kofune sisters, Ushio and Mio.

However, he chooses to travel to the Island to attend Ushio Kofune’s burial after learning of her passing from an event there; while there, he sees visions of her.

A week before to Ushio’s passing, Shiori reportedly claimed to have seen a clone of herself, as Mio discloses. Furthermore, according to Mio, they saw a shadow of Ushio before she passed away.

Shinpei first believes that her death’s circumstances are unimportant, but after hearing Mio he discovers that there is more to her death than meets the eye. When Shinpei starts thinking about it, he discovers stuff he has never heard about.

List of Summer Time Rendering Episodes (Manga Canon)

Below you will find the update list of all the episodes that have aired till date for anime List of Summer Time Rendering.

1Goodbye, Summer DaysManga Canon2022-04-15
2ShadowsManga Canon2022-04-22
3Drifting AshoreManga Canon2022-04-29
4Jamais-vuManga Canon2022-05-06
5MaelstromManga Canon2022-05-13
6Orbital ResonanceManga Canon2022-05-20
7Deadly EnemyManga Canon2022-05-27
8MementoManga Canon2022-06-03
9My Flowing TearsManga Canon2022-06-10
10Into the DarknessManga Canon2022-06-17
11Dinner TimeManga Canon2022-06-24
12Bloody NightManga Canon2022-07-01


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