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Byrdle is a word puzzle game that exclusively uses musical choir terms with words typically ranging from five to six letters in length.Josh Wardle the creator of Byrdle has turned it into a beloved daily pastime for numerous players. In this game, you have seven attempts to guess the correct answer.

Today’s Byrdle Answer

A fresh Byrdle puzzle is released at midnight according to your local time zone and the solution for the day is identical for all players worldwide. If you’re finding it difficult to crack today’s Byrdle puzzle you can check the answer provided below.

If you found today’s answer challenging and needed some assistance don’t worry—you can always attempt the puzzle on a different day. Byrdle offers new puzzles every day so there are plenty of opportunities to try your hand at it. You can access the game on their official website.

Byrdle Solution (09/12/23)

The answer for Byrdle on December 9, 2023 is 


Byrdle on December 10, 2023 – Coming Soon..

However, it’s not an easy game because Byrdle’s answers are quite specific and only accept words related to music. While there can be some overlap with words from games like Wordle Byrdle primarily focuses on musical terms.

Unfortunately, players who don’t have a background in music may find it challenging to come up with the right words. If you lack musical expertise maintaining a winning streak and having a good time can be tough. Luckily you can find daily solutions here to enjoy the game and learn some new musical words for future rounds.

If you have an interest in music and enjoy games like Wordle then Byrdle is a game that should pique your interest. It closely resembles Wordle in terms of how it’s played. However, rather than guessing everyday words you’ll be guessing words connected to choral music.

Byrdle has been available since October 2021 and at times you may encounter puzzles that are more challenging than the average. In such instances, you might find yourself tempted to search for a solution.

Byrdle was officially launched on January 12th 2022 and since then it has attracted numerous players who enjoy tackling its daily challenges. However, it’s not always possible to solve the puzzle due to the ever-expanding knowledge required each day.

Any word game can be challenging on certain occasions especially if it falls outside a person’s expertise in music-related terms. There’s no need to feel embarrassed about this and that’s where we step in with the Byrdle solution for today.

Not every Byrdle puzzle is straightforward to solve and we believe it’s unfair to lose your winning streak over an occasional tough day. In such situations, you might find it helpful to take a sneak peek at the answer to keep your streak going.

Tips to Play Byrdle

Byrdle offers some useful tips for players. Unlike Wordle Byrdle may change its answers and doesn’t always indicate when it shortens words.

It follows Wordle’s rules where green letters mean the letter is correct and in the right spot yellow indicates the correct letter but in the wrong place black signifies an incorrect letter and position. However, Byrdle stands out because it only accepts musical terms as valid answers, not regular words. You can’t use unrelated words to guess.

Since Byrdle’s words can be six letters long you can’t always rely on Wordle answers as substitutes. Occasionally a Byrdle answer may match a Wordle word but it’s not a common occurrence.

Apart from searching for past solutions that include musical terms, you’re often left to your knowledge. For those well-versed in musical terminology, Byrdle becomes a test of their expertise. The game covers a wide range of musical terms and all the words are related to the world of music.

Similar to Wordle Byrdle is intentionally designed to be a challenging word puzzle. While you have one additional guess totaling seven tries the requirement for a six-letter word can make it more demanding.

To succeed you need to think critically and broaden your knowledge to correctly guess the six-letter word.

Thankfully occasionally the puzzle might feature five-letter words and you can always find the latest Byrdle solution here. Feel free to return daily to access the most up-to-date solution for Byrdle.

How to Play Byrdle: A Musical Word Puzzle Game

If you’ve enjoyed Wordle and have a penchant for choral music Byrdle is the perfect game for you. This word puzzle game created by Josh Wardle offers a similar gameplay experience but with a musical twist. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to play Byrdle:

1. Access the Byrdle Website

To get started visit the Byrdle website which is located at byrdle.net. Once you’re on the site follow the steps outlined below to dive into the game.

2. Guess the Word

The core of Byrdle’s gameplay is guessing a word related to choral music. You’ll enter your guess using your keyboard and then click the “Enter” button to submit your word.

3. Interpret the Feedback

After submitting your guess the game provides feedback in the form of four highlighted colors: green yellow grey and red. Each color represents a specific aspect of your guess:

Green: This color indicates that a letter in your guess is correct and in the correct position.

Yellow: Yellow signifies that a letter is correct but in the wrong position within the word.

Grey: If a letter is highlighted in grey it means that the letter is not in the word.

Red: When your entire guessed word is incorrect it will be highlighted in red.

4. Strive for Green

Your goal in Byrdle is to turn all the letters in your guess green. This means you’ve successfully identified all the correct letters in the correct positions and have solved the Daily Byrdle puzzle!

Additional Tips and Information

Byrdle is akin to Wordle but with a musical theme and you have a total of seven attempts to guess the word of the day.

Your guesses must consist of six letters and they can be proper nouns plurals or musical terms in other languages.

  • Green letters are your friends; they signify correct letters in the correct spots.
  • Yellow letters mean you’ve got the right letter but in the wrong place.
  • Grey letters indicate that the letter you guessed is not part of the word.

If you haven’t cracked the puzzle after seven tries don’t fret—the game provides the answer at the end so you can learn from your attempt.

Byrdle offers an engaging word puzzle experience for music enthusiasts. With a limited number of attempts and musical clues, it’s a fun and challenging way to test your word-solving skills within the world of choral music. Enjoy playing and expanding your musical vocabulary!

Previous Answers

If you happened to miss a day or two of playing no problem! We’ve got the answers to the past Byrdle puzzles right here for you.

Byrdle November Answers

Byrdle 690 Answer, December 8 – CHAPEL

Byrdle 689 Answer, December 7 – WOBBLE

Byrdle 688 Answer, December 6 – SHAKE

Byrdle 687 Answer, December 5 – FORTE

Byrdle 686 Answer, December 4 – RUTTER

Byrdle 685 Answer, December 3 – PARRY

Byrdle 684 Answer, December 2 – SCALE

Byrdle 683 Answer, December 1 – KYRIE

Byrdle November Answers

Byrdle 682 Answer, November 30 – GOUNOD

Byrdle 681 Answer, November 29 – PODIUM

Byrdle 680 Answer, November 28 – STOPS

Byrdle 679 Answer, November 27 – TIMBRE

Byrdle 678 Answer, November 26 – HYMNAL

Byrdle 677 Answer, November 25 – ORGAN

Byrdle 676 Answer, November 24 – TEMPO

Byrdle 675 Answer, November 23 – CARTER

Byrdle 674 Answer, November 22 – INTONE

Byrdle 673 Answer, November 21 – VIGIL

Byrdle 672 Answer, November 20 – GRUBER

Byrdle 671 Answer, November 19 – KODALY

Byrdle 670 Answer, November 18 – HYMNS

Byrdle 669 Answer, November 17 – STANZA

Byrdle 668 Answer, November 16 – RHYTHM

Byrdle 667 Answer, November 15 – LIEDER

Byrdle 666 Answer, November 14 – UPBEAT

Byrdle 665 Answer, November 13 – ARIAS

Byrdle 664 Answer, November 12 – STALL

Byrdle 663 Answer, November 11 – ORIANA

Byrdle 662 Answer, November 10 – BATTEN

Byrdle 661 Answer, November 9 – GLORY

Byrdle 660 Answer, November 8 – MEALOR

Byrdle 659 Answer, November 7 – BRAVO

Byrdle 658 Answer, November 6 – MORLEY

Byrdle 657 Answer, November 5 – FIFTH

Byrdle 656 Answer, November 4 – BYRDLE

Byrdle 655 Answer, November 3 – DORIAN

Byrdle 654 Answer, November 2 – DIRECT

Byrdle 653 Answer, November 1 – NASAL

Byrdle October Answers

Byrdle 652 Answer, October 31 – PEDAL

Byrdle 651 Answer, October 30 – TEMPUS

Byrdle 650 Answer, October 29 – SICUT

Byrdle 649 Answer, October 28 – VOICE

Byrdle on October 27, 2023TAIZE

Byrdle on October 26, 2023TUTTI

Byrdle on October 25, 2023STRESS

Byrdle on October 24, 2023PRECES

Byrdle on October 23, 2023LONGA

Byrdle on October 22, 2023SCORE

Byrdle on October 21, 2023FOURTH

Byrdle on October 20, 2023BROKEN

Byrdle on October 19, 2023HARRIS

Byrdle on October 18, 2023EASTER

Byrdle on October 17, 2023WAGNER

Byrdle on October 16, 2023TRIAD

Byrdle on October 15, 2023SOFTLY

Byrdle on October 14, 2023ANTHEM

Byrdle on October 13, 2023SOFTER

Byrdle on October 12, 2023MUSIC

Byrdle on October 11, 2023SCHUTZ

Byrdle on October 10, 2023FOLDER

Byrdle on October 9, 2023TREBLE

Byrdle on October 8, 2023PITCH

Byrdle on October 7, 2023ELGAR

Byrdle on October 6, 2023CHOIR

Byrdle on October 5, 2023VOCAL

Byrdle on October 4, 2023 TRIOS

Byrdle on October 3, 2023 FUGAL

Byrdle on October 2, 2023 CARTER

Byrdle on October 1, 2023 SONNET


Byrdle on September 30, 2023 LOTTI

Byrdle on September 29, 2023 SCHUTZ

Byrdle on September 28, 2023 CROTCH

Byrdle on September 27, 2023 AGNUS

Byrdle on September 26, 2023 OFFICE

Byrdle on September 25, 2023 STOPS

Byrdle on September 24, 2023 MEMORY

Byrdle on September 23, 2023 PHONIC

Byrdle on September 22, 2023 TRIAD

Byrdle on September 21, 2023 – DVORAK

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