Treat A Person As A Thing – 7 Little Words Puzzle Answers
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Treat A Person As A Thing clue answer for 7 Little Words can be a little tricky to find out. Don’t worry my friends. Below we have listed the answer for 7 Little Words Treat A Person As A Thing clue. This answer will surely help you to figure out and solve today’s 7 Little Words puzzle.

About 7 Little Words

7 Little Words is a fun word puzzle that you can play at any time of the day. The game has been created by Blue Ox Technologies. In the game, you have to identify 7 words.

To identify these 7 words, you get 7 clues. Now as you see the puzzle, you can see a grid of 4X5. In each of the boxes, there are 2 or three alphabets clubbed together.

These alphabets when arranged together as per the clues form a word that is the answer to the puzzle. For your help, the creator of the game has listed the number of letters in each word.

There is no penalty for a wrong answer. Also, there is no time limit to solve the puzzle.

Treat A Person As A Thing 7 Little Words Answer

Now that you know how to play the game, let us have a look at the answer for the clue Treat A Person As A Thing for today’s 7 Little Words puzzle.


9 letters

Definition of  Treat A Person As A Thing 7 Little Words Answer

1.exteriorize, exteriorise, externalize, externalise, objectify (verb)

make external or objective, or give reality to

“language externalizes our thoughts”

2.depersonalize, depersonalise, objectify (verb)

make impersonal or present as an object

“Will computers depersonalize human interactions?”; “Pornography objectifies women”

3.objectify (Verb)

to make something (such as an abstract idea) possible to be perceived by the senses

Note: Many a time the game developers use the same clue for different puzzles. To remove this confusion, the best practice while solving the puzzle is to look for the number of words in the puzzle. Also, check for the words that are available in the boxes. This trick might come in handy if there are two same clues.

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