The finest a part of the Transformers/Back to the Future crossover (by Cavan Scott and Juan Samu) is the introduction of its new characters — Gigawatt, Skilz and the well-hidden Decepticon known as Watchtower. Marty McFly versus Megatron in a Eighties mash-up is a bit far-fetched, however the story is sensible due to Scott and Samu’s considerate tales and well-written characters.

Scott and Samu picked the proper inanimate objects from the Back to the Future movies to carry to life. Gigawatt’s design embodies the long-lasting DeLorean’s particulars. Skilz shouldn’t be solely constructed to be a skateboard (Marty’s most well-liked method to escape from bullies), however he additionally makes use of Eighties skateboard-culture colloquialisms. The behemoth Watchtower actually brings to life the Back to the Future franchise’s well-known landmark, one thing that is very a lot its personal character within the movies.

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This storyline reworked Marty McFly’s future in probably the most stunning method but. Returning to 1985 from 1955, Hill Valley is dominated by the evil Decepticons. Marty’s total household is compelled to course of energon cubes in a wasteland of power mines. Marty instantly tries to kind a resistance in opposition to the robotic tyrants, however with Doc Brown already within the 12 months 2015, he has no actual method to escape. He is about to surrender all hope when two new Transformers seem, and escort Marty to seek out Doc.

Marty stumbles upon Skilz in skateboard kind laying in a particles pile simply in time to evade an assault from the Decepticon Starscream. Skilz is an autobot who can remodel into 4 types — a resistance soldier decked in hot-pink paint, an old-school skateboard, a futuristic hoverboard, and a hover sled. Skilz turns into the latter to assist Doc push Giggawatt as much as the mandatory 88 mph, so the broken Transformer can handle to interrupt the time barrier and obtain temporal displacement.

If teenage time journey is not cool sufficient, think about messing with the space-time continuum using inside Gigawatt, the sentient DeLorean. Like Skilz, he can remodel into an old-school DeLorean, in addition to a future applicable hovercraft. Gigawatt, previously a Decepticon, who trans-scanned the unique time machine, has a flux capacitor as his chest piece, full with time circuits and the well-known power-producing lightning rod connected to his arm. He additionally has two extra flux capacitors as knee plates. Weapon-wise, Gigawatt can plug in Doc’s Alpha-Wave Ionic Nullifier to a fusion generator on his forearm.

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The Transformers, particularly the Decepticons, are recognized for his or her wonderful model of mechanical camouflage. In this model of occasions, the clocktower is a Decepticon — Watchtower — in disguise. Watchtower is a big brick constructing capable of take plenty of firepower, and he was probably the most sudden villain of all. A large construction coming to life and chasing the DeLorean by the streets makes for a really memorable battle scene.

This miniseries might have ended, however its creators did trace that Marty has not escaped the Decepticons simply but. Fans of the movie franchise will recall that on the finish of the primary film, Marty obtained a brand-new black 4×4 pickup truck, and the crossover ends the identical method. However, on this story, the creators made it clear to readers that the grill of the pickup had the symbol of the Decepticons on it — leaving the door open for the continuation of this incredible crossover.


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