Archive of Our Own, in any other case often called AO3, is labeled on its homepage as “A fan-created, fan-run, nonprofit, noncommercial archive for transformative fanworks, like fanfiction, fanart, fan movies, and podfic.” These qualities make AO3 one of the widespread web sites for posting fan-made works, with a deal with fanfiction.

RELATED: The 10 Most Iconic Opening Cutscenes In Video Games, RankedHow many works a fandom has on AO3 can say so much concerning the reputation of its supply materials and the way it conjures up creativity in its followers. Some extremely profitable video video games have not impressed followers the way in which smaller franchises have spawned tales. Sometimes it is because a recreation is not based mostly on a robust narrative, although demographics typically play a job. Since AO3’s numbers are all the time altering, it is price noting that all the numbers under have been recorded on 8/26/2022.

10 Mass Effect Makes Its Mark

The AO3 tag for the Mass Effect collection as an entire has 29,013 fanworks posted beneath its umbrella. The Mass Effect trilogy accounts for twenty-four,467 of them, with Mass Effect: Andromeda making up the opposite 4,422.

Given Mass Effect‘s dedication to immersing gamers in its story, permitting them to not solely customise their protagonist however make the alternatives that outline their world, it is smart that followers would need to proceed or elaborate on the tales they crafted within the recreation’s world. The franchise’s reputation as a narrative-driven recreation interprets to reputation amongst fanfiction writers.

The Persona collection has 33,170 works beneath its tag on Archive of Our Own. However, the overwhelming majority of those are assigned to at least one specific recreation within the collection. Persona 5 accounts for 23,781 of the franchise’s printed items, outnumbering many different recreation collection fully by itself.

RELATED: 9 Persona 5 Characters With The Most DevelopmentPersona 5, launched in 2016, is well-known amongst players for its complicated psychological narratives, deal with day-to-day actions as a core facet of gameplay, and beloved jazz-based soundtrack. It’s presently the newest entry in the principle Persona collection however its success makes sequels really feel seemingly.

8 Shin Megami Tensei Directly Supercedes Its Spin-Off Series

The subsequent hottest fandom in AO3’s online game class is the Shin Megami Tensei collection, with 35,301 printed works. This is a becoming place for it, because the 1994 recreation Shin Megami Tensei If… helped encourage the Persona collection.

Shin Megami Tensei has spanned many consoles and codecs since its inception in 1987, together with cellular video games. It made an try and enter the realm of massively multiplayer on-line role-playing video games, as effectively, in 2007. Shin Megami Tensei‘s intricate lore and intriguing ideas make it well-suited for fanfiction.

7 Overwatch Has More Than Meets The Eye

Despite being a multiplayer first-person shooter, Overwatch has much more lore related to it than players would assume at first look. Each hero from the sport’s roster has a devoted backstory intertwined with the Overwatch group’s historical past and mission.

On Archive of Our Own, there are 37,087 works printed beneath Overwatch‘s fandom tag. Some of the commonest character interactions explored inside Overwatch fics are the relationships between Cole Cassidy and Hanzo Shimada, with 6,679 posted works, and Gabriel Reyes and Jack Morrison with 5,430 printed items. The key right here appears to be the sport’s deal with characters and personalities over weapons.

6 Undertale Spawned Abundant Alternate Universes

Undertale took the gaming world by storm when it was launched in 2015. This indie hit not solely discovered immense reputation amongst players however amongst fanfiction writers as effectively. Undertale presently has 46,988 fics posted on Archive of Our Own. A major quantity of those are what fanfiction writers and readers name AUs, or alternate universes.

These AU fics characteristic variations of Undertale‘s world with particular, outlined variations, corresponding to character personalities or baseline themes. The hottest AUs have their very own names, with the most well-liked being Underfell, Underswap, and a mix of the 2 often called Swapfell.

5 Fire Emblem Leans Heavily On Three Houses

The total tag for the Fire Emblem collection boasts 67,182 fanworks on Archive of Our Own. The overwhelming majority of those works may be attributed to Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which accounts for 39,901 tales by itself.

RELATED: 10 Times Fire Emblem Games Broke Their Own RulesFire Emblem is one other collection whose attraction for fanfiction authors makes intuitive sense. It has a number of routes and timelines based mostly on which characters the participant chooses to befriend and romance throughout their playthroughs. Fanfiction can then proceed these characters’ tales and relationships, and even fill within the gaps that the video games do not present.

4 Dragon Age Divides Slightly More Evenly

The Dragon Age video games have a complete of 70,458 printed items on AO3. Unlike a number of the different hottest collection, nonetheless, the works for this franchise are divided extra equally between particular person video games.

Dragon Age: Inquisition has essentially the most of particular person titles listed on AO3, with 41,487 works, whereas Dragon Age II lists 17,723 and Dragon Age: Origins contributes 13,974. As one other recreation with branching pathways, character romances, and player-choice mechanics, Dragon Age‘s a number of potential timelines encourage a broad spectrum of fanfiction for gamers to take pleasure in.

3 Genshin Impact Made An Impressive Entrance

Despite its comparatively latest launch in 2020, Genshin Impact has a large presence on Archive of Our Own. In a relatively brief period of time, this action-roleplaying recreation has gathered 87,921 printed fanworks.

Genshin Impact‘s intricate and deeply woven lore and intensive roster of characters make it a great topic for fanfiction writers to discover, which they’ve carried out with rampant enthusiasm. Inter-character relationships are necessary on this recreation’s fanworks. The hottest pairing is Tartaglia and Zhongli, with 9,867 works.

2 Final Fantasy Is An Unstoppable Force

The Final Fantasy franchise not solely contains huge sagas but it surely has additionally accrued large reputation over the course of its profession. These information, mixed with the collection’ epic storylines, make it an absolute and plain presence in gaming fandom areas.

RELATED: 10 Things To Do In FFXIV When Not Saving The WorldOn Archive of Our Own, the Final Fantasy Series’ tag contains 90,298 fanworks. Final Fantasy XIVand the unique 1997 model of Final Fantasy VIIboast the biggest numbers for particular person video games, with 13,435 and 25,496 works beneath their particular tags, respectively. This is partially as a result of collection’ longevity, since followers have seemingly been writing FF fanfic for the reason that collection’ inception in 1987.

1 Minecraft Can Be Approached From Many Angles

For such a easy recreation with a comparatively unstructured narrative, Minecraft makes the most important mark of any recreation on AO3. This blocky crafting and survival recreation boasts 96,486 printed works on Archive of Our Own.

The main purpose for Minecraft‘s reputation on AO3 is Minecraft‘s insistence on participant creativity. Fanworks filed beneath the sport’s tag span every thing from tales concerning the lore of the sport’s world itself to works about roleplay servers and the streamers’ characters that populate them, which every have their very own devoted fanbase.

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