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The Kang Dynasty is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and if the story goes because it did within the comics, anticipate it to match as much as Thanos’ conquest. It took each MCU hero launched to take down Thanos, and the identical will in all probability be true for Kang the Conqueror. But with the following Avengers film not coming till Phase Six, there are extra heroes coming to the MCU that ought to be there to assist in the battle. And considered one of these characters seems to be prefer it could be Quasar.

Who Is Quasar within the Marvel Universe?

Marvel Comics launched Quasar in 1977’s Captain America #217 by Dan Glut, Roy Thomas, and John Buscema beneath his unique title of Marvel Boy. However, it wasn’t till he bought his solo collection, Quasar, that his full origin performed out. Wendell Vaughn was a guard for Stark International as a result of S.H.I.E.L.D. mentioned he lacked the killer intuition to be a area agent. However, he was a hero and stepped up when A.I.M. tried to infiltrate Stark International to steal the experimental Quantum Bands. Wendell put them on, and his lack of killer intuition allowed him to keep up management of the energies of the Quantum Bands and grow to be Marvel Boy. His energy got here from the Quantum Bands, which allowed him to form his physique into any form he might think about as a being made from pure quantum power.

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However, it was when Quasar went into house that he grew to become a legend. During this time, he met the cosmic entity referred to as Eon, the being that appoints the Protectors of the Universe. It turned out that Eon created the Quantum Bands, and he selected Quasar to grow to be the following in that line of heroes. Over time, Quasar took half in a number of vital Marvel crossover occasions, together with the Kree/Shi’ar War, Infinity War, and The Kang Dynasty. However, his position in The Kang Dynasty included a facet mission for the Avengers that allowed Kang to beat the Earth.

Is Quasar Coming to the MCU?

With Quasar taking part in a giant position in The Kang Dynasty comedian e-book tales, he might quickly arrive within the MCU. There are even hints that Marvel has already set the groundwork for his debut. The post-credit scene within the season finale of Ms. Marvel noticed Kamala Khan in her room earlier than a flash of sunshine hit, inflicting her to vanish. Carol Danvers then stood in her place, and as she appeared across the room and realized she was in a fan lady’s bed room, it appeared she was sporting one of many Quantum Bands.

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Fans unfamiliar with Marvel Comics would not know what the bands have been and might need confused them with Kamala Khan’s bangle. However, if Captain Marvel had the Quantum Bands, it could tie into Quasar’s arrival to the MCU simply in time to take part in The Kang Dynasty storyline. In that occasion, a number of Avengers ended up stranded in house when Quasar arrived to avoid wasting them and ask for assist to defeat the Triple Evil, a assemble with the facility to destroy Earth. When serving to with that brought about Kang to beat Earth, Quasar teamed up with the Avengers and took the warfare to Kang, and he performed an vital position in that final battle. With Kang coming, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will want all the facility they will get, and Quasar suits that description.



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