In The Lord of the Rings franchise, Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) was the epitome of a real hero. He, alongside along with his fellowship of Hobbits, risked life and limb to destroy the One Ring at Mount Doom. Along the best way, regardless of his tiny dimension, he fended off threats like Shelob (the large spider) and Gollum, reinforcing why Gandalf picked him as a frontrunner.

The wizard knew Frodo was crammed with coronary heart and soul, and that he’d get the job completed it doesn’t matter what. Interestingly, The Rings of Power has its personal Frodo within the type of younger Theo (Tyroe Muhafidin). But aside from being a human, Theo’s journey remixed Frodo’s function in an excellent darker method, which may sadly result in a variety of chaos and demise on the critically acclaimed present.

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Theo is the son of Bronwyn, and a part of an arc created only for this sequence. His mom, Bronwyn, lives within the lush lands of Tirharad, attempting to eke out a life for him as their individuals hoped to avoid any drama in Middle-earth. However, Theo’s harboring a darkish secret, revealing to a buddy a chunk of a black sword he discovered hidden beneath the household’s barn in Episode 1, “A Shadow of the Past.”

What’s scary is that this sword appears to be calling out to him after being woke up when his buddy minimize his hand on it. This sort of corruptive affect was seen with the One Ring calling out to Frodo, attempting to get him to make use of it, so it may make its manner again to Sauron. However, Theo’s flipping the script by not being the altruistic hero Frodo was, even when his coronary heart is in the proper place.

In Frodo’s case, he knew he needed to destroy his weapon, hiding it from public view till he reached his vacation spot. But what helped him was his trusted mates, like Sam. Admittedly, the One Ring was taking maintain of Frodo, getting him to lash out at Sam. Eventually, the honesty they shared, and their general bond, allowed Sam to return and end the job with Frodo.

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Theo, although, is slicing a sinister determine by attempting to cover his weapon from his most trusted ally: his mom. The relic even lured an Orc to their house to assault in Episode 2, “Adrift,” however whereas the creature was beheaded by Bronwyn, Theo nonetheless saved his secret. While packing his belongings after his individuals determined to go away, Theo unwrapped the sword once more. As he gripped its hilt, blood from a minimize on his hand trickled right down to what the present confirmed is the mark of Sauron. When the blood touched the blade, it erupted into smoke and began reforging itself again from the hilt, but Theo did not view this as a purple flag.

Clearly, it has immense energy, which might be tied to the mysterious father who left him, or to the revelation the Elf Arondir made. As a lot as Arondir loves and desires to guard Bronwyn, he knew her individuals worshipped Morgoth (Sauron’s outdated grasp), so the boy’s connection to the sword could also be because of a macabre lineage. Still, as he retains all of it quiet, he is inverting what Frodo did when the Hobbit wielded the One Ring out of sheer desperation.

Theo, however, has no endgame; it is all about intrigue. The fascinating factor is, the sword may begin calling out to others, like Theo’s buddy, inviting them to take it in a grasping combat for energy — very like the deadly wrestle between Sméagol and Déagol seen in The Return of the King. Ultimately, Theo thinks he is being proactive, however his silence is endangering everybody in what might be a egocentric, harmful transfer that’ll have dire repercussions and will even convey Sauron again into play.

Developed for tv by J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power debuts new episodes each Friday on Prime Video.



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