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Pokemon is a well-established anime series that has successfully maintained its enormous appeal throughout the years. Numerous Legendary creatures, or Pokemon with unique powers and abilities, have been created by the Pokemon franchise throughout seven generations.

In this article, we will discuss the top ten strongest legendary Pokemon of all time along with their characteristics and strengths. To determine which Pokemon were legendary overall, we examined them not just in the main games but also in a number of motion pictures, anime, the Trading Card Game, and spin-offs.

1. Arceus


We all know that without any doubt Arceus is the strongest legendary Pokemon ever. In the Pokemon universe, Arceus is the closest thing to a god. The Pokemon world is believed to have been created by Arceus, sometimes referred to as “The Original One.”

With a total of 720 base stats evenly spread throughout the six statistical categories, the Arceus also lacks any significant weaknesses.

Arceus’s ability Multitype allows it to change its type based on the type-specific Z-Crystal or plate it holds. It has also demonstrated the ability to command Pokemon and the ease with which it can telepathically converse.

2. Mewtwo


A synthetic, genetically altered form of the legendary Pokemon Mew, the Pokemon Mewtwo is of the Psychic type. I think we can all agree that Mewtwo is one of the strongest Pokemon ever created.

Even among very casual fans, Mewtwo is perhaps one of the more recognizable characters outside of Pikachu. Mewtwo has made several appearances in mainstream Pokemon games as well as in a few other franchises.

Mewtwo is so strong that it is able to leave the headquarters where it was formed, has its own awareness, and is capable of telekinesis, telepathy, and speech.

3. Rayquaza


The Weather Legendaries’ trio master is Rayquaza. With 150 special and physical attack statistics, Rayquaza is among the greatest Pokemon even though it’s not the quickest.

Rayquaza can cause a lot of damage with attacks like Hyper Beam and Dragon Ascent, which is the Pokemon’s trademark move.

Rayquaza, a Pokemon of the Dragon and Flying types, holds the unique ability to undergo Mega Evolution without the need for an item. It works effectively in combat against Pokemon of the Water, Grass, and Bug types, but it is vulnerable to Fairy, Rock, and Dragon types.

4. Lugia


One Legendary Pokémon that is revered as the sea’s guardian is Lugia. Overlooking the ocean sky sits Lugia, a legendary Pokemon of the Psychic and Flying types.

Lugia is so strong that it has the ability to either cause or soothe storms. Its wings alone have the power to upend a cliff or possibly produce a little cyclone. Additionally, it is a potent Colourless attacker in the TCG, which makes it a valuable addition to a variety of decks.

5. Giratina


Giratina is a formidable creature with a design that is both menacing and combines the elements of a dragon and a ghost. In both its altered and original forms, Giratina has an astounding 680 basic statistics altogether.

Giratina, the Pokemon that mimics antimatter, is a third of the Creation Trio. The Distortion World and anybody entering it may be controlled and manipulated by this Pokemon. Giratina is a peaceful creature, yet it has the ability to go all nuclear on anyone who disturbs its tranquility.

6. Kyogre


When Kyogre, the magnificent whale Pokemon, first appeared in Pokemon Sapphire, it caused quite a stir. Kyogre is a good option for individuals searching for a potent Water-type Pokemon to complete their team, mainly because of its amazing Drizzle ability. It can also fly, even though it’s one of the bigger Pokemon!

With its formidable 670 basic stat total, 150 Special Attack, and 140 Special Defence, Kyogre is an extremely difficult Pokemon to defeat without taking advantage of weaknesses.

7. Zygarde


In Generation 6, Zygarde, a Dragon and Ground-type Pokémon, was unveiled. Legendary Pokémon Zygarde resembles a serpent.

In actuality, Complete Forme Zygarde is slower than 50% Forme, and its special attack statistic is only increased by ten points. That, along with a significant boost to its HP, is what gives it the total statistic boost across all forms.

Zygarde even featured a minigame where players had to locate its components in order to build its forms.

The fact that Zygarde never had its own game, despite the expectations of many fans, is arguably the most disappointing aspect of the franchise.

8. Dialga


Dialga is one of the Legendary Pokemon on this list that fits the definition of “totally metal.” The gem on its breast allows the enormous dinosaur in armor to manipulate time itself. Dialga has complete control over time and is able to alter it at will.

The Pokemon would rank among the strongest in the series if it ever obtained a Mega Evolution or a primordial form similar to what it accomplished in Mystery Dungeon.

With its trademark move, Roar of Time, Dialga can defeat the majority of Pokemon worldwide.

9. Palkia


Palkia is a Dragon and Water-type that has complete mastery over space and is able to move freely through all dimensions. Palkia is the source of all dimensions and the very heavens. Palkia has the ability to move vast portions of space and create new dimensions by manipulating the location of matter.

Palkia has 680 statistics, which are spread rather equally, but it does favor special attacks over physical ones by a small margin. Palkia is part of the legendary Creation Trio.

10. Xerneas


Xerneas was the best Pokemon to demonstrate the abilities of Fairy-types when they were first released in Generation VI. It first appeared in Pokemon X, in 2013. Despite having a charming, fluffy tail, Xerneas has a threatening yet elegant demeanor due to its businesslike rainbow horns.

A unique and astonishing ability even among Legendaries, Xerneas can also bring woods to life and bring back to life those who have been transformed to stone by the Dark type, Yveltal. Xerneas has a powerful signature move that raises defense and special attack stats.


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