The following accommodates spoilers for What We Do within the Shadows Season 4, Episode 8, “Go Flip Yourself,” which aired Tuesday, Aug. on FX.

What We Do within the Shadows picks up in the midst of an episode of Go Flip Yourself, the Property Brothers parody that Laszlo and Baby Colin love to observe collectively that was launched within the Season 4 premiere. For their newest episode of the present inside a present, brothers Bran and Toby Daltry have come to the vampires’ Staten Island mansion to renovate the place.

In a traditional parody episode harking back to the eternally undead Community, the Daltry brothers start a typical house makeover with out realizing that the place belongs to vampires. The brothers begin to odor decomposing animals and Bran picks up a bone, however they’ve completely no concept that there could possibly be anything happening. As they clarify, the house owners of the home do not know they’re coming, so it is an ambush. Laszlo is completely delighted, however Nadja misunderstands what’s taking place and instantly bites Toby.

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As Nadja drains Toby’s blood, Laszlo excursions Bran across the mansion. Nadja hypnotizes Bran and his crew to overlook that Toby is lifeless, so Bran simply goes in regards to the tour, believing that Toby is sick. The narrator then begins to elucidate the home and everybody’s dwelling conditions to the viewers. For instance, Nandor and Marwa are described as newlyweds who want extra space and a room that meets each of their kinds.

Marwa agrees with every part that Nandor says, as a result of she nonetheless likes every part that he likes because of the want granted by the Djinn proper earlier than their marriage ceremony. Laszlo has enjoyable bantering with Bran and he is even became a flannel shirt. Nadja begins to turn out to be swayed by the concept of a gold bathroom, despite the fact that — as Guillermo factors out — she will’t use it. During a household assembly, Guillermo says that the general public publicity from the present will not be good for the vampires, and they need to proceed to fly beneath the radar.

The vampires and Guillermo determine to “embrace our area” and say sure to the renovations, however then Bran says that he will dig up and redo the yard for them too. This is alarming for Guillermo, contemplating all of the lifeless our bodies that he is buried there from the vampires’ many kills. They all get to work on the house makeover. Bran has hassle getting the allow accepted, so he has to make some important modifications to Guillermo’s room.

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Nandor turns into within the thought of a person cave, so Marwa builds it for him. Nandor is feeling regretful about wishing for Marwa to love every part that he does. She then locks the door to the person cave — seemingly to exhibit how the lock works, however even with the want’s results, it is clear that Marwa actually simply needs her alone time. After all this, the renovated home seems to be mainly the identical, apart from some modifications which have truly made the place worse. There’s a stunning walk-in closet, however the remainder of it’s a disappointment.

But why is the renovation so dangerous? Here’s the large twist: What We Do within the Shadows reveals that Bran is definitely Simon the Devious. Bran and Toby by no means existed, and Simon created your entire present simply as a approach to get again into the mansion and take the witch’s hat from Laszlo. Nadja tells Simon that she killed Toby, and it seems Toby was a very regular, good human man who Simon skilled to rework properties.

Simon tries to go away along with his crew, however he falls on his means out due to the unfortunate hat. The digital camera crew needs to complete filming, and the vampires will in actual fact be paid $1,200 for the episode, so it wasn’t a complete loss. Plus, Laszlo’s lastly completed with that terrible cursed hat… a minimum of for now. There’s then a closing scene the place “Bran,” carrying the hat, activates a range — that in flip blows up a home. Maybe it is karma?

What We Do within the Shadows airs Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. on FX.


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