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The following article comprises spoilers from Star Wars #25, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

In the annals of Star Wars historical past, one of many largest questions within the sequence has at all times been why do the Jedi use lightsabers? Through using their kyber crystals, they might have created much more highly effective weapons of mass destruction, versus lightsabers. Admittedly, nothing concrete’s ever been offered when it comes to ideas and philosophies behind the instruments, which have been so iconic in popular culture for many years.

In reality, it is one thing that is additionally stood out with the Sith, as one would anticipate the Dark Side customers to have much more sinister, scientifically superior weapons, hinted at when the sinister Darth Maul revealed his double-bladed employees in The Phantom Menace. Well, come Star Wars #25, followers have realized precisely why each factions use these swords, and make no mistake, there’s quite a lot of nuanced packed into these explanations.

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The fact emerged in “The Lesson,” (by Charles Soule, Ramon Rosanas, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Rachelle Rosenberg, Daniele Orlandini, Clayton Cowles, and Arif Prianto). In the primary half, Anakin Skywalker was discovered asking Obi-Wan Kenobi about this simply earlier than Attack of the Clones. Interestingly, Obi-Wan spoke concerning the weapon being one that did not intimidate people. It was regal, diplomatic, and confirmed they had been protectors. After all, one could not destroy a planet with a lightsaber — a coincidental jab, given the Empire would make the Death Stars sooner or later.

Instead, the Jedi wanted to meticulously prepare for years, so it was all about self-discipline, honor, respect, and reverence towards the Jedi code. Obi-Wan additionally revealed he questioned the identical factor when he was youthful, having made kyber-nunchucks prior to now, however he obtained the identical recommendation from Qui-Gon Jinn. The blade merely gave them the peacemaker picture they hoped to attain, evoking hope in methods blasters, bombs, or spears by no means might. It’s why Anakin, as a boy, took to the Jedi on Tatooine, realizing they had been heroes amid all of the sandstorms and poverty round.

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As for the Sith facet of the coin, it was revealed when Emperor Palpatine had a duel with Darth Vader, imparting information years later after he corrupted Anakin. Obi-Wan instructed Anakin he thought the Sith used the blades to imitate the Jedi and attempt to show they had been higher with the weapons. But Palpatine confirmed throughout sparring, that their actual weapon was the Dark Side of the Force towards all enemies, even those that had been unseen.

The lightsaber was merely an extension of that — an emblem that shone and scared galactic residents. It was all as a result of pink blades; the signature of the Sith, which had been shaped from bleeding kyber crystals. Palpatine made it clear the pink was a flame; an inferno that confirmed how highly effective they had been; greatest exemplified when Vader slaughtered rebels on the finish of Rogue One. Thus, Obi-Wan was partly proper, as a result of the pink lightsaber was rooted in narcissism, it additionally emanated worry and the whole lot else the standard Jedi did not wish to present the general public with their energy.



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