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One Piece’s jovial tone and odd adventures stand out compared to lots of its extra critical shonen contemporaries. Series writer Eiichiro Oda makes no qualms about his love for all issues unusual, and given the Straw Hat Pirates characteristic an afro-donning skeletal musician, a speaking reindeer physician, and a karate-wielding fish-man, it is protected to say loads of unusual adventures are but to come back.

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With over 1,000 whole episodes in circulation, there are numerous examples of Oda’s trademark weirdness bleeding over into the occasions of One Piece’s core narrative. While all these episodes deserve point out, a number of choose cases stand out for simply how outside-of-the-box they’re.

10 Episode 643: Usopp Bluffs His Way Into Favor With An Island Full Of Dwarves

Usopp’s tall tales have been a recurring a part of One Piece since his introduction again in Syrup Village, but they’ve by no means fairly reached the extent of absurdity that they did throughout his keep on Green Bit, the dwarf-filled island discovered simply north of Dressrosa. While the Straw Hat Pirates waged warfare towards Doflamingo, Usopp discovered himself captured by the tiny inhabitants of Green Bit and was compelled to weave a hilariously dangerous lie as a way to escape.

Long in the past, Green Bit’s dwarves had been saved by legendary explorer Mont Blanc Noland, and due to Usopp’s experiences in Jaya, he acknowledged their statue of the hero. Although the sniper’s lie about being one in all Noland’s descendants saves the day, it’s an extremely odd confluence of callbacks, jokes, and battle decision that feels a bit everywhere.

9 Episode 62: The Straw Hats Journey Inside Laboon

Early on within the Straw Hat Pirates’ journey, they encounter the enormous whale Laboon. While this creature’s heart-breaking backstory makes him a fan favourite within the eyes of many, he additionally serves because the setting for one of many strangest episodes in One Piece.

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In Episode 62, the vast majority of the Straw Hats are swallowed by Laboon and find yourself in a Truman Show-esque area that resembles a tropical island — issues get even weirder when the crew encounters Crocus, an previous man residing in Laboon. A collection of jarringly dramatic jump-cuts introduce the viewers to this odd character and even immediate one of many few fourth wall breaks in One Piece.

8 Episode 340: Thriller Bark’s Weirdness Shines Through

Generally, the places that Monkey D. Luffy visits play a big function in creating the general tone of the present’s occasions — on this regard, Thriller Bark is not any exception. The outsized pirate ship’s inhabitants are an eclectic bunch, and nowhere is that this on show greater than within the Straw Hats’ escape from Dr. Hogback in Episode 340.

Dr. Hogback serves as one in all Thriller Bark’s major antagonists, using his hodge-podge assortment of surprising zombies to assault the members of the Straw Hats. Watching Usopp, Nami, and Chopper escape the grasps of goofy, cartoonish undead hordes seems like one thing out of a C-list horror movie somewhat than a conventional One Piece expertise.

7 Episode 220: A Seahorse Steals The Straw Hat Pirates’ Memories

For a collection with over 1,000 episodes, One Piece features a surprisingly low quantity of filler; nonetheless, that does not imply the present is totally freed from non-canon adventures. Episode 220 begins the Ocean’s Dream Arc, which is well one of many weirdest filler arcs within the present’s long-standing syndication.

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In this episode, the viewers is proven a mysterious determine as they play an instrument — seemingly resembling a seahorse — close to the sleeping Straw Hat crew. Upon waking, the vast majority of One Piece’s important characters are unable to recollect something, resulting in an extremely odd and unproductive collection of occasions that exemplify why the collectionoften avoids filler.

6 Episode 786: Big Mom Puts On A Big Musical Number

Arguably no 4 people characterize the resistance to the World Government extra succinctly than the 4 Emperors of the Sea — also referred to as Yonko. Given their standing, followers doubtless anticipated the Yonko to all possess a critical air about them. However, after Big Mom’s introduction in Episode 786, writer Eiichiro Oda clearly established that this is not at all times the case.

Big Mom’s voracious urge for food dictates a lot of her character, a proven fact that Oda hammers dwelling with the musical quantity used to introduce her. Her surreal, Disney-inspired song-and-dance routine options anthropomorphic objects, a setting actually comprised of desserts, and the Yonko’s peculiar vocals, leading to probably the most non-tradition character introduction in One Piece.

5 Episode 982: Queen & Apoo Give The Residents Of Onigashima A Full-Fledged Concert

As evidenced by Big Mom’s introduction, musical numbers make for a few of the zaniest scenes in One Piece. Keeping in keeping with this pattern, Queen and Apoo’s full-fledged live performance on Onigashima arguably stands as probably the most outrageous second in your complete Wano arc.

During the occasions of the Fire Festival, Queen places on a live performance for the Beast Pirates through which he introduces their ranks one after the other. The second-in-command of the Beast Pirates’ vocals absolutely lean into his eccentric persona, and between his singing and Apoo’s off-beat rapping, the pair create the weirdest song-and-dance routine in One Piece.

4 Episode 291, 292, 303, 406 & 407: One Piece Visits Feudal Japan

Filler episodes, given their lack of canonical relevance, lead to a few of the Straw Hat Pirates’ strangest adventures, but few are capable of rival the all-out chaos that ensues throughout One Piece’s Boss Luffy episodes. These episodes are set in historic Japan, leading to a set of adventures that’s fully distinct from Luffy’s regular escapades.

For proof of simply how bizarre these visits to feudal Japan can get, followers needn’t look additional than Boss Luffy’s first look. In episodes 291 and 292, another model of the Straw Hat Pirates — together with a sword-wielding Luffy — makes an attempt to cease Buggy the Clown’s felony exercise in a sequence that appears extra appropriately tailor-made for a comedy collection like Gintama.

3 Episode 217: Luffy Dons His Infamous Afro

The Davy Back Fight is a little bit of an odd duck on the subject of One Piece arcs, so it follows go well with that it could comprise the strangest episode within the collection. Foxy the Silver Fox, the antagonist of the arc, manages to show the vast majority of his scenes into nonsensical farces (unsurprising given his title), but none are as shocking as when he fights an afro-and-boxing-gloves-donning Luffy.

Since One Piece’s debut, Luffy has worn numerous outfits, however his American boxing-inspired costume is well probably the most complicated so far. Even although boxing references are pretty widespread in anime, One Piece’s tackle the idea is clearly among the many weirdest.

2 Episodes 492, 542 & 590: One Piece’s Crossover Episodes Abandon All Normalcy

The most bold episodes in One Piece historical past — its crossovers with the Toriko and Dragon Ball franchises — simply so occur to even be amongst its strangest. Whereas many of the collection’ filler episodes are set inside environments that would believably match inside its canon, Episodes 482, 542, and 590 really feel distinctly faraway from Oda’s meticulously crafted universe.

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There is little doubt that there are a number of high quality gags and thrilling scenes throughout these three episodes, particularly for followers of all three collection, however that does not take away from simply how odd they’re. Watching the protagonists of the titles — Luffy, Toriko, and Goku — battle side-by-side is a sight that positively takes some getting used to.

1 Episode 336: Chopperman Is Clearly One Piece’s Weirdest Episode

In phrases of unconventionality, nothing in One Piece tops the exploits of Tony Tony Chopper’s alter ego, Chopperman. This character solely seems in Episode 336 of the anime, throughout which he stops the efforts of the evil Dr. Usodabada — Usopp’s supervillain alter ego — in what’s greatest described as a One Piece-themed fever dream.

While Chopperman is featured in a number of spin-off collection, his sole look within the One Piece anime is nearly definitely the strangest of the bunch. The filler episode fully disregards the present’s pirate setting, as an alternative leaning into extra modern tropes centered round trendy know-how. Chopperman’s look could also be entertaining, however it’s clearly far totally different from another episode of One Piece.

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