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Superman’s New Weapon Gives Him a MAJOR Power Upgrade

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DC’s Action Comics #1046 by author Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artist Fico Ossio sees Superman get a brand new weapon that comes with a serious energy improve.

The following accommodates spoilers for Action Comics #1046, on sale now from DC.

DC’s Action Comics #1046 equips Superman with a serious energy improve as he continues his battle on Warworld.

Action Comics #1046 comes from author Phillip Kennedy Johnson, artist Fico Ossio, colorist Lee Loughridge and letterer Dave Sharpe. In the problem, Superman stays powerless on Warworld however remains to be combating to free the planet’s inhabitants from Mongul’s merciless reign. After saving Kryl-Ux’s life when combating the monstrous Byla, Superman encounters the Fire of Olgrun, who seems to him within the type of a human baby. The two banter for some time earlier than they cross paths with a god-like determine who calls himself the “shade” of Olgrun. Superman and the determine battle each other, because the determine would not assume Superman is worthy of being an inheritor of Olgrun.

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The determine makes a transfer to destroy the Fire of Olgrun, inflicting Superman to intervene and save the kid’s life. The baby then reveals it might probably management the determine and this was a check to see whether or not or not Superman really is worthy of the hearth. Having handed with flying colours, the kid declares the Man of Steel a “worthy soulbearer of Olgrun.” Transforming itself right into a small sword for Superman to wield, the kid tells Superman, “His fireplace is yours now. Take it into your flesh, and you can be stronger than ever you had been. A GOD in kind and function. But guard it in opposition to those that would take it from you…And in opposition to the insanity that took its grasp.”

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Now prepared for his ultimate battle in opposition to Mongul, Superman carries on solely to as soon as once more discover himself starring face-to-face with Kryl-Ux. Kryl-Ux curiously tells Superman at hand over the hearth, just for Mongul to emerge out of the shadows. “Give me the Fire of Olgrun,” Mongul tells him. “…Or I’ll kill these grubs earlier than your eyes.”

Superman is Headed Home

Superman’s journey on Warworld reaches its finish on Aug. 30 with Superman Warworld Apocalypse #1. Following the climactic ending, Superman will return again to Earth to reunite with Lois Lane, Jon Kent and the remainder of the DC Universe A six-part “Kal-El Returns” crossover will play out his return within the pages of Action Comics #1047-49 and Superman: Son of Kal-El #17-19, each of which lead as much as the landmark 1050th situation of Action Comics.

Action Comics #1046 options cowl artwork by Lucio Parrillo and variant cowl artwork by Lee Bermejo and Stanley “Artgerm” Lau. The situation is on sale now from DC.

Source: DC

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