The Prince of Tennis Filler List
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We are providing you with the final word and up to date The Prince of Tennis Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all The Prince of Tennis Filler Episodes.


The Prince of Tennis Episode List

1A Prince AppearsManga Canon2001-10-10
2Samurai JuniorManga Canon2001-10-17
3The Seigaku Regulars Make Their DebutManga Canon2001-10-24
4The One Named ViperManga Canon2001-10-31
5Snake ShotManga Canon2001-11-07
6Nanjiroh EchizenManga Canon2001-11-14
7The Two RyomasManga Canon2001-11-21
8The Split StepManga Canon2001-11-28
9The Hard DayManga Canon2001-12-05
10Counterattack! Sasabe Again?Mixed Canon/Filler2001-12-12
11Ryoma vs. MomoshiroManga Canon2001-12-19
12The Perfect MatchManga Canon2001-12-26
13Real Men Play DoublesManga Canon2002-01-09
14The Triple CounterManga Canon2002-01-16
15To Each His Own BattleManga Canon2002-01-23
16The Boomerang SnakeManga Canon2002-01-30
17A Little Gesture of TriumphManga Canon2002-02-06
18The Love LetterManga Canon2002-02-13
19Battle-Scarred RyomaManga Canon2002-02-20
20Time LimitManga Canon2002-02-27
21Is the Tennis Court Burning Up?Filler2002-03-03
22Kaoru’s TroublesMixed Canon/Filler2002-03-13
23Here Comes Inui’s Deluxe Drink!Mixed Canon/Filler2002-03-20
24Ryoma’s Day OffFiller2002-03-27
25Seigaku’s Strongest Man, Part 1Manga Canon2002-04-10
26Seigaku’s Strongest Man, Part 2Manga Canon2002-04-10
27Karupin’s AdventureMixed Canon/Filler2002-04-17
28A New Regular Appears?!Manga Canon2002-04-24
30Mizuki’s ScenarioManga Canon2002-05-08
31The Moon VolleyManga Canon2002-05-15
32Mortal Blow: Eiji’s Feigned Sleep Attack!?Manga Canon2002-05-22
33The TiebreakManga Canon2002-05-27
34Twist Spin ShotManga Canon2002-06-05
35Drive BManga Canon2002-06-12
36Big Brother, Shusuke FujiManga Canon2002-06-19
37A Tennis Ball with Ryoma’s FaceManga Canon2002-06-26
38Penal-TeaManga Canon2002-07-03
39The Brown BearManga Canon2002-07-10
40A Duel in the RainManga Canon2002-07-17
41Trouble!Manga Canon2002-07-24
42Oishi is TargetedManga Canon2002-07-31
43Lucky SengokuManga Canon2002-08-07
44Jack KnifeManga Canon2002-08-14
45A Devil on the CourtManga Canon2002-08-21
46Samurai SpiritManga Canon2002-08-28
47I Can’t Lose!Manga Canon2002-09-04
48The Decisive MomentManga Canon2002-09-11
49Free-Style FightingManga Canon2002-09-18
50A Seigaku TraditionManga Canon2002-09-25
51Inui’s ChallengeManga Canon2002-10-02
52Seigaku’s Biggest CrisisManga Canon2002-10-09
53The Momo Who’s ReturnedManga Canon2002-10-16
54Kaoru’s Special TrainingManga Canon2002-10-23
55Hyotei Presses NearManga Canon2002-10-30
56Doubles for ThreeManga Canon2002-10-02
57Scud ServeManga Canon2002-10-13
58The Worst CompatibilityManga Canon2002-10-20
59The Hidden TroubleManga Canon2002-10-27
60Power vs. PowerManga Canon2002-12-04
61Duel of Hadokyu!Manga Canon2002-12-11
62The Disappearing ServeManga Canon2002-12-18
63The Last Triple CounterManga Canon2002-12-25
64Compilation Stories TeniPuriFiller2003-01-08
65Become Seigaku’s Pillar of SupportManga Canon2003-01-15
66Rondo Towards DestructionManga Canon2003-01-22
67End of the ballManga Canon2003-01-29
68The Never Ending Tie-BreakManga Canon2003-02-05
69Who Will be a Regular?Manga Canon2003-02-12
70Tennis vs. Ping PongFiller2003-02-19
71It’s a date!Filler2003-02-26
72Kaoru becomes RyomaFiller2003-03-05
73Tezuka’s DecisionFiller2003-03-12
74A Message for EchizenFiller2003-03-19
75Farewell, Tezuka KunimitsuFiller2003-03-26
76Seigaku vs. Josei ShonanMixed Canon/Filler2003-04-09
77Fight of the Calm and the PassionateMixed Canon/Filler2003-04-16
78ThunderboltMixed Canon/Filler2003-04-23
79I formationMixed Canon/Filler2003-04-30
80Style of the PretenderMixed Canon/Filler2003-05-07
81Viper vs. Fake ViperMixed Canon/Filler2003-05-14
82Hanamura’s TemptationMixed Canon/Filler2003-05-21
83The Best MasterpieceMixed Canon/Filler2003-05-28
84Deep ImpulseMixed Canon/Filler2003-06-04
85The Result of the Deadly DuelMixed Canon/Filler2003-06-11
86High on Rhythm!Manga Canon2003-06-18
87Prince of Tennis Special! Part 1Filler2003-06-25
88Prince of Tennis Special! Part 2Filler2003-06-25
89Seigaku, Dadada DanFiller2003-07-02
90Cheap Housing Beach VolleyballFiller2003-07-09
91Rokkaku’s Freshman CaptainManga Canon2003-07-16
92The Boy with the Long RacketManga Canon2003-07-23
93Dash HadokyuManga Canon2003-07-30
94The Secret Plan to Seal KikumaruManga Canon2003-08-06
95Tsubame Gaeshi, BrokenManga Canon2003-08-13
96Ryoma, Get Pumped!Manga Canon2003-08-20
97Finishing SmashManga Canon2003-08-27
98The Prince of BilliardsFiller2003-09-03
99The Cursed RacketFiller2003-09-10
100Captain OishiFiller2003-09-17
101Eat RikkaidaiFiller2003-09-24
102Mizuki’s WhispersFiller2003-10-01
103Sleepless NightFiller2003-10-08
104Ryoma vs. SanadaFiller2003-10-15
105Off To The Cottage!Filler2003-10-29
106The Captain Appears!Filler2003-11-05
107Surprise at CampFiller2003-11-12
108Tennis BiathlonFiller2003-11-19
109Jump, Kabaji!Filler2003-11-26
110Original Prodigy: Fuji ShūsukeFiller2003-12-03
111Hadōkyū vs. Scud ServeFiller2003-12-10
112Atobe the BeautifulFiller2003-12-17
113Ryoma is Going!Filler2003-12-24
114Baseball Game Filled With MenFiller2004-01-07
115Seigaku vs Champion Rikkaidai! I’ll be the One who’ll Win! Part 1Filler2004-01-21
116Seigaku vs Champion Rikkaidai! I’ll be the One who’ll Win! Part 2Manga Canon2004-01-21
117Battle CeremonyManga Canon2004-01-28
118Tightrope Walking DoublesManga Canon2004-02-04
119Kikumaru Was Read By NiouManga Canon2004-02-11
120Yagyuu’s DecisionManga Canon2004-02-18
121Inui HollersManga Canon2004-02-25
122Conclusion of the RememberedManga Canon2004-03-03
123Kirihara’s Red TrapManga Canon2004-03-10
124Angry FujiManga Canon2004-03-17
125Clash! Ryoma vs. SanadaManga Canon2004-03-24
126Invisible ServeManga Canon2004-03-31
127Conclusion ~ Which One will Win?Manga Canon2004-04-07
128The Samurai’s BalladFiller2004-04-14
129We Want To See Tezuka!Filler2004-04-21
130Never Give UpFiller2004-04-28
131The Zany Teni-Puri FamilyFiller2004-05-05
132The Best Sushi Chef in JapanFiller2004-05-12
133My PrinceFiller2004-05-19
134Kikumaru’s Summer VacationFiller2004-05-26
135Junior Selection Camp, GatheredFiller2004-06-02
136The Member Who was not TrustedFiller2004-06-09
137Ryoma vs. Kirihara! Beyond Battle RageFiller2004-06-16
138Sengoku Kiyosumi RebornFiller2004-06-23
139Welcome Back, Tezuka KunimitsuFiller2004-06-30
140The Ultimate ShowdownFiller2004-06-30
141The Boy who Came from AmericaFiller2004-07-07
142Tezuka’s ChoiceFiller2004-07-14
143Formation! A Dream TeamFiller2004-07-21
144Ryoma and KevinFiller2004-07-28
145The American Team’s AmbitionFiller2004-08-04
146The Strongest! Atobe and SanadaFiller2004-08-18
147The Strongest! Atobe and SanadaFiller2004-08-25
148Tango Towards DestructionFiller2004-09-01
149Gorgeous Guys’ DuoFiller2004-09-08
150Sorrowful MarionettesFiller2004-09-15
151Bobby Max The BeastFiller2004-09-22
152A Battle to the LimitsFiller2004-09-29
153The Prodigy Vs. Tennis MachineFiller2004-10-06
1541 mm BattleFiller2004-10-06
155Who Will Play?Filler2004-10-13
156The Phantom Ball that VanishedFiller2004-10-20
157The Long Awaited Confrontation – Ryoma vs. KevinFiller2004-10-27
159Game and MatchFiller2004-11-10
160Run, Momo!Filler2004-11-17
161The Golden Pair’s MemoriesFiller2004-12-01
162Kaido’s Unknown WorldFiller2004-12-08
163Seigaku’s Shocking Secret PlansFiller2004-12-15
164The Tenipuri Family Goes to Hawaii?! – Christmas at the Tenipuri FamilyFiller2004-12-22
165Seigaku’s Specialty, againFiller2005-01-12
166Eternal Rivals, Momoshiro Vs. KaidoFiller2005-01-19
167Ryoma’s DecisionFiller2005-01-26
168Wavering FeelingsFiller2005-01-26
169Be Passionate, Echizen!Filler2005-02-02
170To my Dear FriendFiller2005-02-09
171Goodbye SeigakuFiller2005-02-16
172Samurai in New YorkFiller2005-02-23
173Tezuka Kunimitsu Vs. Fuji SyusukeFiller2005-03-02
174Seriousness in the Third YearFiller2005-03-09
176Unforgettable PromiseManga Canon2005-03-23
177Goodbye, PrinceManga Canon2005-03-30

What Is The Prince of Tennis Filler List?

The Prince of Tennis (Tenisu no Ōjisama) filler listing is a coming-of-age, Action, Comedy, and Sports-based anime collection.

It is a Japanese anime tv collection revealed by Shueisha Inc. The collection was launched as an anime collection written and illustrated by Takeshi Konomi.

This collection consists of many characters of which “Seigaku” is the primary character. The collection focuses on a tennis prodigy named Ryoma Echizen. He is 12 years previous.

He strikes again to his native Japan with a purpose to attend the Seishun Academy. It’s a personal center college. It is thought for its sturdy tennis crew.

It is his father’s alma mater’s Seigaku is likely one of the main opponents on this wonderful battle. He has his younger west prodigy. Riouma Echizen is decided to exhibit himself.

He can be decided to flee the towering shadow of his legendary father. They are enhancing their teamwork much more so.

The crew adjustments eternally with this wonderful addition. Prince of Tennis follows Ryouma’s inspiring and warming story.

He is in his search to turn into top-of-the-line tennis gamers on the earth. He is pushing himself exhausting to beat the title and aspirations of his father someday.

Ryouma is preventing to understand his and team-hopes mate’s together with the remainder of the Seigaku crew. The story is concerning the sport of tennis and the race of being first within the match.

Various twists and fascinating turns are launched within the collection. Different methods of taking part in tennis and an exquisite closing match can be proven within the film.

So in case you are a fan of watching some sporty anime collection “The Prince of Tennis” is an ideal match for all of you. Watch this superb and fascinating manga collection and revel in it.

Last Words

So now you’ve The The Prince of Tennis Filler List that has all The Prince of Tennis Filler Episodes List. If you want anime filler listing of every other anime collection, do tell us within the remark part.


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