Vampire Survivors Evolve your Weapons Guide
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Vampire Survivors is a survival game. Vampires have taken over the world and you must fight them for your survival. To do so you need best weapons. This is why we have come up with the Vampire Survivors Evolve your Weapons guide.

Vampire Survivors Evolve your Weapons Evolutions List

As of now there are x11 evolutions available. To get them use the below recipes.

  1. Song of Mana evolve > Song of Mana + Skull O’Maniac = Mannajja (New)
  2. Lightning Ring evolve > Lightning Ring + Duplicator = Thunder Loop
  3. Santa Water evolve > Attractorb + Santa Water = La Borra
  4. Whip evolve > Whip + Hollow Heart = Bloody Tear
  5. Magic Wand evolve > Magic Wand + Empty Tome = Holy Wand
  6. Knife evolve > Knife + Bracer = Thousand Edge
  7. Axe evolve > Axe + Candlabrador = Death Spiral
  8. Cross evolve > Cross + Clover = Heaven Sword
  9. King Bible evolve > King Bible + Spellbinder = Unholy Vespers
  10. Fire Wand evolve > Fire Wand + Spinach = Hellfire
  11. Garlic evolve > Garlic + Pummerolla = Soul Eater (Thanks to Ted)
  12. Peachone evolve > Peachone + Ebony Wings = Vandalier

Vampire Survivors Evolve your Weapons – Requirements

In order to evolve your weapon, your weapon must meet the below minimum requirements.

  • The Weapon itself at level 8 or higher
  • It’s Corresponding Power-up
  • A chest from a rare enemy

If you fulfill above conditions, open a chest to evolve your weapon.

Vampire Survivors Evolve your Weapons – Unlock

These are the requirements to unlock weapons:

  • Bone: Starting weapon of Mortaccio (New)
  • Clock Lancet: Unlocked by finding an Orologion from Torches (New)
  • Bloody Tear: Requires the Hollow Heart for evolution
  • Holy Wand: Requires the Empty Tome for evolution
  • Thousand Edge: Requires the Bracer for evolution
  • Bracer: Unlocked by getting the King Bible to level 4 (Thanks to Notume)
  • Death Spiral: Requires the Candelabrador for evolution
  • Cross: Can be unlocked by finding a Rosary, which drops from breaking light sources
  • Heaven Sword: Requires Clover for evolution
  • Unholy Vespers: Requires Spellbinder for evolution
  • Spellbinder: Requires rank 7 Runetracer
  • Fire Wand: Can be unlocked by destroying 20 light sources
  • Hellfire: Requires Spinach for evolution
  • Peachone: Can be unlocked by surviving for at least 10 minutes, using any character
  • Ebony Wings: Unlocked by getting the Peachone to level 7
  • Vandalier: Unlocked by Getting both Peachone and Ebony Wings to level 8
  • Runetracer: Unlocked by surviving five minutes using Pasqualina
  • Lightning Ring: Unlocked by defeating a total of 5000 enemies
  • Garlic: Unlocked by finding five Floor Chickens
  • Soul Eater: Requires Pummarola for evolution
  • Pentagram: Can be unlocked by surviving for at least 20 minutes, using any character
  • Clock Lancet: Unlocked by finding an Orologion (breaking light sources drop)
  • Stone Mask: Find it in the inlaid library (check the tutorial)
  • Candlabrador: Unlocked by getting Santa Water to level 4 (Thanks to Arthur Rinnert)

Video Guide

This video will show you how to evolve weapons if you miss anything.

This is all we could get you from the Vampire Survivors Evolve your Weapons Guide.


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